daily devotional

Where do you find your worth? Where do you find you identity? Do you find your worth in the kids you’re raising? Ahhhh, be careful my friend, prodigal sons and daughters come from even the best of families and if your worth is tied up in them, you may be heading for the clearance rack. Is your identity wrapped up in what you do? You are a nurse, you help people. You are a teacher, you guide children. What happens when you no longer do that job? Who are you then? I’ve seen runners completely lose their identity through an injury. I’ve seen wives decide life isn’t worth living after their husbands go for the younger, newer model available. I’ve seen the deepest depressions hit after retirement, after the success, after the finish line because then you’re left to question, who am I now?

There’s much at risk here my sisters. We must get this right. Last night in BIG Life Mentoring I encouraged everyone to begin seeking the truth of who they really are at their core. I know who I am. After all these years, I finally know. I am a treasure creation equipped with every single thing necessary to rock my life. I am fully loved, lacking nothing.

This is how God sees me. This is my true worth and identity. What is yours?

The only thing that matters now is everything God thinks of you. How God sees you is EVERYTHING.

So, how does God see YOU and what does he think of you? If we get this right, our entire world changes. If we get this wrong, we wander through life never understanding who we are. Once you understand the importance of this, then you’ll understand the battle over it too. Every day of your life the enemy plots to tear down the truth of how God sees you and thinks of you. So just in case he’s been working overtime on your value, your worth, and your identity, I’m here to remind you today of the truth.

God says you are loved, even when you can’t feel a thing.
God says you are strong, even when you think you’re weak.
God says you’re held, even when you’re falling short.
And when you don’t belong, He says you are His.

And all you must do is believe what he says of you.

In Him we find our worth. In Him we find our identity. This is your truth, will you believe what he says about you today?

Everyday I work with women to help them step into their best life. We work through issues of weight, relationships, fears, bad habits, past hurts and future worries. At the core of each of these problems is a value, worth, or identity issue.




Sometimes we simply don’t live up to our potential. Sometimes we miss opportunities. Sometimes we don’t act in love. Sometimes we get it wrong, real wrong. And understand this, your God still looks at you and sees the person he created you to be and KNOWS you have it in you. He looks at you on your worst day and says “you’re better than that, I’ll give you another shot.”

I know there are areas of my life where I am better than I’m acting. I was created to live and love bigger and I’m playing little. So God lovingly reminds me who I am. He offers me grace and mercy as I stumble. And I choose to believe what he says of me.

2 Corinthians 12:9 says ““My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

God’s power wants to touch your weakness and shortcoming and make you more than enough. His grace wants to cover any areas in your life where you’re not quite measuring up. Won’t you come before your loving God today and let him do what only he can do in your life? Won’t you slow down and pause long enough to see exactly what you’ve been needing is exactly what he is offering?

You need patience – he is offering that.
You need guidance – he’s waiting to guide your every step.
You need vision – he will help you see what you’ve never seen before.
You need help – right here, right now sister, all for you.

He is an ever present help in times of trouble. He is strong and steady. He is overflowing with mercy and grace. He is all knowing and all powerful. He is for you and not against you. He is making a way where there was no way. He is looking at you at this moment and seeing you for who you really are … you are HIS.

His creation.
His daughter.
His beloved.
His masterpiece.

He has never lost faith in you. He’s never taken his eye off you. He knows exactly what he put inside of you and he’s not giving up on you.

This is what he thinks of you. This is how he sees you. And all you need to do is believe what he says about you.

Find your worth and identity in him. When you do, everything changes. Unleash his power to work in your life by knowing who you are and who’s you are. Stand tall knowing the creator of the Universe has his eye on you and you’re lacking NOTHING. Any weakness you have will be made perfect in his power. His grace covers you and makes you more than enough.

So, this is who you are. Not the job title you carry, not the work you do, not the children you are raising. You are a treasured creation of the almighty, equipped with every single thing necessary to rock your life. You are fully loved, lacking nothing. There’s your truth. This is your identity. Know your worth girl, and know your potential.

(If you enjoyed this episode of the BIG Life Devotional Podcast, look up Lauren Daigle’s song “You Say” and you’ll see the lyrics all throughout today’s devotional. It’s one of my favorites.)