daily devotional

I currently live on a lake in Missouri. When the sun goes down, the yard is lit up in flashes of fluorescent green. The magical phenomenon of fireflies flood our green grass and shoreline. I suppose there are many people in the world who have only heard about fireflies, but I’m here to tell you they are real and they are the most joyous and magnificent bug ever! They represent my childhood in a mason jar. They bring back memories of summers spent barefoot chasing these little treasures and delighting over their magical glow.

How in the world does this happen? I mean seriously, how does a bug’s butt just light up and glow in a magnificent florescent green like that? Oh I’m sure there’s a deep scientific explanation of some sort, but in short I can tell you exactly how … GOD! God did that. God took great delight in creating a very ordinary looking bug and giving it a touch of magic. He was showing off his creative talents and desire to awe us all.


What can God do in your life? He can do anything! There’s absolutely nothing that isn’t possible through the power of God. All you need to do is introduce your impossible to the God of impossible. Luke 1:37 reminds us “with God, NOTHING is impossible.” What is it you need in your life? What dream seems to be out of breath? What goal seems to be unattainable? What hope has run out of time? What love has gone astray? GIRL, WATCH GOD WORK RIGHT HERE!

We serve the God who makes new life grow within the barren womb. We serve the God who breaks prison chains and sets prisoners free. We serve a God who heals the sick and makes the lame to walk again. We serve a God who makes the butt of a bug light up ya’ll! He has power for the big and the small. He has a passion for doing the impossible and leaving us in awe. Invite his work into your life. God, I need you to light me up! I need you to touch me with your awe and wonder. I need a little of your possible to touch my impossible.

Psalm 37:23 tells me that “God delights in every detail of my life.” He is a personal God. He’s here. He’s involved. He’s delighted as he sees you, his precious child, live your life. Yes, even when you mess up. God’s not freaking out over your misstep – do you know why – because he can use it! He can use your mistakes for good. He can use your struggles for future greatness. Oh what he can do for you!

God is unlimited. There’s no measurement for him or his power. He is all powerful, he is all knowing, and he is all present. Our God isn’t limited by a single thing. He can do anything he wants. And did you know, this God of ours who can do anything he wants with his supreme power, desperately wants to help you? He knows everything, the end from the beginning, he sees it all because he is everywhere. There is no where you can run that God isn’t there.

And this is the God who is FOR you. This is the God who loves you relentlessly. This is the God who has chosen you.

He loves your quirkiness. He gets your weird and awkward tendencies … because he MADE them! Just as he decided the firefly would have this totally unique feature making it magnificent in it’s own way, he decided you would have your own unique features. Girl, I’m in awe of you. You have something I don’t have. There’s something totally special about you. Something this world needs. Won’t you show up and just be you today?

You know what would happen if we were fireflies? We would be embarrassed by our light up butt. We would be concerned it was too big or the wrong color green. We would be all busy trying to change it, stressed out wondering how much longer it would work, trying to save it for special occasions. Oh not today fluorescent green light up butt, it’s just an ordinary Wednesday, save your glow for Friday. We would create rules to follow and designated light up areas and dark zones. We would compare, we would fuss, we would complain … and we would completely miss the whole reason for a light up butt!

The fireflies light up for ONE REASON … because God took great delight in their creation. He wants them to light up, and so it is! They have the unique ability that nothing else does.

You know what God wants you to do … He wants you to live the one and only life you can live. He has given you that unique ability. It bring him great joy to watch you do your thing! To watch you be the wife, the mama, the friend, the daughter, the sister, the aunt, the leader, the woman he created you to be. Without limiting guidelines and expectations … drop all that crap. Seriously, it’s choking the life out of you and limiting your potential.

He wants your butt to be on fire for living this one and only beautiful life you have been given. He wants you to make this life BIG. Your creator wants you to use all he has given you, wasting nothing. He wants you to seize every opportunity, take a risk, and go for it! Your butt may not have been made to glow, but it was made to be on fire! Get excited about the ability to live your life!

God wants to do amazing, miraculous things in your life … let him!

God has already done amazing, miraculous things in your life … be in awe of them!

Oh what he wants to do in your life … and he can! His power is at work within you!