daily devotional

I finally did it, on Friday I went skydiving. From 13,000 feet, I took that flying leap out of a perfectly good airplane and fully delighted in a 45 second free fall before that parachute opened. I will tell you it was everything I had hoped it would be and I was not disappointed. This experience lived up to my expectations and I believe every one should get to experience it at least once in their lifetime.

There seem to be few experiences in life today that really live up to our expectations. We can now research every detail and watch videos from every angle before ever doing anything ourselves. We dampen our own adventure by layering the expectations and predetermining the encounter.

Life cannot be predetermined. You can’t possibly properly determine your expectations because girl, you’ve never been here before.

You’ve never lived this day. You’ve never seen this week. This is all brand new and you’ve never been here before. So, what if you just embraced this experience and savored it for all it’s worth? What if you dared to believe all of this is a beautiful part of all things working together for your good?

If it hasn’t been made good yet, then God’s not done yet.

Is there an area of your life that simply isn’t living up to your expectations? Are you disappointed by circumstances and joy seems to be delayed here? Where is that in your life? What is that specifically? Honey, God’s power is still in progress there. That’s all.

Don’t be discouraged. Don’t lose hope. This is God’s working grounds and he’s not finished yet.

We grow impatient and want to rush our way through to the part where it all makes sense and we see it’s worth it, but God is in no hurry here. He’s working in his timing through every detail, and his completed works will not disappoint.

However, his in process works may.

I have been delayed from my adventure of skydiving for years. Every time I’ve tried to make it happen, some big unexpected twist in life presented itself and once again delayed me. But here’s the thing, I had never had the opportunity to do this on the coast. I was willing to settle for an inland adventure above brown dirt, but God said no girl … I have so much more for you. I will let you fly over turquoise waters and see the waves from my view. I will give you more than you ever imagined if you will trust me.

I was willing to settle for so much less. Now, I’m glad he didn’t let me.

I bet you’ve grown desperate in some disappointing area of your life and you’re totally willing to settle. You may not even realize it, but you’re at the point of settling. You’ll take a little something now over waiting longer for something more.

And today God is saying, wait for it … wait for it … wait for it. For at JUST THE RIGHT TIME, I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.

What have you been waiting for God to make happen? Will you renew your hope that it’s in process? Will you grab hold of your heart and remind yourself that the all-knowing and all-powerful God is working in every detail of your life and HE DOESN’T SETTLE.

It’s only the best for you babe! And if that takes delays and disappointments, so be it because you are worth the best.

Galatians 6:9 “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”

You have no idea what God is about to unleash in your life. You don’t even know what abundant goodness is just around the corner. You’re not even expecting the breakthrough he has for you on the other side of what you’re currently going through.

There’s only one way to get there my sister, don’t settle on the way. Don’t pitch a tent and set up camp where you’re supposed to keep marching on. Don’t assume where you are today is where you’ll always be, or what you have today is what you’ll always have. I can promise you this, every single thing and every single one you have today is on a limited timeline.

This too shall pass. The old has gone and the new has come. This is the process of your entire life, and it’s all held in the mighty and capable hands of God.

He’s taking you somewhere, and although you cannot currently see it, you’re going to WANT to get there. It will be worth it. Every delay and disappointment is being used to bring you here right on time. So get ready my love, get ready.

Romans 5:5 “And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.”

Go ahead and get your hopes up for what God is doing in your delays and disappointments. One day on the other side of this you will look back and realize how you almost settled and missed the ultimate goodness God was preparing for you. One day you’ll see for yourself how all things truly did work together for good and girl you will NOT be disappointed by it.

And you know how I know we won’t be disappointed? Because God loves us dearly. His power is backed by a mountain moving, chain breaking, sea parting love that cannot be contained, and that love is specifically and individually for YOU.

It’s not just that God is powerfully able to do what he has promised. It’s not just that God is good. It’s that he will always keep his promises to us because he loves us. And his love for us will wait it out. His love for us will change what was bad into what is good. His love for us will out wait any circumstances, over power any setback, and live up to every single expectation you’ve ever had!

God’s love does NOT disappoint.

He impresses the heck out of me on the daily. His timing is perfect, his ways are unmatched, his goodness never ceases. And every single thing in our lives that is being delayed or detoured is for a purpose greater than we can imagine.

If it hasn’t been made good yet, then God’s just not done yet. Keep moving forward.