daily devotional

Even when things seem confusing, God’s divine plan is unfolding for your good. Even when things seem out of control, God is in complete control. Even when you are uncertain, God is absolutely certain. He’s absolutely certain of the potential he placed within you, the power available to you, and his plan of victory before you.

What you don’t understand right now is the absolute VICTORY ahead. You can’t see how this is all working together. You have no idea how the cut outs and jagged edges of this piece allow the next piece to fit perfectly. This all appears broken right now, but precious daughter of the almighty King, you’re about to be put back together again.

Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art of taking broken pottery and putting it back together again using liquid gold. A broken bowl is of no value or use, however, when gold fills the cracks the once broken bowl becomes not only a work of art, but of tremendous value. The beauty is found in the brokenness. The uniqueness is displayed in the gold which now outlines the pieces being put back together.

The things that once broke you, the shattered hopes and dreams which have become a handful of pieces with sharp edges, these are the very things God wants to use to make your life more valuable. He fills the cracks. He puts you back together. He brings beauty and value to the very things you were about to throw away.

Nothing is wasted with God. Every piece of your story has it’s place. Yes, even the worst pieces. Even the pieces you try to hide. God says give me that piece of your life, give me that shame and guilt, give me that mistake and hurt, and let me place it perfectly to make you whole again.

God needs it all, then he uses it all. Hold nothing back from him. Your complete surrender of the broken pieces allows the complete redemption of God’s victorious work in your life.

You don’t have to hide where you’ve been broken. God puts what was once broken on display as a priceless work of art that is your life filled with purpose.

We’re all seeking purpose in life. It’s a yearning we were designed with to continually lead us to our destiny. Think of purpose as the wine inside a pitcher. If the pitcher is broken, it cannot hold the wine. Only if the broken pieces of the pitcher are put back together again and sealed, can it contain the wine. Your life can only hold it’s purpose if all the broken pieces are surrendered to be put back together. The one piece you’re holding back could be the missing piece that has always prevented your fulfilling purpose.

God doesn’t use perfect people. He uses broken people he can put back together again.

Never once do we see Jesus drawn to someone who didn’t need him. Never once do we see Jesus perform a miracle when there wasn’t first a need for a miracle. Jesus responds to the need. He goes where the brokenness is. He shows up where the pieces are on the floor and there’s no way to pick them back up again. He comes in when it seems too late and proves he’s right on time.

If you’re pretending like you’ve got this all together and you can hold it together … girl, you must be exhausted.

If you’re putting on a show like you’ve never screwed this thing up royally, please know this … your show probably isn’t worth watching. Nobody wants to see your perfection. No one is inspired by your spotless record of success. You know why … because we all know that’s not real.

What the world needs to see is the Jesus in you. The Jesus that filled your cracks and empty spaces and put the pieces back together again. The Jesus that used it all for good so you could now hold a purpose in your life.

1 Peter 1: 6-7 “In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.”

The trials you have faced may have broken you, but now you receive something of greater worth than gold, you get JESUS. He is being revealed in your life through your faith. When you show your imperfect, formerly broken life, now redeemed by the healing and restoring power of God, you show the world your Jesus.

Do not hide what you have gone through. Do not be ashamed of the broken pieces of your life. Proudly show how Jesus has used it all to give you a life of value and purpose. This is how we give Jesus praise, glory and honor. We show our real lives and let him work in all the pieces.

Just as the once broken Japanese pottery is now totally unique and valuable with the gold filling the cracks, you too are now totally unique and valuable with Jesus filling your cracks. The more broken pieces of pottery, the more cracks to fill. The more cracks to fill, the more gold. The more gold, the more value. What if the more failures you had, the more mistakes you made, the more hurt you overcame, just allows for MORE JESUS.

And what if there’s nothing to be ashamed of here and you don’t have to hide a single piece for another day? What if it is your need that has him here to meet you today? What if Jesus takes great pride in pouring his value into you?

This is NOT too far gone. You are not too broken. This is not hopeless. Jesus can put this back together. And when he does, you will have something greater than you ever had before. Your life will be more beautiful and valuable than you ever imagined.

Yes, in this confusing and broken time, God’s divine plan is still unfolding for your good.
Yes, just when you feel everything is totally out of control, God is totally IN control.
Yes, right now while you are uncertain, God is absolutely certain.

He’s certain YOU ARE WORTH saving. You are worth the work. You are worth the effort. You are worth being put back together again. There’s just a whole lot of room for Jesus in your life with all those pieces, and that’s actually a beautiful thing.

I’m one broken, screwed up girl with a track record of jacking things up … and this girl has been put back together again by Jesus. And that not only makes me valuable, but that gives me a purpose within.

What’s your story? Where’s Jesus in your life? Show him off and fulfill your purpose.