daily devotional

If you knew without a doubt everything you needed to live out your wildest dreams was on it’s way, would you wake up a little different this morning? You bet you would! If you knew every detail was taken care of and you were getting ready to step into your destiny, there’s nothing that could keep you in that bed! Nothing could hold you back. There would be no struggle with your attitude, no battle with laziness, no delay in your action if you knew all you want is now barreling towards you.

And I’m proposing it is! Right now, in this very moment, everything you need to fulfill the desires of your heart and step into your destiny is barreling towards you. It’s all in a beeline heading straight for you, you just don’t see it. You don’t see the connections God has aligned ahead of you. BUT THEY’RE THERE. You don’t see how every closed door is pushing you towards the right door. BUT IT IS. You don’t see how God has already gone before you and arranged to make it happen. BUT HE HAS.

What if you’re already on the right path and you ARE doing the right thing? What if you’re not that far off at all? What if you’re one turn away from seeing the full, beautiful picture, and it’s exactly what you had wanted all along? Wouldn’t you find the energy to keep moving forward today?

We’re so quick to give up at the slightest hint of delay or difficulty, when God is trying to instill within us perseverance and patience. KEEP SHOWING UP. God is reminding you this morning that you’re closer than you think! You only reap the harvest if you DO NOT GIVE UP.


All that feels like a delay has actually served the purpose of propelling you forward. Remember, an arrow can only be shot forward by first pulling it back. If you’re currently being dragged back with difficulties, perhaps you’re being prepared to launch into greatness! Now is not the time to give up on that which God has whispered to your soul.

There’s a fire within you. That fire is a purpose for which you were created. A desire to do something with your life. You may not be able to put words to it and define exactly what that purpose is, but you feel it.

That feeling of longing for more, that feeling of desperate restlessness, that’s a holy stirring of that which God has placed within you. Pay attention to it. Give it breath and fan that flame.

God is guiding you at this very moment to position you exactly where you need to be. It’s not too late for you.

The enemy tells you your opportunity has already come and gone, but it hasn’t. The enemy tells you you’re lacking, but you’re not. The enemy tells you you’ll never be good enough, but he’s a liar from hell and he only whispers his worthless lies out of fear because he knows exactly what is in you. He knows that which God has whispered to your soul, and he knows you’re just the girl to fulfill her purpose and step into her destiny. So of course he fights you. He makes you believe the struggles are too hard, the mountains are too high, and the wait is too long.

But what he doesn’t want you to know is, this is your time.


Read the story of Esther in the Bible. It was her time to do exactly what she was created to do. To step up and be who she was created to be. A woman in a threatening situation, with a bold faith in her God. All she had to do was step up and receive what God had already aligned for her.

She was married to the King who didn’t know her true identity as a Jew. Now the King was about to order all the Jews be killed. She was perfectly positioned to save them all. This was her moment.

Esther 4:14 says “Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?”

And she was. Here she found herself in a position to save her people. Everything in her life had brought her to this exact place for a moment such as this.

Hey sister, listen to me … PERHAPS THIS IS THE MOMENT FOR WHICH YOU HAVE BEEN CREATED! Here it is. Today. It’s all coming together. This is your time.

Although you feel unsure, you are doing the right thing. You’re seeking God for guidance and direction and as a result he is taking even that which you’re doing wrong, and he’s making it right! Don’t you know that’s what God can do with a heart seeking him? That’s what he can do with a fully surrendered life? He can take what you’re doing wrong and HE CAN MAKE IT RIGHT! He can take that which was meant to delay you, and cause it to propel you forward.

You may feel disappointed in your journey right now, but I know this, if you could get a glimpse of what’s coming your way, you would shoot out of that bed today! You would hoop and holler your way through this day. There’s not a single thing that could hold you back if you only knew all God is doing on your behalf.

Imagine there’s a holy meeting happening right now at the conference table of Heaven. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are gathered around this conference table and they are conspiring, scheming, planning and preparing. Lean in close and hear their conversation … They are putting together a strategy to make it all come together for YOU!

God is FOR you. Jesus is WITH you, and the Holy Spirit is IN you. Whom shall you fear? What could possibly stop you? The purpose for which you were created is still unfolding and today your only job is to show up to life and demand the best of yourself. No more playing little. No more tip toeing around in your life.

Demand of yourself to show up today. Put a demand on yourself to do what you said you would do. Put a demand on your mind to think the thoughts you want to think. Put a demand on your attitude to align with the person you know you were created to be. Put a demand on your spirit to be joyful.

God has empowered you to live today, now show up and live. With purpose. With intention. This is your time and it’s all so much closer than you think.

Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created, now demand you show up with your best for it today.