daily devotional
As followers of Christ, we know our souls are saved. But does your life suck? You’re guaranteed heaven, but what about your life on Earth? Does it matter? Are we supposed to just endure this life, somehow drag our miserable butt through our days here while we just wait on heaven? Does God care about not only the state of your soul but your heart and mind too?

YES HE DOES – Let me prove it to you. This whole thing isn’t just about someday going to heaven – this is also about having a darn good life right here right now too.

Jesus said in John 10:10 – “My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”

Yes, Jesus came to save your soul, but it was more than that. He came to give you a rich and satisfying life today. Right now. You are not intended to dread your days or be overwhelmed in your stress. What’s rich and satisfying about that? If your life sucks, you’re doing it wrong. That was never God’s plan for you.

Don’t you know God has already overcome the world and that means he has made a way for you through your problems. You do not have to live one more day defeated. You can hold your head and hands up high in victory because YOU ARE ON THE WINNING TEAM. For all eternity, and hey guess what – today is part of eternity. Think about that, today is part of your eternity. Don’t save up your happy for heaven. Nope, you can celebrate the victory today. What’s really interesting is when you begin celebrating your victory, believing that a way has been made even when you’re in the middle of the mess and don’t quite see it, you can find joy in the struggle. You know there is purpose in the pain. You can live the rich and satisfying life Jesus is offering, even when circumstances are a far cry from perfection. And you know what we call that – we call it praise.

Perfect life is heaven – this side of heaven it won’t be perfect. But it can be rich and satisfying.

YOU ARE NOT DEFEATED. Stop talking defeated words. Stop thinking defeated thoughts. Listen to me right now sister, you are MORE than a conquer. Overwhelming victory is yours through Christ who loves you. More than a conqueror. Say that I AM MORE THAN A CONQUEROR. You know what that means? It means you’re not a one hit wonder. You didn’t just happen to win one little battle and now you’re set up for defeat. No, you win over and over again. You’re a champion. That’s what you are. NOW START LIVING LIKE ONE.

Start talking like a champion. Start thinking like a champion. Get up and get dressed like a champion. Face down your problems like a champion. Heaven is yours, yes and hot dang do I look forward to it. It will be glorious. It will be worth the wait in every way. But a rich and satisfying life is yours today too. Don’t miss what’s being offered to you. Go ahead and claim your place in the buffet of life and take a big healthy serving of rich and satisfying today.

It’s yours. The price has already been paid for it. The way has already been made. Why not take it?