daily devotional

Life has a rhythm. Sometimes that rhythm is fast and furious, and other times that rhythm is hurry up and wait.

It seems many of us are waiting. I talked about the wait last month, certain at this point in May we would be beyond the wait and moving forward. I was wrong. We’re still waiting here. Waiting to see what the future holds. Waiting for what’s next. Waiting for the unfolding of all that is well out of our control.

However, we can be certain of this: GOD IS WORKING IN THE WAITING.

God is working in the current rhythm of your life, teaching you to follow his flow, trust his timing, rely on his beat, assured of his movement.

ARE YOU WORKING IN THE CURRENT RHYTHM OF YOUR LIFE … or are you fighting it wishing it could be something it’s not?

When we’re busy we just want life to slow down. When we’re held back we just want to go faster. We’re constantly fighting the pace while God is continually telling us to work within current reality, utilizing his offerings of today.

Mercy Me has a brand new song out for our current Quarantine reality called “Hurry Up and Wait”. It says:

The faster you can slow this down
To the rhythm of right now
The sooner you find your strength

It’s exhausting trying to live out of rhythm. Digging your heels in when life is moving forward so fast is draining. Pushing until you pop a vein in your forehead when life is at a standstill is dreadful. We find our strength when we get into the rhythm of right now.

That means we must make PEACE with what is and LET GO of what isn’t.

That sounds really sweet, doesn’t it? But dang it, that’s some hard crap to actually live right now.

Make PEACE with what is and LET GO of what isn’t.

There are some things of my current reality I’m having a hard time making peace with. I’m still struggling with how this could have happened to our family. I’m battling the creepy little fears in the darkness that tell me this isn’t going to end well. My peace doesn’t quite seem to settle this storm.

And that’s when I remember I’m not working with my peace here, I’m working with supernatural peace. Jesus said in John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you; MY PEACE I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

Trying to get through these hard times on our own peace probably just won’t cut it. I know my peace isn’t enough right now. But Jesus knew that. He knew we would need supernatural peace so he gave us HIS PEACE. And let me tell ya’ll, this is the game changer! The peace of Jesus is the calm in the storm. His peace allows you to sleep right through the storm as he did on the boat. His peace allows you to go right through this crap, but not let the crap get inside of you.

The peace I try to work up on my own by creating new plans and working out future scenarios gets rocked real quick. However, the peace Jesus offers keeps our hearts from being troubled and our minds from being afraid.

If you need some of his peace today, please know he is offering it. All you have to do is ask and receive. Jesus, I’m afraid, please give me YOUR peace today.

Peace in what is. I declare it over my life today and over yours. Peace in what is. I’ve known peace when it didn’t make sense to have peace. That was supernatural. That was the peace of Jesus. I need some of that again to battle those creepy little fears in the darkness that tell me this isn’t going to end well. Do you? It’s available!

Let go of what isn’t. Open up your hands and let go of what can no longer be. Things have changed. Dwelling on all you wish you still had or dread not having is only wasted energy. We often say worrying about things doesn’t change anything, but we’re wrong. Worrying over what has been lost or fretting about what may happen next DOES CHANGE THINGS. It delays what God is offering now. We can’t receive when our fists are clinched holding on. To receive, we must let go.

As we let go, we believe God is faithful to give. Remember earlier this week the devotional with the story of little Jenny with her dimestore pearls. (Episode 594 Now It’s Over) Her daddy kept asking for her pearls, but she didn’t want to give them up. Finally when she did, her daddy revealed the real precious pearls he had for her the entire time. She just had to let go of what she had to receive what he had for her.

I’ve been in a long season of letting go. I thought that season was finished, now I’m finding it’s still here. And instead of fretting over what I’m losing, I’m reminded my daddy can be trusted. My heavenly father is a good good father and anything he asks me to let go of, he will replace with something better. Maybe not immediately and maybe not as I imagined, but he will NOT FAIL.

The story of Job tells us of a man who lost everything. His life completely fell apart, piece by piece. He let go of all he had and was left with nothing. Then God restored him fully. And when God restores, he doesn’t just give you back what you had, he gives you MORE. Job was blessed with DOUBLE. Double everything he had that he let go of and lost. His life was blessed double what it was before.

As you let go of what isn’t, will you trust that if God takes it away it’s not to punish you, it’s to give you something better in the future.Make PEACE with what is and LET GO of what isn’t.

Flow in the rhythm of right now. This is where you find your strength. This is where you receive the peace of Jesus he has offered you. This is where you let go and prepare to receive double.