daily devotional

Anytime I have a big event I’m preparing or planning for, I imagine the moment in time when it is a reality.

My first time harnessing this skill was my senior year of high school, engaged to my sweetheart yet thousands of miles away from him in different countries. Every day I would tell myself I was one day closer to the day I would become his bride. 6 days after I graduated high school, that day happened. I remember so clearly standing in the hallway of that church with my Daddy and realizing my moment was finally here. What I had been counting down to was happening.

I used this training for my very first marathon. When the miles were long and my legs grew weary, I would envision that finish line moment that was surely ahead if I kept going. And sure enough, the finish line always came.

Just last week when I went sky diving, that moment came when I was jumping out of the plane and I thought to myself, “here it is, I’ve imagined this for years.”

Time passes and moments come. We can spend our entire lives wishing away precious moments and missing the journey we’re on. Everything here in this lifetime is limited. Everything. And we’re all destined for one thing … a meeting with our maker.

In the early hours of this morning, our BIG Life sister Tracy had her moment in time where she met her maker. Her life’s journey here is now complete and she looks at the face of Jesus now.

Imagine that moment, because yours is coming.

There will be an exact moment in time when you take your final breath on Earth, followed by your first in eternity. Your maker will be waiting there. What will he say when you meet?

Have you imagined that moment? It is coming and one day it will be your turn.

My sister, be ready for it.

I held my Daddy’s hand as his moment came. I was there for his final breath and I could only imagine what his eyes were seeing as they closed. He was anticipating his reward. In fact, we received such a gift on his final day of life as the veil between heaven and earth grew so thin. He would share with us the things he was seeing, and y’all it was truly magnificent. If you don’t believe it’s real, experience it for yourself and you’ll know. But please don’t wait because your reservation must be made and honey I don’t know when you’ll be arriving.

My Daddy began laughing. A deep, deep belly laugh. Then he said “Jesus is so funny. Everyone is so happy here.”

This is what awaits you if you’ve made your reservation. A meeting with your maker, a moment with your Jesus, now what will he say to you?

Jesus tells us a story to help us understand our responsibility in this life we have been given. A man is given a measure of money by his boss to use while he is away. When the boss returns, the man has invested the money, used it well and doubled it. Jesus said “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ (Matthew 25:21)

When the moment of accountability for your life comes, will you hear WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT. YOU HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL … COME AND SHARE IN YOUR MASTER’S HAPPINESS.

Understand this, yes we have a responsibility to use all we have been given in this lifetime. We are here on purpose to fulfill a purpose. However, our eternity does not hang in the balance based upon our acts. One thing guarantees us that meeting with our maker to be without regret … his name is Jesus.

Jesus covers us. He fills all our gaps and pays for our shortcomings. When you meet your maker, will he see a girl who accepted his son Jesus? If so, you will be the good and faithful servant and you will share in your master’s happiness.

Our BIG Life sister Tracy listened to these devotionals just like you. She had a life, she was a nurse, she had goals and dreams. She had family she loved and people she cared deeply about. And this morning, that life is now complete and her moment in time came. She met her maker, and the one thing that matter had been arranged. She was covered by Jesus, and that’s all he saw when he looked at her. Those long awaited words were spoken to her, WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT. YOU HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL … COME AND SHARE IN YOUR MASTER’S HAPPINESS.

Your moment is coming my sister. It is real and you are one day closer to it. Live today with the awareness that soon this will all be over and it will all be worth it.

Last week I shared a song with Tracy and asked her to listen. Now I share it with you. “Meet My Maker” by Tenille Townes

When I meet my maker
At the open golden gates
He’s gonna welcome me home
Where eternity awaits
I’m gonna run into His arms
I’m gonna stare into His eyes
The ones that I’ve been seeking
The ones that never left my side

When I meet my maker
We’ll walk on Heaven’s boulevard
Up above the clouds
In between the stars
And I’ll ask Him all my questions
And He’ll answer with a smile
I’ll tell Him how I love him
And I’ll thank Him for my life

When I meet my maker
I’m gonna know it’s the right time
‘Cause He’ll have a reason
And I’ll understand why

When I meet my maker
Gonna ask Him for some wings
He’ll introduce me to His angels
In their choir I will sing
He’ll tell me that He’s proud
And I’m probably gonna cry
He’ll take my hand
And together we will fly

When I meet my maker

This life is short and sometimes sweet, other times bitter and incredibly hard. Our days are numbered and no doubt, our moment in time will come. It is on it’s way. Our maker awaits. When you meet him, will he see a girl who was grateful for her life? Will he see a girl who savored all she was given? But most importantly, will he see a girl who accepted his son Jesus and is covered in his grace and mercy?

If so, then girl we have an eternity together ahead of us. We will fly together. We will sing and dance together. We will laugh and celebrate and share in an eternity of happiness together. Tracy’s moment came, mine will come, and so will yours. Just like that moment came when the baby was finally born, the vacation finally began, the house was officially yours, or your foot crossed the finish line. It will happen. You will come face to face with your maker and your savior will be by your side.

Listen to that song today and imagine your moment in time, then let it change how you live today.