daily devotional

It’s the close of another month of life. Today is the final day of September 2020 . This is it. You will never, ever in all of eternity get this again. So the question is, what did you do with it?

How will September 2020 be remembered? WILL it be remembered? Did you make it worth remembering? Did you make decisions and choices that will positively impact all your future days? Did you take photos that will outlive you? Did you make life better for someone else? Did you seize the moments and savor them, or did this month just pass?

In Luke 12:48 Jesus tells a story and he says “When someone has been given much, much will be required in return.”

You and I have indeed been given much this month. 30 days. That’s 43,200 minutes. Much was expected of us in return. The master wants to know what you have to show for what he has given you in September. What progress did you make? What did you enjoy fully? What do you want to remember forever?

Each month on the final day, I challenge the women I get to mentor in BIG Life Mentoring to take a few minutes and review that month of life, then make a list of their highlights. In essence we are making an account for what we did with what we were given. We are saying God, you gave me 30 days and this is what I did with them. There were 30 sunsets and 30 sunrises, how many of them did you take the time to watch? There were 30 opportunities wake up on time. 30 opportunities to create a good morning routine, how many of those did you nail? 30 opportunities to go to bed proud of the day of life you lived, how many of those days did you actually live up to your potential? 30 days to make choices that align with your priorities, how many did you get right?

Indeed, you and I have been given much this month. So, very much. Maybe God brought you through some pretty tough stuff. Maybe God is still in the process of bringing you through some pretty tough stuff. Well, that’s just that much MORE we have been given. More provision, more grace, more miraculous works of God on our behalf … he does expect something in return.

When someone has been given much, much will be required in return. You and I stand together as the recipients of MUCH. So, so, so much. This month will go down as one of the most overwhelming months of my life. And I get to choose, was it overwhelmingly bad, or is my overwhelm from God’s provision and protection through it all?

You see, you get to choose your overwhelm. No one ever told you that, did they? If you’re overwhelmed, what will you be overwhelmed by?

We all have months we are overwhelmed, maybe September was one of those for you too. Choose now how you view it. God brought you through. Focus on that! God made a way. Focus on that. Gosh, look at all we have been given. And we’re just listing what we do see. Imagine all the behind the scenes work God did on our behalf through this that we’re not even aware of. I’m absolutely overwhelmed by God’s goodness to me. I’m overwhelmed by his miraculous works on my behalf. I’m overwhelmed how he has once again made a way when there seemed to be no way.

Aren’t you overwhelmed by God when you stop and think about it? WHAT A MONTH!!!!!! We have been given much. Now, we have some things to do in return.

In honor of this month of life which God has given us, how about we do 3 simple things to recognize all we have been given.

1. Spend time with him today.

Go for a walk with Jesus today. Or go for a drive with him. Sip your coffee with him. Just dwell in his presence. Think of him. Talk to him. Sing to him.

2. Be grateful for what you have today.

Look around at all your blessings. Remember, all of this is by the grace of God. All of it. The roof over your head, the clothes on your back, the family and friends you share life with, your job, your health. You are literally drowning in blessings, up to your eyeballs in all God has provided for you. Open your eyes wide and see it all for what it truly is and be grateful for it today. Whisper a million thank yous today with your awareness of just how fortunate you are. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to write him a thank you letter today? That’s exactly what your list of September highlights can be. A written list of “God, you gave me so much and this is what I did with it! Thank you.”

3. Use what you have today.

You have been given energy today, use it. Get up and do something. You have been given grace and mercy today, accept it. You have been given opportunities today, grab them. Opportunities to love, so won’t you love today? Opportunities to get better, won’t you? Opportunities to make memories, won’t you be there and make them?

What you have been given today by your almighty creator comes with an expectation … an expectation to be faithful in how you use it. You have been given so, so, so much. Don’t waste it. If you won’t use what you have been given, there’s someone else who will. Don’t put God to the test. You don’t want him to take from you that which you have not been faithful with and give it to someone who would be faithful.

You are the recipient of much, now much is required in return. You’ve been given life, you’re expected to show up and live your life! Remember our plan for this final day of September 2020: Spend time with God today, be grateful for what you have today, use what you have today.

This is how we end it right my friend. This is how we take a month of life where God showed up for us, and show up for him. The final day of September is here. End it right!