daily devotional

For those who have started before and fizzled along the way …
For those who are making progress now, but fear the motivation to continue in the future …
For those who feel overwhelmed and really just want to give in, give up, and hide out …

Here’s your prayer today:


Keep me moving forward. Lord, don’t let me give up.

If you believe God’s words in Jeremiah 29:11 about his good plans for your life, plans to prosper you and give you hope and a future … now fight for those plans! Fight for that goodness. Fight for that progress. Fight for that hope when it feels hopeless. Fight for the future God is offering you.

Sometimes I feel like God’s plans take entirely too long to unfold. His timeline seems to be on a delay compared to my desire for right here and right now. But, you know what God told me about that this morning? He told me our timelines are actually more similar than I imagined and he’s been wanting to unleash his good plans all this time, but I have been the one delaying.

I’m in, then I’m out. I’m hot, then I’m cold. I’m committed, then I’m wavering. I’m faithful, then I’m plain old absent. I’m rip roarin’ excited, then I’m imprisoned in fear.

The truth is, God has no desire to delay the good plans he has for us. He’s not sitting back waiting because his goodness is limited and if he unleashes it now there won’t be enough for the future. Heck no, he can pour out the goodness right now and keep it flowing every day for the rest of our lives and never run out. His supply is unlimited.

This is not a question of his supply. Nor is a question of his willingness. This is a question of your fight.

Have you given up the fight? Have you allowed the battle to make you weary, lose your vision, and settle for less?

Galatians 6:9 says “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

I’ve always fixated on “the proper time” believing if the harvest wasn’t here it was because it wasn’t time. But what if harvest time has been here for a long darn time, we just haven’t been experiencing the harvest because we became weary in doing good and gave up? We’re missing the harvest of good, not because God is saying it’s not time yet and we must continue to wait, but instead because we’ve been giving up.

Lord, keep the fight in me.

Help me to stop giving up. Help me to stop giving in. Help me to stop settling for smaller plans than the ones you have for me. Help me to stay right where I’m supposed to be and fight for this!

After 44 years of life, here’s what I’m finally understanding … God’s plans are infinitely better than my plans, and I’m yet to fully taste the richness of his plans because I’ve still been holding back. I get tired, I get frustrated, I get to the edge and I get scared, so I hold back. What harvest have I missed because I gave up a little?

What harvest have you missed because you gave up a little?
What if the very breakthrough you seek isn’t still out of reach because God said it’s not time, but instead it’s out of reach because you lost your fight.

That get up and go got up and went. You aren’t willing to still do the things you once would do.

Your commitment has wavered, so your harvest has waited.

But, God still has that harvest for you if you’ll get back to doing the good you know you should be doing and don’t give up this time.

Your delaying has not detoured God’s good plans. He can work with this.

Check this out, 2 Peter 3:8 reminds us “With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.” So you’ve been dragging your feet on that dream, that goal, that desire you have for the past 10 years and you’re afraid it’s too late. Let’s do God’s math.

One of our days is like a thousand years to God. That’s 1 to 365,000. So if you’ve wasted 10 years, that’s 3,650 of our days. In God’s math with 1 day being a thousand years, that’s over 3 million years to him. Our 10 year delay on God’s timing needs to be put in proper perspective. In a fraction, you’ve wasted .001% of your time.


Okay, get over it now girl! With your turned heart and determined mind to do this thing right and get in alignment with his plans, God can do in this one day what you couldn’t do in 1,000 years! You think it can’t come together because it’s too late … GIRL, PULL YOUR HEAD OUT! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!

The only thing hindering the good plans God has for your life is YOU.

Where have you given up on the fight?
Where have you slacked in your commitment?
Where have you decided it would just take too long?
Where have you bought into the lie that it’s too late?

God can do in 1 day what we couldn’t possibly do in a thousand years!

All he needs here is your fight!
Your get up and go.
Your commitment to go all-in and stay all-in.
Your partnership to do the impossible.

Lord, keep the fight in me!
Don’t let me give up again on this life you created me for.

For the family you have given me, please keep the fight in me.
For the breakthrough I seek, please keep the fight in me.
For the purpose you have called me to, please keep the fight in me.
For the dreams you have placed within me, please keep the fight in me.
For the better, bigger and best you have available, please keep the fight in me.