daily devotional

Genesis 2:7 “God formed Man out of dirt from the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life. The Man came alive—a living soul!” (MSG)

Let’s make this personal. When I say blank, enter your own name into this scripture. God blew into your nostrils the breath of life. ___(blank)____ came ALIVE, a living soul.

The purpose of life is to live it. Not just survive it, or endure it. Not sleep it away or wish it away. But live it. In order to LIVE this life you have been given and fulfill your purpose, you must be ALIVE.

This breath of life God has breathed into you comes with a single expectation. That you would open your eyes, experience life fully and be ALIVE with life.

Our scripture today says man came ALIVE – a living soul. Not a miserable soul. Not a tired soul. Not a worried soul. Not a stressed out soul. But a LIVING soul.

Will you be a living soul?

There is no time to waste. We can’t afford to wait until next month to wake up and start living. We can’t sleep away today. James 4:14 puts the brevity of life into perspective with “What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”

BUT YOU’RE HERE TODAY. You have a chance to live today. What a gift you and I have been given. And remember, with all great things comes great responsibility. Not everyone received the gift of life today, but you did, and you have a responsibility to live it.

Today, let’s fulfill our purpose. Let’s do with this day exactly what we’re supposed to do. Let’s LIVE it! The dictionary uses 3 words to define ALIVE: Alert, Active and Animated. We will use that as our gauge and intentionally go to work.

Today, we will be ALIVE by being ALERT. Wherever we are, we will actually BE THERE. Repeat to yourself, “right here, right now”. Hey, you will never get this back. Every moment today is a once in a lifetime moment, don’t miss it. Taste your food. Hear the sounds of life. Feel the touch of your loved ones. I mean really FEEL IT. See the beauty all around you. There is beauty before you, beauty behind you. Beauty to your left, beauty to your right. Beauty above you, beauty below you. Beauty within you. Today you will savor it because you are alert. Continue to bring your mind back to the state of right here, right now. Perhaps you need to write it on your hand.

Second, today we will be ALIVE by being ACTIVE. We refuse to sit and wonder and worry. The waiting has come to an end. If we are stuck in a rut, we won’t be by the end of the day because today, we’re taking the next step. We will be in action. We will get up and get going. My Daddy used to see the buzzards circling in the sky and he would say, “Sis, you better look alive!” The morale of the story – buzzards are always looking to prey upon the things just sitting still. Maybe you’ve been sitting still, just thinking about making changes, worrying about all that needs to change, making plans for change, that the buzzards are circling you. Girl, you better look alive. Be ACTIVE today.

And third, today we will be ALIVE by being ANIMATED. This means be excited, energetic and lively. Put some pep in your step. You say you don’t have anything to be excited about … ah girl, that’s the result of not being fully alive. I guarantee you there are 10 reasons to be over the moon excited about your life surrounding you at this very moment. Even in the darkest of times and hardest of seasons, there is good. You’re not discounting the hardships by being excited over all that is good and right. There’s no guilt in that. Show your creator some energy today. If you don’t have any energy, fake it. That’s the funny thing about energy, if you use all the energy you have today, tomorrow your energy tank will be refilled, plus a little more. You can literally BUILD your energy, but the only way is to use it all up today. Get up, get dressed up and show up. Even if you don’t have anywhere to go and anyone to see. Do it for you. Do it because you’re alive. Be ANIMATED today.

What a recipe for a Monday. Be fully ALIVE by being aware, active and animated.

No one can live this life but you. You’ll never get this day again. The purpose of today is to live it. Will you fulfill your purpose the best you can today? Tell me you’re in! Yes, that’s what I wanted to hear. I bet God is smiling down on his girls right now saying …. ahhhh, it’s gonna be a good day!