daily devotional

In the book of Exodus God commands Moses to go to Egypt and rescue the Israelites. Moses was like “okay God, but you know, like what should I say?” Basically Moses is saying, yo, I don’t want to look all crazy when I get there. You know sometimes when you tell people GOD spoke to you, you look a little crazy. So Moses is looking for a sane, reasonable way to explain what he is about to do. And God said to Moses in Exodus 3: 14 – “I am who I am – so you should say “The I AM has sent me.”

Well that helps a lot.

God, is the I AM.

Jesus too referred to himself as the great I AM.

But what in the world does that mean? I just sounds like an incomplete sentence to me. Like a long pause I am …. and it’s a cliff hanger as you’re waiting for the words to follow. So this morning, we will look at 5 “I am’s” that tell us exactly who our Mighty God and Sweet Jesus are.

I AM the bread of life. This means Jesus will sustain you. He will strengthen you. He will fill you. And I don’t know about you, but I straight up love bread. I’m still searching for the all carb diet. Bring on the bread – I like it all. Sweet bread, buttered bread, garlic bread, cinnamon bread. Bread sticks, bread rolls, sliced bread. Bread just makes everything better. And Jesus is reminding us HE is the bread of life. He wants to make your everything better.

Next, Jesus says “I am the door.” Jesus is the way out of the situation you’re in. He is your escape. You can try to beat down the walls, but all you need is the door. And he’s also your way in. He is the door in to the house of rest and refuge. This door says welcome. You belong here. You belong to me. Come inside.

Jesus also says “I am the good Shepard.” Scripture uses the reference of a Shepard and his sheep many times. Let me tell you something about a Shepard, they live WITH their sheep. Now let me tell you something about sheep, they wander off constantly. Sheep are like me in the mall. They never know where they’re going and they can’t find their way back to where they came from. So the shepherd ever so patiently gathers his sheep, calls them to him, and when there is one who is lost, he searches for his sheep. That is our Jesus with us. Oh how we wander. We get ourselves into some messes don’t we? We fail and we get stuck, and here comes our great Shepard, time and time again, to pull us out and put our feet on the ground again. He will never leave us or forsake us.

“I am the vine, you are the branches.” The vine is the source of life to the branches. The branches are connected to and dependent upon the vine. Without Jesus we will wither and die. Connected to him, we receive life. Connected to him, we bear fruit. Good things come in our life as a result of Him. Apart from him, we can do nothing. There is no fruit, no success, no breakthrough, no progress, no good things apart from God. Cut yourself off from God and try to do this thing on your own and you will just be a branch without a vine. A dying, brittle, unproductive, disconnected woman unable to produce anything in life. Uh, yeah, no thanks. I think I’ll stay connected to the Great I Am.

Jesus said “I am the light of the world.” He is the light of YOUR world. You don’t have to live in darkness. Nor do you have to hide things in darkness. He is the light. He not only shows you the way, he MAKES the way. He is your guide.

Because he is the GREAT I AM. He is the light, he is the vine, he is the good Shepard, he is the door, he is the bread of life … because of who God is, I am…

Who are you because of God?

Could you say – Because of God I am saved. I am blessed. I am whole. I am new. I am confident. I am able. I am strong. I am loved. And like Moses, the great I am is speaking to you and sending you.

The great I am came so that you could be all of these things. Think about that today. Who are you because of the Great I am? Let your identity come from him. Let him redefine all that you are and let him guide all that you do. Get grounded in who you are through Christ Jesus.

He has created you.
He has chosen you.
His name is I Am.
Not I Was.
Not I Might Be.
Not I May.
No, I Am … the Great I Am.