daily devotional

I John 1:5 – In him there is LIGHT, there is no darkness at all.

God doesn’t have a dark side.

He’s not trying to punish you or get back at you. He’s not out to get you. He’s not angry at you. Nor is he ignoring you. Everything God does is for a purpose, and his purposes are good towards you. How do I know? Because as a believer and follower of Christ, you have been completely covered by him and his sacrifice. When God sees you, he sees his son. He sees a fully righteous, covered, paid for, priceless child whom he loves wildly.

People may have a dark side. Their motives and intentions may be for personal gain and you may get used in the process. People get angry and lash out in painful ways. People say they will be there, then they’re no where to be found. All of this teaches us to be defensive and watch our backs. And maybe people have taught you no one can be trusted, but that’s not God.

You don’t have to go through life being on the defensive with God. Ever. He is your Abba Father, your Daddy and let me tell you one thing for sure, He loves his girl. And you’re his girl. He loves his girl. You can write it down and you can bank on it.

And here’s another thing I know. He has heard you, He sees exactly what is going on in your world, he holds your world in the palm of his hand, He cares about you and the details of your life and he is moving on your behalf.

God hears you and he is moving mountains for you right now. He is working. Say that with me – He is working. He is working. Oh yes he is.

We may not see the manifestation of the mountains he is moving and the doors he is opening at this moment, but be assured it IS happening. He is arranging and rearranging, moving hearts and preparing the path for YOU. Some things just take time.

Not for God. With God ANYTHING is possible and it’s possible today. But maybe it’s taking time because although you THINK you’re ready for that breakthrough and the big answers, God knows you’re not really ready. And sometimes I believe it takes time because where’s the faith in plans all coming together exactly as they were planned a year ago? Faith thrives is that ‘last minute, down to the wire, facing the impossible with no other option but GOD’ kinda ground. Is that where you’re standing right now? That “only God” ground. You’ve tried it all and it’s not working? You’re down to the wire? Things are kinda looking impossible? Ahhhhh, that’s powerful ground sister.

God has not forsaken you. He sees you, he hears you and he cares.
God doesn’t have a dark side. He is light, pure light and he brings light into your life.
He is moving on your behalf. He is working for you. You may not see it manifest today, but you can trust he is working.

I know I needed this reminder today. I need to re-surrender for the thousandth time all my cares and thoughts and fully trust that my God is good to the core and there is only light in him and from him.

I refuse to wander around in darkness fearful, stressed or anxiety ridden. Nope, not today Satan. Thank you for your offer of darkness, but I’m going for the light. Will you choose the same? Will you stop the cycle of living in the darkness of fear and stress and anxiety and step into the light starting right now at this moment?

God’s light is shining on you. It is for you. In his light you will find your way. In his light you will taste a fullness and beauty of life you may have never known before. But first, you must choose, literally CHOOSE to step out of the darkness and into His light.

No more hiding. No more running. No more pouting in your little corner mulling over how unfair life is. That’s darkness and there is no darkness in God. God is only light and he wants to shine in your life today.