daily devotional

When God formed you, he had an imagine in mind. A picture of who you could be and the life you could live. He envisioned it, then created you. He formed you with the greatest of intentions.

I’ve always wanted to form a piece of clay at the potter’s wheel. It’s probably since watching that old Patrick Swayze movie Ghost that we all want our own personal potters wheel, right? Imagine you’re forming a lump of clay into a vase. As you form it, you know how you’re going to use the vase to hold fresh flowers. Now, knowing what you imagined this vase to become, would you just straight up fail to put a bottom in the vase? Would you leave a gaping hole in the side, letting out water? No, of course not. You know what you’re making and you know what is required to form this clay into a functional vase.

If we in our totally amateur artist state would know these basics, how much more would the almighty creator of Heaven and Earth know what is needed in us to function? He would have never had a vision for who you could be and the life you could live, then fail to create you with exactly what is needed to fulfill your purpose. My sister you are fully equipped to step into your destiny. YOU’VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES!

Yet somehow, we feel incredibly inadequate don’t we? We feel broken. We feel incapable. We feel uncertain. And oh how our feelings get us in trouble!

What if in this new year we made a shift? A shift away from these feelings that can lead us astray, and an intentional leaning towards our truth. Scripture is full of your truth. Truths that God has a good plan for your life. Truths that God is using all things for good in your life. Truths that God is for you and therefore no one can be against you. Truths that nothing is impossible for you with God.

What if we learned to first choose our thoughts instead of being driven by fickle feelings? Remember scripture tells us in Romans 12:2 we can be “transformed by the renewing of our minds.”

Is there an area of your life you want to be transformed in 2020? Not only want, but girl you desperately NEED transformation (there’s a word for someone!). You need change and it needs to happen now. Here’s where it starts … in your thoughts.

What if you started repeating to yourself daily “I’ve got what it takes! I’ve got what it takes! I’ve got what it takes!”

How do I know without hesitation this is your personal truth? Because I know your creator! And I know your creator doesn’t make something lacking what is needed to fulfill it’s purpose. Just as you would never form a lump of clay on a potter’s wheel into a vase without a bottom, God would never form you with an inability to become who he created you to be to live the life he created you for.

My guess is you are considering a few goals for the New Year, especially after our Goal Setting Broadcast last night. And I would also guess at least one of your goals centers around being healthier in some form or fashion. Right now you think possibly eating cleaner and exercising more is a good idea. You’re thinking the new year is a good time to quit smoking or start drinking more water, or give up sugar, or join the gym. But tomorrow we wake up to that fresh start, the clean slate of a new year and new decade, and my guess is you won’t really feel like it.

Yip, what you think is a good idea today will feel like dread and regret tomorrow. This is where many visions of the new year will die. Those dang “feelings” that tell us we don’t want to. The feeling of not being ready, the feeling of not being sure, the feeling of just waiting another day, the feeling of dread. Then you know what feeling quickly follows … REGRET.

I’m assuming there isn’t a single person who chose regret as their word for 2020. No one would ever intentionally choose a year of regret. Yet here’s what I’ve learned in mentoring thousands of women over the past 10 years … every single one of us will feel the feelings that if acted upon, will lead us to regret. ALL OF US! We all struggle with not wanting to. We all struggle with not feeling good enough, not feeling ready, not feeling equipped, not feeling capable. Those are familiar feelings and perhaps they have stolen the goals of past years, BUT NOT THIS YEAR!


We remember we’ve got what it takes!

Our God is a supplier of exactly what is needed for the day. Remember the story of the Israelites lost in the dessert? The dessert is where nothing grows, and when nothing grows, you quickly run out of food. So here are thousands of people stuck in a dry and desolate land with no harvest and God sends down bread from heaven every single day. Manna. And what he supplied was enough only for that day. If the people tried to collect and save the manna for future meals, it would rot.

God was teaching us to fully depend on him daily. Jesus taught us to pray for our “daily bread”. I don’t eat bread, but I know this much, I need God for my daily supply. This is what Jesus was telling us, ASK FOR WHAT YOU NEED TODAY AND GOD WILL PROVIDE. You may not have what it takes for next week, but honey you’ve got what it takes for TODAY! You don’t need next week’s provision today, stop focusing on future needs that God has already made a plan for. You’ve got what it takes for today.

Say that. Believe that. Be moved to action with it.


We get overwhelmed by the enormity of the change we seek. How will we ever stay faithful to a healthy lifestyle for the next 12 whole months? The answer is JUST TODAY.

The way is being made for you. The way to changing every single thing that has ever held you back in the past. The way to lessening the gap between who you are and who you want to be. The way to transforming your life and becoming more like who God had in mind when he created you. Remember, he envisioned you … he had a vision of who you could be and the life you could live, then he made you.

Let’s come back to that.

Even more than coming back to it, LET’S TAKE IT BACK!

Let’s take back our life. Let’s take back our happiness. Let’s take back our marriage and our family. Let’s take back our health. Let’s take back the very dreams God has placed within us.

Let this new year be about taking back what God has been offering you. Taking back what the enemy has tried to steal from you. Taking back what you gave up on in the past. Taking back the dreams and desires for your life that were NEVER an accident, they were by design.

Within you is exactly what it takes, now take it back and live up to your potential!