daily devotional


Psalm 18:39 “You armed me with strength for battle”

How has God given you strength? I’m assuming you didn’t just wake up this morning with supernatural muscles you didn’t have yesterday. I’m assuming you can’t magically do all the things today you never even tried to do in the past. No, that’s not how strength works.

Here’s how god arms you with strength for battle: Everything you’ve gone through!

Every struggle you’ve overcome, every hardship, every setback and every trial has served to strengthen and train you. Nothing has been wasted. Just look how much stronger you are now than you were 10 years ago. Why are you stronger? Because you have been challenged. Life’s challenges train us. They train us for the next level of living.

And make no mistake about it, the next level of living from here will not be free of challenges. Somewhere along the way we’ve bought into this fallacy that when we “arrive” in life – when we get that new job, when money isn’t so tight – or when we lose the weight – or when we move to that new place – then life will be easier. And wow are we ever disappointed to find new devils with our new levels.

You weren’t created for an easy, cushy, comfortable life. If you were, then why would God make you a warrior? That would make no sense. Warriors are for battle.

Listen to me, life is a battle. A battle of balance. A battle of the mind. A battle for peace. A battle for contentment. A battle for our potential. Do you know why things keep coming at you? Why there are continual setbacks? Why doors keep slamming shut in your face and why with every step forward you seem to take 2 back? Do you know why?

Because you have an enemy in this world – His name is Satan and HE SEES YOUR POTENTIAL AS A WARRIOR. He sees your potential more than you see it. So he attacks to keep you from rising up.

But do you know why God allows the enemy to attack you? Because he can use it all for your good. He can use it as your training, to strengthen his mighty warrior. All you’ve learned to overcome in the past will be used today. And all you learn in today’s battle will be used for tomorrow.

Yes, the enemies attacks are simply your training.

YOU ARE A WARRIOR. God has strengthened you for battle. Living the life you were created for is a battle. Becoming your best is a battle. Holding your marriage together is a battle. Raising kids is a battle (can I get an amen mamas). You’ve got this because God’s got you. Whatever you are facing today, you have been equipped to march right through it.

A warrior is a soldier known for their bravery. You have a mission, a mission to live this one and only beautiful life that you have been given. Live it bravely. Hold your head high, put your shoulders back and remember who you are. A beautiful woman trained by the king to be a warrior. To face the very battle in front of you today. Harness the strength God has promised you and provided you.

2 Corinthians 10:4 says “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.”

What has a strong hold on you or on your family? You have weapons given to you by the almighty to demolish those strongholds.

In yoga you have warrior pose. Warrior 1 is a deep lunge with your arms stretched high above your head. Warrior 2 you take your arms out wide to each side with a strong focused gaze over your front hand. A pose of power. We must remember this pose as powerful women chosen and strengthened by God. To take a stand in our life. No more backing down. No more quitting. No more shrinking back. Girls, we can’t play little in our own lives for one more day. Stretch out those arms, use the space you have been given, be bold and brave. Demolish those strongholds.

Perhaps a little warrior pose in the mirror would be good today. Heck, stick a feather in your hair and remember who you are. You are armed with strength for the battle. You are prepared and you are ready. Rise up warrior. Rise up and fight for the life you were created for. Fight for the health God has offered you. Fight for your marriage. Fight for your kids. Fight for your business. Fight for your happiness.

Get in there and get your hands dirty. Work today. Work hard. You can’t afford to be lazy. This day is NOT made for your “giving up on life pants”. I’m pretty sure warriors don’t wear those. Get dressed. You have a battle ahead of you today.

And one final point for this morning … you don’t have to be miserable in the battle. You can find some of your greatest joy and pleasure in fighting off temptations and slaying the attacks of the enemy. Oh nothing compares to the feeling of knowing you battled and you won. Earn that feeling today.

God is with you. He is for you. And he has equipped you for this battle.