daily devotional

With today’s devotional we’re taking it back to one of the foundational teachings of BIG Life, where it all began. We’re going old school today. This is “I Get To”, the retro devo.

For those who have been around for several years, the teaching of “I Get To” is like your favorite 80’s song, you know every word, you sing along and it’s always so good to hear. Then, you sing it all day long because it’s like a part of you. I get to – I get to – I get to.

Proverbs 13:3 – “Whoever guards his mouth preserves his life.”

Our words have the power to destroy or the power to build up. We know this. One harsh comment someone made to you 20 years ago can likely still stir up an emotion in you. But what about the power of the words we speak to ourselves? What are we doing to our lives with our words? Are we making ourselves miserable? Through our words we can dread what lies ahead, we can fight through each task and duty as a chore, or we can change our words and change our entire experience.

I have a little secret – I haven’t had to shower in over 10 years now. Seriously, not once and I smell remarkably good. I no longer have to do laundry or dishes either and yet my house stays rather clean. I don’t have to do a single thing for my kids or my husband. I don’t even have to go grocery shopping. I don’t have to cook.

The truth is I don’t have to do anything. Want to know my secret? I don’t have to, I GET to. It’s the difference between doing something out of gratitude versus obligation.

What do dirty dishes to wash really mean? They mean you were given food to eat. You GET to wash dishes.

That pile of dirty clothes means your family with blessed with a whole lot clothes. You GET to do laundry.

Without intentional redirection of our words, we have allowed our blessings to become burdens. We’re overwhelmed with all we have to do, forgetting this is a blessing we GET to do.

Today, trade the phrase ‘have to’ for GET to. Yes, a simple shift declaring the rightful position of our lives.

I’ve been teaching this principle for the past decade. It may sound a bit silly and overly simplified, but I’ve seen more lives transformed by this simple shift in words than any other. The reason it’s so powerful is this shift will bring you back to a place of gratitude.

“Whoever guards his mouth, preserves his life.” You are literally preserving your life, keeping it from spoiling and being ruined. How? By guarding your mouth. No more mindless “I have to do this” and “I have to do that” … no, that’s spoiling your life. Guard your mouth and be intentional with your words. I GET TO.

This whole GET to thing is easy when life is peachy. ‘Get to’ is cheap on Saturday morning, but on Monday, not so much. Some seasons of life are simply harder than others and if you’re in one of those hard seasons, there may seem like a whole lot of have to. A long list of dreaded chores and tasks and very little to look forward to.

What are you doing on this Monday? Don’t you see that every single thing you do today is directly tied to a blessing. Yes, everything. You don’t have to, my friend you GET to.

I GET to workout because I’ve been blessed with health and a strong body. How about you?

I get to take a shower. Do you know what a blessing that is? Hey live without hot water for a while then you’ll remember what a blessing it is to GET to.

I GET to work today because I have a job that provides for my family. Do you?

Do you have a house that you GET to clean today? Clothes you GET to wash?

I get to because I’ve been blessed. You get to because you have been blessed.

Quite often people use the phrase “have to” – You have to go to the grocery store – you have to drop off the kids somewhere – you have to cook dinner – you have to mow the lawn, and I think each time we mindlessly say we have to do something it makes it that much harder to do with joy the next time.

Start saying by faith that you GET to and soon you will find yourself HAPPY about the things you once considered a burden. Because you’ve made the shift. Your blessings are back in their rightful place as a blessing instead of a burden.

We can talk ourselves into things and we can talk ourselves out of things, and thus our mood is set. You can talk yourself right out of working out today. It’s too hot, it’s too early, it’s too late, you’re too busy, you’re too sore. That’s your choice. But you can also talk yourself right INTO working out today. You can remember that you don’t have to, you GET to because you’re alive. Because you CAN walk. Because God has given you another opportunity. Do you have to – or do you GET to?

You will be amazed as you go through this day trading in your have to for get to. Suddenly those same ol chores that you’ve been doing day after day seem a little easier to enjoy because you’re connecting them with the blessing they really are.

No more have to, because today you GET to. Stop in mid-sentence and say it … I GET to. Let this be your new habit.

And Oh Lord, please set guard over my mouth, keep watch over the doors of my lips so my life may be preserved instead of spoiled.