daily devotional

Have you lost your boom? Where’s your passion for living? Where’s your energy and zest? Has your get up and got got up and gone? Are you bringing your very best to the days of your life, or has your God given boom turned into a blah?

It’s morning – blah. I’m back in the kitchen AGAIN – blah. Another day of work – blah. And going to bed with the same man – blah.

Well that sucks doesn’t it? When we live in blah we become just a little more miserable every day. And you know what’s interesting about that? It requires just as much work. Living in your state of blah, you still have to wake up – you still have to cook – you still have to work. The amount of work doesn’t change, but living in blah sure zaps the life right out of you and straight up makes everything harder.

Do you think for a moment that is God’s desire for you? I am 100% certain it’s not and here’s how I know … How can you possibly be drawing someone to follow your God if your life is an example of miserable blah? You can’t. No one wants that.

God wants your life to be a magnet. You are supposed to be like salt and light. Your way of living should draw people in and make them say, “I don’t know what you have, or where your energy comes from, but I gotta have me some of that.”

That’s your BOOM – your God given boom. Your passion for living this one life you have been given the absolute best you can. Your zest for becoming your best and enjoying every moment of the ride. Your heart to help others do exactly the same.

Galatians 6:5 says “Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life.” Are you honestly doing your creative best with your life? Does your life get your best effort? Bringing the BOOM to everything you do today is your responsibility. It’s your job. No one else can bring it for you. And here’s the big kicker – no one can take your boom away.

If your husband is in a bad mood, if your teenager has major attitude, if your cell phone gets smashed, if your tire is flat, if your dog barfs on the carpet, the responsibility for doing your creative best and bringing the boom is still yours.

In spite of circumstances, the boom is up to you. Here comes the boom. Boom your focused energy. Boom your ‘can do’ attitude. Boom your best effort.

You are the boom. You have something to offer today that is priceless. Don’t you know how valuable you are? Don’t you know what an impact you can make? Don’t you know circumstances and others don’t have to affect the attitude you put on today?

Won’t you show up for this day of life with some BOOM? Banish the blah, evict it, deny it. When you catch the blah taking over your actions, thoughts and conversations, you remember that you are responsible for doing your creative best. You are responsible for bringing the boom everywhere you go.

You’re God’s girl and he’s watching you closely – Make him proud today by bringing the boom.

When you walk in the kitchen to make that meal, BOOM here comes the boom. When you show up for your workout, BOOM here comes the boom. When you walk into work, BOOM here comes the boom. And ladies, don’t forget when you go to bed with your husband, BOOM here comes the boom!

You bring the energy. You bring the positive attitude. You bring the gratitude. Remember you don’t have to do any of this today … you GET to girl! Take responsibility for how you show up and live this day of life. Show your creator you’re a girl who takes nothing for granted!

(As a side note, if you’re struggling with energy, I can give you the secret to energy. Here it is, the secret to having more energy in life ….. USE ALL THE ENERGY YOU HAVE TODAY. Energy builds when used. If you only use a little energy for your life today, dragging your way through the bare minimum, doing only what is required, your body will adapt and only supply energy for tomorrow to match what was used for today. However, if you show up for this day of life and you use every ounce of energy you have within you to live productively, absolutely squeezing the most out of life, tomorrow you will wake up with a new supply of energy plus a little more. Why? Because you proved you would use it! This goes back to Matthew 25:23 and Luke 16:10 where we learn that we must first be faithful with little, then we will be trusted with more. Girl, if you’re not faithful with the little bit of energy you have today, why would you expect to wake up to an abundance of energy tomorrow? It’s a use it or lose it kinda deal. USE your energy to be productive today. Show up and live all you can live. This shows God you are faithful with what he has given you, then you can be trusted with even more. This is how people have an abundance of energy to do more in a day than you do in a week, they’ve just been faithful with their God given energy and they’ve grown it. Here’s your opportunity today … show up with your BOOM and use it all!)