daily devotional

Are you available? To be available means you are open to something. Or are you occupied? Occupied with the busyness of life and all you have to do.

God has a question for you today. He’s not concerned with your ability, he wants to know your availability. God can equip you with anything and everything you need. He can supernaturally strengthen you, he can raise you up, he can enlighten you, he can give you wisdom you’ve never had before. Oh yes, he can equip you with an abundance of ability. But what he won’t do is force you to be available for what he can to do in your life.

Availability is up to you. How much of God’s goodness and provision have we missed because we simply haven’t been available to receive it? I’ve been so darn busy, filling my days with duties and distractions, maybe I’ve missed what God has been offering me. I’ve decided I don’t ever want to miss it again … how about you?

What can God do in a life that’s available to him? Oh, it’s easier to make a much shorter list of what God can’t do with an available life. It is our availability that serves as an open door to the greatest works of our Creator.

Yesterday evening I came across a black and white image on FaceBook posted by my friend Laura. In bold at the top of the image it read “GOD SAID:” Alrighty, that got my attention, so I kept reading. What did God say? Now what I’m about to share is likely a personal message someone received from God. However, I know a message is for me to receive and also to share when I feel my spirit leap. Ya’ll my spirit was doing back flips inside my chest when I read this.

“God said, I need you to get excited again. I need you to remember you’re not in this thing alone. I’m working on your challenges, I’ve already assigned angels to you. So let go of the stress and just trust me; I’ve got a pretty incredible ending in store. In fact, that’s why you need to get excited again … because the happy ending I’ve got coming is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!”

Did you feel that too? Did that just move something within you?

Get excited my sister … God is about to do something … if you will be available!

I went to bed thinking about this, and I woke up thinking about it. Thinking about God calling us to be excited about what he is doing, and what he is going to do in our lives. Then I turn on an Elevation Church Podcast while I’m putting on my eyelashes this morning (yes, I wear my lashes while I record live each morning at 7 am because lashes just make you sound better). The first word I heard on that podcast was the pastor asking “are you available?”

There it is. Just like a potential date, first you have to be available, then you need to be excited. No body wants to go on a date with someone who acts like they “have to.” I’ll go to dinner with you if I have to. I’ll be there if I can get everything else done first. Geeze, you wouldn’t be eager to date that one, now would you?

Well, how do you think God feels?