daily devotional

Today, you have the beginnings of greatness. Today the steps before you lead you to your destiny. But it won’t look like it. Just as the tiny acorn doesn’t resemble the potential for a mighty oak, it’s still in there! Are you missing the potential of today just because it doesn’t look like destiny, it looks like a Wednesday? Understand, God will use exactly what you already have, exactly where you are, exactly who you are, to create everything you will ever become. Why? Because he’s already placed it within you.

Scripture tells us the story of Moses leading an entire nation to freedom. He’s in the battle of his life and all he has is a staff used to prod stubborn sheep, but with God it held the power of one of the greatest and most memorable miracles of all time. Moses’ staff would be used to part the red sea, make the waters stand on their edge so thousands and thousands of people could safely escape the Egyptian Army which pursued them.

But look back at the beginning of the story to Exodus chapter 4 where God is preparing Moses for this miracle. This is the part we often miss. We just see Moses standing at the edge of the sea, knowing his purpose, leading his people, holding his mighty staff, and boom the sea parts. But what happened BEFORE the sea is what you and I need to know about. This is what we need for today.

First, there was an unsure Moses who felt powerless. There was an overwhelmed Moses who felt inadequate. A man who felt quite certain God was choosing the wrong man. He brings his list of excuses and reasoning to God as to why he was not the right choice and God’s reply is 6 simple words that changed everything. God said, “what is that in your hand?”

What is that in your hand? What do you already have? Today … what do you have … because that’s exactly what God will work with! You think you need something you don’t already have. You’re searching for your answer when sister, you are the answer. What can you do today … that’s exactly what you need to do. Where are you at today … that’s exactly where God wants to use you. We become so focused on the next destination and forget right here, right now. We’re consumed with more, more, more, and we miss what we have is all God needs to work our miracle.

All Moses had was that staff. The stick used to guide and direct sheep. Seems there’s only one real use for that. But with God, that’s a sea parting, people rescuing, life changing, never forgotten miraculous rod!!!! And it all started with God simply asking Moses, “What is that in your hand.”

And so it is with you. You’re on a journey. Maybe you know where you’re going, or maybe that hasn’t been quite revealed to you yet. But today you’re showing up for duty. You’re showing up for your life, ready for the next step. Ahead of you are impossible situations and here’s what you need to know … you’ll think you can’t do it. You’ll think you’re not good enough. You’ll think you’re not ready yet. But you have been equipped. Everything you need is already in you, it just needs to be fully surrendered to God’s power. What you have today is exactly what God will use to do your impossible.

But it may take a while.

Exodus chapter 4 is where God asks Moses “what is that in your hand”? It’s an entire 10 chapters later before the sea partin’ party happens! 10 long chapters filled with hardships and plagues and stubborn Egyptians that refused to let God’s people free. 10 chapters of Moses still holding on to what he had in his hand, knowing somehow someway God was going to use it. Then finally in chapter 14 God says “Pick up your staff and raise your hand over the sea. Divide the water so the Israelites can walk through the middle of the sea on dry ground.”

BOOM. There’s the miracle. All this time he had been holding that staff. All this time God had been preparing him for this moment. And all this time Moses had to remain faithful and not let go of what he had.

Girl, don’t let go of what you have. Don’t miss the miracle in what you have. What you have is a little handful of potential. What you can do now is just a little bit. But if you will use your handful of a little bit, God will do a LOTTA BIT! Your little bit is an invitation for God’s LOTTA BIT!

You want God’s LOTTA BIT? You want that big breakthrough? You want those impossible waters in front of you to divide so you can move forward? Then you must use your little bit. Be grateful for what you have right here, right now.

What we often do is we curse what we have, focusing on it not being enough. AND WE MISS OUR MIRACLE. God is in the little bit you have, in the little bit you can do. He’s in your tiny pieces of potential. This is the beginning of greatness for you, in you, and through you. This is your acorn with the potential to become a mighty oak. God works with what is in your hands. He works with what you do have and what you can do.

No one is coming to rescue you. You don’t need a GoFundMe account to cure your problems. You need a full surrender of every single thing you do have to the almighty and let him work. You need a commitment of every tiny thing you can do, every step you can take, every decision in front of you, offered up to the God who can part the sea with a stick. A God who’s power is poured out in what we have that we’re willing to submit to him.

What’s is that in your hand?

A job that seems a little mundane and without purpose … yes, that’s exactly what he will use!
A marriage that’s hanging by a thread … yes, that’s where he will work today!
A body that has been taken for granted, talked about and shamed, but still willing to get up out of bed this morning … yes, that’s the body he will move in.
A little bit of money that doesn’t seem to be enough … yes, that’s where he will make a LOTTA BIT!
A little bit of talent you’ve been too scared to use … yes, that’s where he will show himself.

Whatever you have, wherever you are, whatever you can do, is all God needs. It may only look like a stick to you, but with God it’s a game changer. Every little bit you have is an invitation for God’s LOTTA BIT!