daily devotional

There is a battle over your ground. A battle you aren’t even aware of. You think you just have a tendency to quit – you think that relationship is just strained – you think you’ve just stepped into some bad luck, but girl, it’s so much more than that. This is a battle. A battle over your ground. And the question is, what are you going to do about it?

The devil is trying to make you lose your footing. He is after your ground. He wants you to be distracted. He wants you to be discouraged. He wants you to waver. Why? Because THE ENEMY DOESN’T WANT YOU TO GROW. If you grow, then you become more powerful, more of the unshakable woman God created you to be. So he fights your growth. He attacks your ground.

Psalm 92:13 says “Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.”

Those who are planted shall flourish. This means if you want to grow, you must be grounded. If you want things to get better, you must be steady, unshakable, relentless, and refuse to give up here.

Are you grounded? Will you be still? Will you remain focused? Will you follow through on your commitments? God is getting ready to do something in your life, but sister you’ve got to be grounded. No more dabbling here and there, changing your mind every 10 minutes, doing a little of this and a little of that with no long term commitments. I’m telling you dig in and plant yourself so you can flourish. Be grounded so you can grow.

You want to get better? Get grounded, focused, committed, on purpose. Be still. Exodus 14:13 says “stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.” Stand still. You don’t have to run around any longer. You need to get some “I refuse to move” down deep in you.

I refuse to lose my focus. I refuse to quit. I refuse to get discouraged. I will stand right here through the storms.

Yes, of course devil is trying to make you lose your footing. He is after your ground. He wants you to be distracted. He wants you to be discouraged. He wants you to waver. Why? Because THE ENEMY DOESN’T WANT YOU TO GROW.

Well, doesn’t that just make sense? Your growth is being attacked because of the potential you have. If you’re in the middle of a struggle, hey congratulations that means there’s something in you worth fighting for! My ground has been under a full on rage. There’s a battle going down, and I know exactly why. The enemy has gotten a glimpse of the potential God placed in me, he knows what I am capable of, and he’s relentlessly attacking my ground. He wants me to back down, he wants me to surrender, he wants me to give up on what God is doing because of his attacks. BUT I REFUSE TO GIVE UP MY GROUND. It’s mine. Back off Satan! I refuse to move.

Will you do the same? Will you refuse to move? Will you fight for the ground God has given you? This is your family, your career, your home, your dream, your future, your health, your body, your joy … don’t be shaken! Psalm 62: 2 says “Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I WILL NEVER BE SHAKEN.”

This morning, I’m encouraging you to boldly stand firm. Refuse to back down. Resist the urge to quit again. You’ve made some progress, now is not the time to be shaken. Now is the time to be grounded. Dig in deep and stand your ground.

Stand there until you get your breakthrough. Stand there until the door opens. Stand there until you see change. Stand there with focus and intention knowing growth comes when you are grounded.

Your ground is where you make your impact. Your ground is where you make a difference. Your ground is where you live up to your potential, your BIG Life. Your ground is where you flourish. Your ground is where you achieve your goals. It is your platform, your stage, your territory. And the last thing the enemy needs is you, the powerful woman you are, with a platform. If you could only see the platform of influence you will have if you don’t give up. You don’t see it, but the enemy does and that’s why he’s using every force in hell to knock you down.


Stand your ground.

God has given you your life, now live it. Don’t you back down.

Today is the day to claim, THAT IS MY MARRIAGE, I’m standing my ground. I’m going to fight for this.

That’s my child, I’m standing my ground. Enemy, I see what you’re trying to do here, I’m on to your game, but that child is mine, back the heck off.

The dream that God has placed within your heart will be attacked. Stand your ground. It was given to you, now protect it, fight for it. Don’t give up on it.

That business, that friendship, that job, it is your ground. Stand firm. Be grounded. Refuse to lose. God is calling you to be relentless with what he has given you.

Will you have trouble? Will there be hard days? Will there be conflict? Will you get frustrated? Will you want to give up? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. Without a doubt. But just because there’s conflict doesn’t mean it’s not yours. Just because it’s attacked doesn’t mean it’s not yours. STAND YOUR GROUND.

What do you need to claim this morning? Your health? Your marriage? Your prodigal son or daughter? Your dream? Your business? Your joy? Your happiness? Your LIFE! Dig in deep. Be steadfast, be still and be relentlessly grounded.