daily devotional

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being followed? Being watched? Oh you are. I’m here today to tell you you’re being chased and you need to know about it!

Psalm 23: 6 – MSG – Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life.

God’s love was chasing after you yesterday. His beauty was begging for your attention. Did his love catch you? Or were you too busy? Did you notice his beauty, or were you too distracted?

Hot dang we are busy aren’t we? But what do we have to show for all of our busyness? I mean really, after one month of non-stop go go go, do we have a noble list of successes and accomplishment worthy of our time sacrifice?

And distracted – goodness gracious, I was once the Queen of Distracted. I might have been sitting in the same car with you, but just because my body was there didn’t mean my mind was there. I was there, but I wasn’t fully there. Ever.

And here’s God, with his love and beauty chasing after us. He is relentless in his pursuit of us. I guarantee you even though you may have blown it yesterday, he has a plan to pursue you again today. The sunrise, well that was for you … he was hoping you would stop and see it. Those flowers in your favorite color – they are there just for you. The light will turn red so that you would be forced to stop and sit – an opportunity to see something beautiful – something priceless – something you will love. But you will likely sit at the red light stealing glimpses at your phone screen, or mindlessly stare forward without a second thought.

And so God ups his game.

How hard is God’s beauty and love having to chase after you? How many beautiful priceless moments are you going to miss because you’re too busy or distracted?

Recently I received a text from a mama I have the honor of mentoring. She said “I’m sitting here trying to decide if I should deep clean my kitchen or take my kids to the park.”

My immediate reply? PARK NOW! You and the kitchen can have a date tonight.

Her reply was priceless. She said “my kids thank you – they all just screamed with excitement. I just needed that one little push.”

And so that mama took her kids to the park– when she could have been deep cleaning her kitchen. And she sent me a photo with all kids and you know what … she was IN the photo. She not only took them, but she was in the fun with them.

And you know what I think God said – God said …. YES, my beauty and love caught her! I got her.

I don’t know how long God had been chasing after her, begging her to stop cleaning the kitchen and enjoy the blessings he has given her. I don’t know all the attempts he had made in the past, but I know this much – he was successful yesterday.

God finds pleasure in our pleasure. He delights in our delight. Our joy brings him joy.

God’s beauty and love are chasing after you today. Stop playing hard to get. Slow down. There are important, once in a lifetime opportunities today and while they won’t be forced on you, God is sure hopeful you will embrace what he brings your way.

Now, let’s talk about that kitchen. This mama was perplexed because she needed to deep clean her kitchen. That’s noble. I love me a good clean kitchen. I clean mine every day. I’m known to be slightly grouchy and on edge if my kitchen is dirty. In fact, when my kids lived at home, they knew me well – if they were going to ask for anything, they would go spiff up the kitchen first. Hey mom, look we cleaned the kitchen – now can we have 20 bucks for Sonic. Worked like a charm.

But here’s the thing, you won’t look back on this day of life 5 years from now and say “wow, I’m glad I deep cleaned my kitchen!” Nope – that won’t happen. But you may look back and say, “wow, I’m glad I said yes – I’m glad I went – I’m glad I experienced that.” God’s beauty and love caught me on that day!!!!

Quick, clean that kitchen before you go – or clean it when you get back. You may have to stay up past your bedtime to get it done and that’s okay. Do your work, yes … nobody wants a nasty kitchen. But don’t let that kitchen take the place of the beauty and love God is offering you today.

God’s beauty and love have been chasing after you every day of your life … slow down and let him catch you today!