daily devotional

Misery is always an option. Sometimes it seems misery is the daily special. Like the soup of the day, it’s the most popular choice. Misery.

Now seems to be one of those times. Misery is on special. Misery as we sit and watch the news. Misery as we count what is already lost and imagine the threats of the near future.

But I’m here to remind you, just as you don’t have to order the soup of the day, honey you don’t have to order misery right now. It may be an option, even a very prominent option, but you don’t have to choose it for yourself, or your family.

Being miserable is an option. But understand, so is being grateful. Joyful is even still an option today. Yes, today when plans have been cancelled, jobs are uncertain, and problems seem to be larger than any possible answers we can offer. Right here in the middle of this tidal wave of a mess, we have options.

The question is, what will you choose today? For your choice in this moment makes a greater impact on your day than any news broadcast you could watch.

Imagine walking into a restaurant, seeing the daily special and realizing you’re allergic to it. Would you still order it? Just because it’s cheaper? Just because most everyone else is ordering it? Would you?

That would be complete nonsense. You would never intentionally order something you’re allergic to, regardless of its popularity.

Uhhhhh huh, well let me put this in a way we can all understand it, YOUR SPIRIT IS ALLERGIC TO MISERY! You shut down in misery. You cease to function well when you are miserable.

You know that scene from the movie Hitch where Will Smith has an allergic reaction to seafood? His face swells up, he starts itching and hacking. He’s all deformed and dysfunctional. What he ate caused a reaction in his body. We understand that. Not everything agrees with you.

This is what choosing misery does in our lives. Girl, misery looks BAD on you. It causes you to act ugly too.

It’s plain and simple, don’t order the option of misery. Yes, it is today’s daily special. It will be a highly popular dish served up as travel plans are cancelled, livelihoods are threatened, kids are already bored at home, and people put their crazy on public display, BUT THIS ISN’T FOR YOU!

When you were formed by the Almighty, he created you with an intolerance for chosen misery. And he warned you of this intolerance.

Proverbs 15:15 says: “For the despondent (meaning the miserable without hope or courage), every day brings trouble; but for the happy heart, life is a continual feast.”

The Message translation says “a miserable heart means a miserable life.”

This is our choice regardless of circumstances. I’ve seen people on a picture perfect tropical vacation choosing to be miserable. What a waste. Now maybe that’s not your current offerings.

Let me tell you, I’ve also seen people surrounded by countless blessings and a whole lot of goodness choosing to be miserable. And this could be you today.

Yes, that is your reality today. Countless blessings and a crapton of goodness with a side of disappointments and uncertainties. You choose what you feast on!

The person who chooses to be grateful, joyful, hopeful, positive and courageous will be able to go through the exact same circumstances and as our scripture says “see life as a continual feast.” There’s always something to be grateful for. Always something to find joy in. Always something to hope for. And always more of that available for your plate.

Feast on the positive my sister. Feast on courage and make your choice.

But when we choose misery due to life’s circumstances, all we see is trouble. It’s like we have our crappy glasses on and everything is tinted in a shade of crap. If you’re looking for it, you will find it. So girl, if you don’t want to find it, stop looking for it. Stop looking for people acting crazy. Stop looking for the doom and gloom. Stop looking for the overwhelming negative impact. All of this will only make you miserable, and we’ve already established your spirit is allergic to misery and it WILL NOT LOOK GOOD ON YOU.

You know what your family needs today? They need a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister who chooses NOT to be miserable.

You know what your company, your co-workers, your community needs today? They need you with a predetermined happy heart which brings the feast of goodness to the table.

It may not exactly be easy today, maybe not even your natural reaction to today’s reality, but it is possible. And this is what God expects of his girls. He expects us to represent him well today in the flesh. And my guess is God isn’t freaking out!

As a new follower of Christ, the first scripture I ever memorized was Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

That’s a declaration. An affirmation. A defined perspective. A predetermined attitude.

That is a choice. A chosen option.

If this is a day the Lord has made, then I’m gonna rejoice and be glad in it.

So then the only question in the middle of life’s circumstances becomes, “is this a day the Lord has made?” Why yes, yes it is. Okay, then I know what to do with it. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

And somedays you gotta dig a little deeper than others to find things to rejoice over. Some days the offering of gladness is on the very back page of the menu and you gotta turn the page to find it. Okay, then do that.

Dig as deep as you need to dig to find things to rejoice over today. Turn as many pages as you gotta turn to find the offering of gladness today. Do what you gotta do, but whatever you do, refuse the offering of misery today.

Misery is always an option, but it’s never one you have to choose. On your worst day, there is still goodness. How do I know? Because even your worst day was created by God, a day he has gone before you and made a way, a day he has promised he will use the events for good.

Today has been covered. This week has been covered.

The offering is before you now. The daily special of misery for a bargain price of $4.99. Or you can pay full price for a special order of your very own happy. Which do you want?

Well, my mama told me to never be cheap or easy, so I’m not going for the daily special. I don’t have to order off the bargain menu. I’m a high class gal with expensive taste. I demand more of myself. I’m going for the custom order of happiness.

How ’bout you?

You’ll see it today. The offering of misery with all you could worry about. The offering of misery sitting glued to the news and overwhelmed with the mess. And when you see it, remember it’s an option, but it’s not the only option. There’s a better offering … dig deeper, turn the page, pay a little more and go for something better.

This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.