daily devotional

Luke 1:78 – “Because of God’s tender mercy, the morning light from heaven is about to break upon us.”

One translation puts it this way…

“A new day will dawn on us from above because our God is loving and merciful.”

Here we are with a new day dawning because our God is so loving and merciful. Welcome to this priceless, once in a lifetime gift. The sun is rising as I speak on this handcrafted gift. But so many will miss it because you see, this gift is disguised as just another Tuesday. How many Tuesdays have you lived before?

I’m 43 years old. This is my 2,276th Tuesday. There’s nothing special about that … and yet there’s everything special about that.

All the days of your life have brought you to this day. This Tuesday. And how you live this day of your life can impact all the rest of your days.

Because of God’s love and mercy, you and I have been trusted with this day of life. HE TRUSTS YOU. He trusts you to get up and live this day. He trusts you to represent him to everyone you come in contact with. He trusts you to be his hands and feet. He trusts you to love and encourage his people, today. He trusts you to LIVE today, and live it well.

So what is your response to this gift? This gift that may seem imperfect with an empty refrigerator, a car that doesn’t run, bad hair, or a sink full of dishes … what is your response to this gift?

Come on you know it. Say it with me … THANK YOU GOD, I LOVE IT. Thank you God, I love it.

I don’t deserve it. I haven’t always proven myself worthy of a new day. I’ve wasted them in the past. I’ve lost my shiz in the past. I’ve been less that lovely, productive and grateful in the past, and yet God you give me another chance. Thank you God, I love it. I love the day of life you have given me with your love and mercy.

And so the sun rises on my 2,276th Tuesday. In my book, that is worth celebrating. How about you? I encourage you to got to whatismyagetoday.com and click on “how old am I in weeks.”

Coach Lonnie is celebrating his 2,369th Tuesday.

And you know what, that’s worthy of a special cup of coffee and our favorite song on the back deck this morning. Darn right it is!!!!!

Are you leading your family in celebrating each new day of life? Well here’s your opportunity Mama! Are you greeting each new day of your life like the priceless, once in a lifetime gift it truly is? Well get it right today. Respond to the rising sun today with a big ol hearty “thank you God, I LOVE IT!” then get out there and live this day like it’s the only day you have. Because really, it is.

Let us lead by example. Your facebook status has the potential to influence others. Don’t you see it can be your platform, your stage? This world so desperately needs some BIG Life girls leading the way with a positive influence. Won’t you announce that you’re celebrating this once in a lifetime gift and publicly tell God thank you for it?

My current status reads “The sun is rising on my 2,276th Tuesday of life, and I am claiming this day worthy of a full on celebration of living! It’s a priceless, once in a lifetime gift which will never, ever come again. Thank you God, I love it!”

Perhaps you could lead by example and do the same. Why not celebrate today? Why not live today to the fullest? This is how we show our gratitude for what God has given us.

A new day has dawned on us from above because our God is loving and merciful.