daily devotional

Within you at this very moment is some serious potential. Potential to not only change your life, but change the lives of others. Talents, gifts and strengths given to you by your Creator on purpose, for a purpose. Sadly we can live our entire lives without ever tapping into that potential and miss what it is we’re here to do.

The thing about potential is, in the beginning it typically looks nothing like what it will grow to become. Just like the seed of an oak tree looks nothing like a tiny little oak tree, and apple seeds don’t look like adorable little apples. God created the seed of potential to appear unimpressive, but oh the mysteries it holds within.

As a little girl, I planted flowers with my Grandma. In her pantry she kept brown paper bags with seeds from last year’s harvest. The bags were labeled with the name of the flower and the specific color. If she didn’t label the bag, she would have no way of knowing what she was planting come Spring. Her flower garden wasn’t random, it was designed specifically with intention.

Imagine God working in your life with a storehouse of brown paper bags containing seeds of potential. Seeds that look insignificant and unimpressive. Seeds only he sees the label for, knowing what they can become. He sprinkles these seeds of potential in your life. Potential for who you can become, where you can go, and what you can do.

Here you were thinking there’s nothing really spectacular about you and all this time God has placed seeds of potential in your soul. My question to you today is will you be daring enough to hone in on these potential skills, master your talents and share your strengths and just see what God imagined when he gave you your potential? Oh girl, if you could only see the label on the bags he pulled from when he made you.

Seeds of leading. Seeds of teaching. Seeds of serving. Seeds of wisdom. Seeds of strength. Seeds of grace. Seeds of patience. Seeds of perseverance. Seeds of prophesy. Seeds of miracles.

Who could you become? Where could you go? What could you do?

Well, it probably looks nothing like where you came from or who you started as.

Why would you ever let who you used to be determine who you can become now? So what if your life yesterday looked nothing like you want it to … you’re in the process of becoming now. Shed that shell and let’s see what you’ve got in you girl!

When God said in Isaiah 43:19 “See, I’m doing a new thing”, don’t you know he was talking about YOU too? He’s doing something new in you. He’s allowing those seeds of potential to grow within you, and as they do, your life begins to take on a new shape and form.

The apple seed is planted deep in the dark soil where it appears nothing happens for quite some time. That’s the way of potential, you can miss what is happening inside. You can miss what is to come if you’re staring at the ground. Eventually that seed breaks above the ground in a tiny sprout. Over time, that sprout becomes a tree. But that’s not all. There’s more to come, more that has yet to be seen.

For most of us, that’s exactly where we are in life. We’re finally breaking out of the ground and growing, but we feel like there’s really nothing special about us. We just haven’t produced fruit yet, but it’s coming. This is where God is going to do a new thing … yes, new to you because you’ve never see your fruit before, but not new to him. He always knew your potential because he specifically chose it for you.

We all know the work of Noah. The man who built the ark and saved not only his family, but 2 of every animal species, to survive the flood and begin again.

Think about the potential God specifically put within Noah. He would save all forms of life to begin again. But all his life, he had no idea what was inside of him. He just knew how to build things, and honestly that didn’t seem all that impressive. Maybe he was good with animals. Okay, still not life altering there. But the seeds of potential God placed within him were also seeds of perseverance. Perseverance to build a giant boat in the middle of a drought. No rain had hit this dry land, and here’s this crazy man building a giant boat.

Imagine what people said about Noah. Imagine the criticism and pointed fingers. Yet he persevered. From the storehouse of Heaven, God had given Noah exactly what he would need to keep going. Those seeds within him were growing and his potential was being tapped into.

He built this great ship for nearly 100 years, with over 100,000 square feet in space. All of this from a normal man with a normal life, just living up to his potential.

What could your normal life become when your potential is developed? I wonder what God had in mind for you when he chose seeds to place within you?

Want to know?

Ask him. Start asking God what his vision for your life is. Ask him what untapped potential is still within you. Ask him what he wants to grow in your life.

I always come back to Jesus’ words that tell us we do not have because we do not ask. What if we started asking. Not asking for the new car or the big boat, but asking about those seeds. Asking about our potential. Get curious about what could possibly be growing inside of you.

Jesus told us seek and we will find. Seek what he wants to do in your life. Seek what he is up to. Oh, how exciting to find the potential in your life. I bet it will blow your mind!