daily devotional

Job 37: 5-6 “God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding. He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’ and to the rain shower, ‘Be a mighty downpour.’”

When God created you, he had greatness in mind. He formed you as a masterpiece, equipping you with every single thing you would ever need. He had a vision for your life, a good plan for your days. In his marvelous ways, he created you to be marvelous. Now … let’s get back to the girl we were created to be. Somewhere along the way of trying to keep the house clean, put food on the table, and raise decent human beings, we’ve gradually warped into women we are not. We’ve faded away. Our zest for life and our passion for living slowly evaporates. One tiny piece at a time, we literally become a shell of the girl we were created to be.

Here’s the big question this morning …. have you gotten so busy that you’ve forgotten to ENJOY LIFE? Have you missed that the very purpose for the breath in your lungs is to BREATHE IN LIFE? Not in a forceful “I have to be here and do this” rigid way, but in the natural way you were created to be.

You were made to live life. You were made to enjoy the beauties of your life. You were made to venture, to wander, to explore. You were made to capture and create. Don’t miss who you were created to be because you’re so busy doing what you feel you have to do, to get more of what you really don’t need.

In today’s scripture, there is so much freedom. God says to the snow, fall on the earth. That’s it. Just do one thing, just fall. And then he says to the rain shower, be a mighty downpour. Yes, just do the one thing I created you to do, and do it well. You’re rain, so rain. Come on down. You’re snow, so snow.

And my sweet sister, you are YOU. Totally special and unique you, and all you have to do is you. Just do you. And do it the best you can. You don’t have to try and be something you’re not. Stop trying to contort and twist yourself to match the pictures in the magazine. And don’t you dare play little and shrink back into the corner. Do what you were created to do. Be you. Fully you, not a watered down, held back, house-broken, tamed version of you. Be the FULL version of you. Passionate and powerful.

This is your mission. And that’s it. Take the weight off your shoulders. All God’s asking you to be is the one thing he’s already created you to be. Let what’s in you come out and play. Let the real you step forward and start running the show.

Trade your exhausting quest of more for the replenishing, refreshing, renewal of who you already are. Peel back the layers of expectation and pressure, and find the girl God created you to be.

Can you simply enjoy life? Can you do what you were created to do? As the snow is just supposed to fall and the rain is supposed to be a downpour, you were created to live.

So start living. Living bigger. Living more intentionally. And ON PURPOSE be the girl you were created to be.