daily devotional

How good does your life look on the outside, and how increasingly empty is it feeling on the inside?
Do you feel stagnant in life, having lost your passion and energy?
Are you an all-or-nothing type of person and lately it’s been more nothing?
Have you been so busy just living that you’ve forgotten to be ALIVE?
Have the tasks and chores and the things on your to-do-list overshadowed the sheer fact that you woke up to the greatest gift today? The gift of a new day of life.

So the challenge is to find balance. To be living and be fully ALIVE. To be productive while being grateful. To care as much about your zest for life as the appearance of your life.

It’s easy to lose our balance, in fact I would venture to say it’s darn hard to maintain our balance. When life is out of balance, we quickly experience burn out. Hey sister, if you can’t find joy on the journey to your goals, you’ll likely never make it. And if you do, you’re going to be miserable. I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my happiness for a goal weight. I’m not willing to sacrifice my last precious months with my girl’s at home for a business goal. I will NOT let this time be all work and no play.

So right here, right now, we must seek and create balance.

Most of us are either too focused on work and forget the play, or we’re all about the play and the work doesn’t get done. Which one are you?

Do you recognize how this imbalance is not serving you? Do you agree that becoming your best will require both work and fun? What good are the size 8 jeans, the $10,000 in savings, and the clean house if you forget to be ALIVE? You can’t just go through the motions here. You gotta throw your whole body into this thing.

Many of us are walking around feeling stagnant. Our lives on the outside are beautiful, picture perfect – but inside we’ve lost my passion and energy for more.

Have you become stagnant? Is your life boring? Hey sister, it doesn’t have to be. If life is boring, you’ve just gotten busy living and forgotten to be ALIVE. Maybe on the outside things look good, but are you losing your passion and energy?

This is how the enemy often attacks us. He allows things to look good on the outside so you will silently struggle alone. No one knows to reach out to you because you look like you’ve got it all together. All while he’s working away at you on the inside, attacking your passion and zest for life. Teasing you with the easy way out. Tempting you with checking out of the game and settling for watching everyone else, convinced you’re just not good enough. And so the game goes on and on, he wins and you lose, and your potential goes untapped.

And so the very thing you were created to do in this world goes undone. The impact only you can make sits on a shelf and your worth goes down the drain. So my question to you today is, do you see where the enemy has been working on you? Working to keep you unbalanced? Working to steal your passion and energy? Working to just keep you bored and unaware of the gift of life?

Job 33:4 tells us “The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”

The spirit of God made you, my friend. It is the breath of the Almighty that gives you life. His breath gives you life. Have you been breathing shallow lately? Going through the motions, feeling drained? Skimming? Staying surface level in your own life and rarely ever digging deep? I know exactly what we need … we need the one who gives us life to breathe life back into us! We need the breath of the Almighty to do some resuscitation in our lives and bring us back in balance.
Won’t you ask God to breath life back into you? Won’t you ask him to bring back your passion and energy? Won’t you ask him to open your eyes to the beauty of life so that you may soak it in fully today?

Take a big deep breath with me right now. Mouth closed as you breath in through your nose, then release through your mouth. Again.

Almighty, breath life into us.

Do you realize the very air you breath is the breath of God? He wants to fill you up. He wants to help you create balance in your life. Your goals are fantastic. God is excited about your goals. Yes, go for it. But don’t forget to live and enjoy this gift. God, help us to create and maintain balance in our lives.

No more stagnant days. Today will not look like all the other days. You will make it your best.