daily devotional

I have a truth bomb to drop on you this morning. A truth that perhaps you haven’t thought about. This truth is going to change your day – FOR REAL. Are you ready? Now I mean, are you really ready? This one is big. Write this down …

God’s end goal is ALWAYS promotion.

Every struggle is a setup for you to get up and step up. God wants to take you to new levels of living. His will is for you to rise up every single time, to keep getting better. God wants to promote you in every area of your life. Listen to me here, GOD DOESN’T WANT YOU TO BE STUCK. The mess you’re in right now was never intended to depress you. The opposition was never intended to overwhelm you. You were never intended to settle here and call it good enough. Never.

I know sometimes it feels like God is against you. Like he’s punishing you, but this isn’t punishment … this is priming for your potential. Preparation for promotion. Positioning for what is possible. (I’m throwing down P words like a rapper today … do I have another one in me?) This process is your positive passage. This pain could be your push.

You are God’s beloved. His chosen. His girl – his end goal is always to promote you.

But you have a role in this. A role in your promotion to step into your potential … You’ve gotta quit giving up, quit playing little, and quit complaining about the process. You’ve gotta overcome some things to get that promotion. You’ve gotta prove you’re ready in your mind, body, soul and attitude. God is asking you today … just how bad do you want to be promoted? How bad do you want to get off the struggle bus? How bad do you want to break free of the very thing that’s been holding you back? How bad do you want to change? How bad do you want to once and for all battle your demons and WIN? How bad do you want to step on up to the next level?

Well let me tell you, God wants it for you more than you do. He isn’t giving up on you, so you’ve gotta stop giving up on you.

All the things you dream of for your life are just a fraction of what God has available for you – Not only available for you, but planned for you – created just for you. Promotion in your position. Promotion in your relationships. Promotion in your health. Promotion in your finances.


God wants to know if you are really ready for the promotion he has available for you. Don’t you see, the struggle you woke up in again this morning is your test. The very things coming your way today are your test. This is your test before promotion. How will you handle the conflict? How will you handle the frustration? Will the stress overwhelm you? Will the temptations sink you again? Will the distractions get your attention again? Will you give your best or will you give your leftovers? Don’t you see, it’s all a test.

Galatians 6:9 says “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” And oh how God wants you to reap the harvest of blessing he has available for you. He is rooting for you. He wants you to pass the test. He wants you to prove yourself ready for promotion. He’s just hoping you won’t give up again like you have so many times in the past. He’s just hoping you will keep a good attitude and shut up that complaining mouth. He’s just hoping you’ll dig in deep and turn away from that shallow living.

Hey I know it’s exhausting fighting the same battle over and over again. I know the struggle can be overwhelming. I know defeat takes the wind out of your sails and weakens your confidence. I know – I’ve been there. Me too sister, me too. But here’s what I know. My God is FOR ME. He is for me. His end goal is to promote me, not to hold me down or hold me back. He wants me to excel. He wants me to rise up. AND HE WANTS THE SAME FOR YOU. God is for you. And he has so much available to you if you will just keep doing the next right thing. Again and again and again, just do the next right thing.

Hey, you got up this morning – did you get up when you said you would? Don’t you know that matters? Don’t you know God is watching closely to see if you’re willing to get up and show up for life? If you’re not, then he knows you’re simply not ready for that promotion. But if you are getting up, showing up, and giving it your best GET READY FOR PROMOTION!

Oh, somebody is ready … somebody listening right now has proven they are ready for that promotion because they have been faithful! Not perfect, but faithful to try again and again. And honey, hold on to your butt, God’s about to do something in your life!!!!! Every big breakthrough I’ve ever had came after a season of testing and a resolve to just be faithful. Change your perspective on the struggle … this is your test from a Heavenly Father who wants nothing more than to promote you, but he won’t throw you into more than you’re ready for.

Won’t you prove today you are ready? You are finally ready. You’re ready for a new level of living. You’re ready for the blessings he has stored up for you. You’re ready for that breakthrough. You’re ready for things to start going your way. Oh yes you are – prove it. Just keep doing the next right thing. Again and again.

And don’t get tired of doing the right thing because at just the right time, you will reap a harvest of blessings if you don’t give up.

I wonder how many times we’ve given up just before the harvest of blessings came. One more day, one more push, one more time and it would have been here, but we quit. WELL NOT THIS TIME, right sister? This is our commitment, we’re doing the next right thing. And when we’re done with that, we will get up, step up and do the next right thing. Again and again that’s our plan. THE NEXT RIGHT THING.

And what’s truly beautiful is God has given you the amazing ability to always know what the next right thing is. You know. Where we get confused is when we’re trying to figure out step 10 and we haven’t even taken step 1 yet. What’s right in front of you … do that thing right. The right actions with the right attitude. Not because we have to, but because we GET to. Because there’s so much more available to us, and we’re daring enough to go for it!