daily devotional

I Peter 5:7 reading from The Living Bible “Let him have all your worries and cares, for he is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.”

He is always thinking about you. God, the almighty creator of the entire universe, the master of all, the one who holds the whole world in his hand is THINKING OF YOU.

Why have I gone 42 years of my life without understanding that God is actually thinking of me? I’ve always known God could hear me. That he could see me. But THINKING of me? His thoughts are filled with me? Oh this takes it to a whole new level doesn’t it?

I send and receive over one thousand texts per day. That’s a whole lot of text messages! Occasionally I will receive a message that makes my entire day. It’s a simple message and it goes kinda like this … “Hey Pamela, I was just thinking of you today.” That’s it. Someone was thinking of me. I immediately feel loved and cared for, valued and important. Don’t you feel the same way when you know someone is thinking of you?

And now we know, God is always thinking about us. At this very moment, God is thinking of you. Kim, I know you’re listening, God is thinking about you. Michelle, God is thinking about you. Christel, God is thinking about you. Staci, God is thinking about you. Insert your own name and know with confidence God is thinking about you. You are on his mind. As he put the plans for this day of life into motion, he considered you. He thought about what would be best for you. He thought about what you need.

Don’t you know you are THIS loved and valued? Don’t you know the almighty has his mind set on you? Let this bring you confidence. God wants you to know he is always thinking about you so that you can have complete confidence in WHO you are. He is not only always thinking about you, but he is watching everything that concerns you. You don’t have to fret and worry, God knows everything that is coming your way. Every possible thing about to touch your life has to first go through him. Know this so you can experience the REWARD of knowing he sees you and thinks of you in every detail. Truly, this is a reward. Wear it like a badge of honor. God is thinking of ME!

My son is currently in Basic Training is the US Army. When he left 6 weeks ago, his Daddy told him something of immeasurable value. He said son, you’ll be up early every morning (3:45 in fact). Every time you see that sun rise, know your Dad is up thinking of you and praying for you at that very moment. Without fail, every morning as the sun comes up, my husband is sitting on the deck thinking of his boy. And this brings our son confidence. The drill sergeants may be barking down his throat, he may be hating life, exhausted, missing home, and dreading the day, but he knows without a doubt when that sun is coming us, his Dad is up and thinking of him.

Did you know when the sun comes up every morning, your God is thinking of you? Did you know the colors in the sky are a result of God thinking of you? What if that hot pink sky was a message with your name on it, a reminder of your creator’s love for you specifically? When the wind blows and you hear the rustle of the leaves, that’s God thinking of you. It’s all God thinking of YOU.

And did you know while Jesus hung on that cross, sacrificing his life, he was thinking of you. I know that’s hard to imagine. You weren’t even born yet. But try to wrap your mind around this. Since the beginning of time, God has known you and loved you. He has always had you in his thoughts and plans. And when his son Jesus was on that cross, his thoughts were on you. It was for you.

God is watching everything that concerns you today. For my east coast friends, he’s watching that hurricane. For my friends in financial crisis, he’s watching everything that concerns you. For my friends in messy marriages, teenage hardships, he’s watching everything that concerns you today. He is aligning, rearranging, and working everything, YES EVERY DETAIL of that which concerns you. Nothing is missed and nothing is by accident. All of it is for you, not against you.

Psalm 40:17 in The Living Bible says “I am poor and weak, yet the Lord is thinking about me right now!” Is this you? Are you struggling and your strength is running out? Rest assured the Lord is thinking about your right now. Just as my son in Army bootcamp may be worn down and overwhelmed, he knows his Daddy is watching that sun rise and thinking of him, we can know our Daddy is MAKING the sun rise and thinking of us.

And God’s thoughts towards us can move mountains. God’s thoughts towards us can change everything. God’s thoughts towards us can give us strength and courage to do the impossible.

Know he is thinking of you right now. His thoughts are on you and everything that concerns you. Receive this as a gift today. A gift that brings confidence and assurance. A gift that brings rewards and blessings.

You are being thought of. You’re in. You’re not left out.