daily devotional

What do you do when you genuinely don’t know what you want? What do you do when you’re unsure what your purpose is, where your passion could possibly lead, or where your path begins?

Hey sometimes, you just don’t know. You’re unsure of God’s desires for you and uncertain of your dreams right now. There are many reasons we become uncertain of our dreams.

After a season of great success, we can look around in sheer contentment and genuinely not know what we want next. What an absolutely beautiful problem! However, don’t confuse contentment with settling. Often times God is calling us out into the deep, beckoning us to a bigger life, but we’ve settled with what we have and where we are, totally thrilled with our boat and we miss the opportunity to walk on the water with Jesus. Don’t allow your contentment to cause you to settle. Yes, take a big old deep breath of gratitude and fully recognize where life is ridiculously good, then let your next breath be in knowing there’s still so much more! That beautiful boat you currently find yourself in isn’t the end, it was just meant to get you out on the water so you could walk on it!

Another cause of uncertainty in our desires and dreams is the overwhelm in choices. God has presented you with so many opportunities in your life, so many possibilities of what is next, you sit frozen in indecision. You genuinely want to do the right thing and not mess this thing up, but you’re not sure what that right thing is. So the clock ticks, time passes and you ain’t getting any younger as you sit in indecision. What if God isn’t stressed over you making the perfect choice, he just wants you to choose something and get started? What if he already has a prepared plan to get you exactly where you need to go, regardless of what you choose first? Ahhhhh, of course he does. Think about it, if he created the entire universe, I’m pretty sure he can create a path to get you to your destiny my sister. What he needs you to do is get moving.

And of course, sometimes we’re not living in God’s greatest desire for us, and we’re not fulfilling a single dream because we’re stuck in what we know, what comes easiest, and where we’re comfortable. Please never forget we may call it a comfort zone and it may include a lazy boy recliner, a bowl of popcorn and Netflix, but honey that is your cage. You are stuck in this cage, chained to old habits and patterns, and while you may have made it comfortable in here and lovingly decorated the walls with your finest excuses, every darn thing you have ever REALLY wanted is outside of this cage. You were never created to be stuck in this cage of little life living … if you were, why would Jesus have come and said I give you life and give it to you to the full? Why would he give you an abundant life if he intended for you to be stuck in a cage? Sometimes you have to just look at the facts and admit, that don’t make no sense 🙂

Understand, God has desires for you. Before you were formed, he had a plan for how he was going to use your life in this exact time and space. His plan is good, ridiculously good, like blow your ever loving mind good. And he placed those desires within your heart and now they are your dreams, your desires. Yes, the very things you dream of doing with your days of living, when at their truest form and not layered with selfish desires of fame, fortune and power, they serve as a compass guiding you to what God always had in mind for your life.

Girlfriend, do you understand what this means? This means you cannot afford to ignore the dreams within your soul. You cannot continue to dismiss these ideas and inspiration. You cannot count yourself out and play little here. You were not given permission to sit this out! Fan that flame sister, that fire was started by your Creator. Honor it! Dare to see where it may lead.

Some of us woke up this morning totally in touch with those dreams. They keep us awake at night. Those dreams fill our thoughts and show up in the ordinary like flashing signs saying THIS WAY … THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT … THIS IS WHAT YOU WERE CREATED FOR.

But the truth is, that’s likely a small percentage of us, and only a fraction of the time. The majority of us wake up on a Tuesday honestly consumed by ordinary tasks, not consumed by an extraordinary dream. We don’t really know what we want and maybe that’s because life is pretty darn good and we’re totally content with where we are. Maybe that’s because we’re overwhelmed in the choices and consumed with trying to make the right one. Or maybe, just maybe it’s because we’re chained up in our cage of comfort and fear what may be out there.

Back to the original question:
What do you do when you genuinely don’t know what you want? What do you do when you’re unsure what your purpose is, where your passion could possibly lead, or where your path begins?

Our answer can be found in the story of Ruth. Ruth was a woman who’s world had fallen apart. She genuinely woke up uncertain of what to do or where to go. Dreams and desires had been replaced with hardcore reality, and her reality was her husband had dies and she was now homeless. Not only homeless, but hungry. She was caring for her mother-in-law trying to find enough food for both of them. This woman was in survival mode, just trying to make the best of a really bad situation.

But God still had a plan for Ruth. He still had a path to get her there. His desires for her life reached beyond her circumstances, into her destiny. But how would she ever step into that destiny when her reality was impossible. Ahhhhh, what do you do when you face the impossible? You call on the One who makes all things possible! In Matthew 19:26 Jesus tells us “with God, all things are possible!”

So here’s Ruth, her husband has died, she’s taking care of her mother-in-law who’s husband had also died, and they have nothing. They’re hungry. And that hunger brings us to Ruth chapter 2, verse 2 where Ruth says, “let me go out into the harvest fields to pick up grains of stalk left behind.”

Let me go out. Not let me sit here and worry. Not let me lay here and wallow in my mess. Nope – let me go out and do what I can do. It may not be a lot, but at least it will be something. I don’t even know if me going out there will make any difference at all, but I’m going out anyway. I have no guarantees of success from my efforts, but here I go.

So, what do you do when you’re uncertain what to do? What do you do when the next step is unsure? Answer – get up and do what you can do. When you do all you can do, you’ve created an open invitation for God to come in and then do what only he can do.

But what we often do is we dwell in uncertainty and just think about it. Dang girl, you know your family would get real hungry if you just sit there thinking about what to cook for dinner, at some point you gotta get yourself in the kitchen and start cooking. You gotta do something because this whole doing nothing ain’t working!

Ruth would have starved to death if she would have just sat there. She got up and did what she could do. This is what life requires of us. This is what your future requires of you, and it starts today. Do something.

Verse 3 of our scripture says “So Ruth went out to gather grain behind the harvesters. And as it happened, she found herself working in a field that belonged to Boaz.” So Ruth is out just doing what she could and it says “AND AS IT HAPPENED, she found herself working a field that belonged to Boaz.”

AND AS IT HAPPENED, Ruth found herself in Boaz’s field. Another translation says she “hap upon”. You know what that means? She stumbled into it. She just stumbled into the field of Boaz. The field of someone who could help her. She stumbled upon the next step of her destiny.

You see, you and I think destiny and purpose look a lot more like a revelation and a 10 step plan, but most of the time it looks a lot more like “as it happened and we stumbled into it.”

Listen to me – God allows us to stumble into some of our greatest blessings in life. When we are willing to go out and do what we can do, we position ourselves to just stumble right into something miraculous. You can stumble your way into a career. I did that. You can stumble your way into opportunities, I’ve done that countless times.

Ruth just happened to be in the right field at the right time for the right person to notice her, and this person had the ability to bless her. She stumbled into it. But first she got out and did what she could do when she was totally uncertain. Boaz took care of Ruth. He lined up special blessings for her – more food than she could gather.

Is this what you’re looking for? You’re ready to discover your purpose in life. You’re ready to live that BIG Life you were created for. You want to know what dreams and desires your creator has for you. If you will make the most out of every situation, if you will show up and be faithful with what you do have, just like Ruth, you will get there. Get out there. Go out and do what you can do today with what you have, don’t be afraid of some work, and then don’t be surprised when you just stumble into something miraculous.

It’s not magical, it’s a miraculous stumble.

When you don’t know what your dream is, when you don’t know what you want, and you certainly don’t know the next step to get there, be willing to stumble into it. And sister, you don’t stumble just standing there. Stumbling only happens when you’re moving. Get to moving. Roll on out beautiful girl, you don’t have to know exactly where you’re going or where this is leading, but your step today opens the opportunity for a miraculous stumble into something better than you could have ever imagined.