dily devotional

There is a hill outside the city of Jerusalem called Golgotha or also called Calvary, both words meaning skull. It was here on top of this skull shaped hill that Jesus was crucified on the cross. Have you ever thought about the meaning behind this? Why there? Nothing was by accident. God was in every detail as he sacrificed his one and only son so that whoever would believe in him would have eternal life. I believe this place was strategic.

The cross was on top of the skull because Jesus wants to give you victory over your mind!

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by your thoughts of worry. You can have victory over that. You don’t have to continually think about the worst case scenario. You can have victory over that. You don’t have to replay what happened to you. You can have victory over that. On top of that hill shaped like a skull was the cross, the victory over your mind has been bought.

How many times have you prayed that God would change your circumstances and nothing changed? How many times has the storm not passed immediately or the door remained unopened for you? How long have you been waiting? Is it because God doesn’t hear you? Is it because God doesn’t care? Or maybe he’s just too busy handling bigger stuff for better people? Oh that’s exactly what the enemy would have you believe. But the truth is, God is more concerned about changing your MIND than your circumstances. The battle has always been over your mind.

Every issue you have started with what you think about. Every breakthrough you’ve ever experienced began with a thought. Your thoughts are controlling your life. And knowing the power of your thoughts, I wonder how intentional you are with your thoughts. Your mind is the battleground for your life and it’s won or lost with the very things you’re thinking about. Every bad decision you’ve ever made is the result of a bad thought. The enemy attacks your mind with thoughts which lead you away from the life God created you for, and he knows exactly what your triggers are.

Romans 12:2 says “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind. Transformed means to be radically changed. You can be RADICALLY CHANGED by renewing your mind. What is renewing your mind? Changing your thoughts.

What you’re feeding your mind is causing you to think the way you think.

How many of us know if you feed your body absolute junk, you feel pretty darn crappy? I just returned from a weekend camping trip where our meals were absolute deliciousness that included fried potatoes in a cast iron skillet, grilled corn abundant with butter, and ooey gooey perfectly roasted smores. As a result, my body feels very different this morning. My tummy is bloated, my fingers are swollen and I’m slightly drag-butty. This is a result of how I fed my body.

And it’s the same with our minds. How you feed your mind will cause you to think different.

How you’re thinking today is a result of what you’ve been feeding your mind. What have you been watching? What have you been listening to? What have you been reading? This is why you’re thinking the way you’re thinking. Good or bad.

Who needs a good cleanse from the nonsense? Who needs to take captive their thoughts once again because they’ve gotten out of control? Who’s been spending entirely too many minutes of their day worrying about things instead of either getting up and doing something about it or aligning it with the promises of God?

You want to know what would really make a difference in your life? Every time you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, take it captive in a swift 3 step plan.

Step 1: Stop the train. You have a train of thoughts, all attached to each other, running along a track. Those thoughts are linked together, pushing and building momentum. If those are negative thoughts, they will wreck your life. Stop the train. Put a screeching halt to the downward spiral. Stop. I’m not going to keep playing out this negative scenario in my mind. I’m not going to assume the worst. I’m not going to worry myself into a fit.

Step 2: Align your thought with God’s promises. Your bible is full of God’s promises to you. Do you know those promises? How big is the gap between what you’ve been thinking about and what God has offered you? Get them in alignment. If God says he will provide for you better than the beautifully dressed lillies in the fields, then he will provide. If God says he will make a way, then he will make a way. Get that down deep in you and make your thoughts get in alignment. You’re the boss of your thoughts and Jesus has given you victory over your mind. Remember, his cross was on top of the skull.

Step 3: Get up and do something. Don’t lay there and wallow. Let’s go. Your life will pass you by as you worry, and it will get worse. Today’s the day you take action.