daily devotional

What do you do when God says no? When the doors close, when the plans get canceled, when it doesn’t go the way you prayed it would? We know God is for us, right … then why does it feel like sometimes he’s against us? Why does it sometimes feel like we’re on a perpetual ride of high hopes followed by the low of disappointment?

Are you a little low right now? Are you disappointed in the way things turned out? Are you searching for the reason why and the steps to ensure future avoidance of more no’s?

It’s been the year of NO, hasn’t it? No, you can’t go here. No, you can’t do that. No, that’s not happening.

Has God lost control here? Has he been out of the loop and suddenly the God of details has been missing the details as this all falls the heck apart?

Let me assure you, our mighty and powerful God still sits securely on his throne. His power still reigns here. When scripture tells us the whole world fits perfectly in the palm of his hand, you can trust he still holds it all.

God’s got this … and he’s got you! He’s not punishing you, he’s protecting you. He’s not withholding a single good thing from you without the promise of something greater to come. There is a purpose in this disappointing no.

When God gives you a ‘no’, give him a ‘thank you’. He was protecting you from less than his best.

He knows exactly what he is doing and he sees what you don’t see. His plans for you are nothing but his best, but you keep pushing for second rate offerings here and now. Will you trust him? Will you accept the no and anticipate the goodness he has still waiting for you? Will you wait for his best?

This is the year of ‘THANK YOU’. Thank you for teaching me what’s truly important. Thank you for helping me savor the things that are priceless. Thank you for showing me the beauty in all I had been rushing by. Thank you for saving your best for me.

I don’t know how this is all going to work out. I have no idea what’s coming our way next, but we can trust not a single thing is permitted to touch our lives without it first passing through the hands of God.

2 Chronicles 16:9 “The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”

The one thing we have to do is stay committed to him. Committed to him in our success, and committed to him in the disappointment. For when we are committed to him, he strengthens us. He strengthens us to endure the hardship and come out stronger. He strengthens us to take the next bold step on our journey. He strengthens us to find peace and gratitude even when it doesn’t make sense.

If God has given you a ‘no’ this year, give him your ‘thank you’ now. Thank you God for directing us towards your best. We may not see your best yet, but we are hopefully expectant. We are here renewing our faith, committed to continue living this life you have given us to live.

Philippians 1:6 ” being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” You can be absolutely confident that God started something magnificently good when he created you. He made you on purpose for a purpose, and he’s not finished with you yet. He is still personally at work in your life and he will finish the good he started in you.

A true game changer for me was realizing I never have to fear what God has in store for me. I never have to fret over the outcome. I never have to worry about what happens next. I AM COVERED BY THE ALMIGHTY. He is working for me and all things fall under his authority. All things. If he permits it, it’s for a purpose. If he says no, it’s not a punishment, it’s protection from less than his best.

Receive his BEST in your life. Surrender to his plan. Trust his will concerning you.

His eyes search the whole earth this morning, just looking for the ones who are fully committed to him. When he sees you, let him see your commitment even in the disappointment. Here is where you will receive strength to find his best.

So, we say thank you. Thank you God for saying no when we really really wanted a yes. Thank you for closing the door we tried so hard to get through. Thank you for saving us from a settled life of what we could have here and now, so that we can have your best in our future.