daily devotional

John 10:10 Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

We best glorify god by being FULLY ALIVE. Not just a human being going through the motions, kinda sorta there, a little in and a little out, dabbling at life. No, fully alive living this one life we have been given all-in with every ounce of our being. This is how we glorify our creator. This is how we praise our savior. This is how we spread his greatness. We intentionally live this day FULLY ALIVE.

Jesus came so that you might not only have life, but have it to the full. His sacrifice was not only for your eternal home in Heaven, but for your life right here and right now, today. So that THIS life and THIS day would be lived to the max. So that you would have a happiness and zest for life down deep within your soul that no obstacle, no struggle and no temporary circumstance could ever diminish. This is the kind of life you were not only create for, but charged to live. Jesus conquered death for you, that’s already taken care of. Now you’re free to live.

The enemy can’t take this freedom from you. He can’t rob what Christ died to give you. However, he can stress you out to the point you forget what you have. He can attack your identity and make you forget who you are. Is that what the enemy has been doing to you? Have you, this miraculous creation of the almighty, this masterpiece with the fingerprints of God still on you, this chosen one, prized possession, highly favored child of the King of Kings forgotten who you are and what you have been given? Have the enemy’s attacks been successful and as a result you’re still living, but you’re not fully alive? You’ve just been waking up each day going through the motions. Life is passing you by and you’re only seeing half of it. You’re dreading the day. You’re wishing for the weekend. You’re scared of the future. You’re stuck in the past. You’re consumed by worries and fears. AND THIS IS NOT GOD’S PLAN FOR YOU. But you know that don’t you? You know you were created for more than this, you just don’t know how to start living another way. How do you break the 40 year habit of worry? How do you overcome those lifelong fears of what others think? How do you finally take yourself off the back burner and move to the front row of your own life?

Here’s your step one … step up and take responsibility for the life you’re living. This is on you. God gave you this life and every single thing you would ever need to live it well. You are lacking nothing. You’re not broken. You’re not incapable of excelling in your own life. Those are lies the enemy has told you and they have no place in this space. Claim your life as holy space. Girl, what you have within you is precious and powerful! How you use it determines the life you get to live. If there’s anything in your life you don’t like, why don’t you go about changing it? I’ve seen people radically change their lives. I’ve seen divorce, healing, then complete restoration in a marriage. I’ve seen addictions broken to never return again. I’ve seen a desperate, depressed unhealthy woman lose 150 pounds and become a marathon runner. I’ve seen someone climb out of the pits of despair and climb mountains they never imagined possible. These are lives that were once weighed down with attacks of the enemy, lies he whispered and they accepted as their truths. But the moment they took responsibility for the life they’re living and understood God had already given them every single thing they needed to break these strongholds, they were changed.

This is how we glorify God. Isaiah 43:7 reminds us we were made for his glory. You were made for this. This is how we praise him. We take this one life we have been given and we live it FULLY. All the way, all in, to the max, every single day. We take the opportunities we have been given, and we run with them. We spring into action doing what we can. We live in awe over the beauty and wonder which surrounds us. We get excited about a new day of life given to us and we bring our best to the table with all our energy. We get some zest back in us. We speak with gusto. We walk with a pep. We love lavishly without strings. We wake up and we live fully.

Now why is all of this a way we glorify God? Ahhhhh, here’s why. When you live like this, others are drawn to you like a magnet. They gotta know what you have. See people don’t know what they’re missing until they see it in you. Your zest for life becomes contagious. This is how you lead others to a relationship with Jesus. Not condemnation. Not preaching at them. No. You lead others to Jesus by living your life so darn well with passion and energy and purpose that you draw them in. People are hungry for authentic happiness. They’re starving for the real deal today. Unfiltered, genuine happiness for life. And God is calling you today to be that person. Live that life for others to see.

You want to glorify God today? Live fully alive. Be all there and all in. You’ll make a bigger impact on those around you than you could ever imagine. And let me tell you from experience, this is one heck of a fun way to live your life! You’ll never want to go back! Promise!