daily devotional

You did not wake up today to be mediocre. You weren’t given this life to live little. This is your opportunity to step into your destiny and become exactly who you were created to be … and honey that’s not average.

There is something incredibly special about you. Something totally unique to only you. It is by great design you are where you are at this moment in history to do your thing. Now, do it. Live the life only you can live. It is what you are here to do.

I wonder what God had in mind when he designed you? When he imagined you at your fullest potential and equipped you perfectly for the mission, I just wonder what he was up to. Don’t you want to know? Don’t you want to experience this life he designed for you?

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s masterpiece, created in Jesus to perform good actions that God prepared long ago to be our way of life.”

God created us for a way of life. A good way of life. How does a masterpiece such of you live?

We have an enemy in this life. That enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy all God created. As God’s finest creation, of course you are the target of this enemy. His sneaky ways are woven into our everyday lives and we often miss his greatest attacks. Attacks that we have become accustom to as ordinary, but nevertheless have certainly kept us from our mission.

I’m talking about attacks to consume you with nonsense, distract you with chaos, and strip you of the confidence to be who God says you are.

Have you fallen victim to his attacks?

Have you been consumed with nonsense? Wrapped up in things that quite simply don’t matter? Have your priorities been out of alignment? It all happens so easily without our awareness. We’re giving our most treasured ones nothing but our leftovers. Strangers get our best attitude, our jobs get our best effort, then we go home and treat those we love most with impatience and carelessness. Daily we’re wasting countless hours of this short and precious life on things of zero importance, then wondering why we never have enough time to do the things we need to do.

Yes, this is totally normal. BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WERE CREATED FOR. God designed you to rise above the nonsense and be better than average. He created you with the power to overcome the pull of the world and live BIG. Will you? Will you examine your priorities today and give first place back to what’s truly important?

Have you been distracted by the chaos? There’s an abundance of chaos these days … how much of your life does it get? Really think about that … you’ve been given this one beautiful life to live. Time is not standing still for you. Your life is being used up and your days are numbered. Oh how the enemy works in the chaos to keep you from living your days intentionally. He doesn’t have the power to shorten your days, but he certainly has the power to distract you in your days. Are you letting him?

Are you waiting for life to calm down before you start actually living it? Understand the rhythm of life is the ups and downs. It’s your very heartbeat, up down, up down. Look at an EKG of your heart and you see a roller coaster of living. You think you want to eliminate the downs and create a straight and predictable line, but honey that’s not living. That’s flatline … that’s death.

When will the chaos end … when you die. Plain and simple, don’t spend another moment of your life waiting for the chaos to pass. Show up in the middle of it all and give your best. This is what God has put within you. You were made for such a time as this. God designed you to stay focused on your mission and not be distracted by the chaos.

Remember who God says you are. He says you are loved. He says you are chosen. He says you are an overcomer. He says you are a champion. He says you are set apart. He says you are his most treasured creation. Armed with this truth, NOTHING should hold you back. But the enemy has been at work on that confidence hasn’t he? He’s been chiseling away at you, telling you something is wrong with you. Whispering his nasty lies that you are not enough of this, and too much of that.

The enemy is a liar and there is zero truth in him. Why would you listen to him? You choose today to banish his lies, look in the mirror and believe exactly what God says about you. Find your confidence in his truth. God designed you with your destiny in mind and you are lacking absolutely nothing. Live boldy my sister. This is what you were created for.

Today is not the day to be mediocre. Now is not the time for you to shrink back and play little. This is your life and you’re invited to live it as only you can. Let’s ask God what he had in mind when he created us. Let’s seek the life he created us for. Let’s get our priorities back in line, stay focused, and be confident in who we are.

This is how we will live today. This is who we will be. Enemy, you lose. You don’t get our time or our attention today. God gets it all! I will not be consumed by the nonsense. I will not be distracted by the chaos. And I will not allow my confidence to come from anything other than who God says I am.