daily devotional

In the book of Genesis chapter 19 we read the story of a city called Sodom and Gomorah. This was a city full of vile men and wicked ways. Within that city was a Godly man named Lot. God sent 2 angels to tell Lot to take his family and escape the city before God destroyed it. So the story goes that Lot grabbed his family and headed for the mountains just as God was raining down lava on the city. And then it happened … Lot’s wife hesitated. She stopped and she looked back.

Genesis 19:26 “But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.”

It wasn’t that Lot’s wife didn’t know what to do. She knew to run to the mountains. But it was her hesitation that killed her.

Something is killing you. Killing your confidence. Killing your motivation. Killing your dreams and killing your goals. What is it?

It’s not a lack of knowledge. You actually do know what to do. We can get all caught up in the details, but the truth is it’s the simple consistent choices that create change in your life. Making it complicated gives us a great excuse, but deep down you know it’s just an excuse. You know you should take the next step, and you even know what the next step is because it’s always right in front of you … but you hesitate. And this hesitation, this looking back is not only delaying you, but getting you permanently stuck. Stuck in a life that is far less than you were created for.

Look around sweet sister … are you living less than you could be? Have you settled here when you should have kept going? You’re overthinking, questioning and delaying all while missing out on the abundance God has prepared for you. You’ve made the next step into some overwhelming daunting task, when in reality it’s just the next right choice.

You can do that, can’t you? Of course you can. The question is, will you do it, or will you hesitate?

God created you with a mind that protects you at all costs. Your mind always seeks to keep you safe. However, this can work against you. I mean the truth is you’re likely not facing any hungry bears or saber tooth tigers today that warrant your hesitation.

Understand that when you know what you SHOULD do, but you HESITATE, that hesitation sends a signal to your brain that you’re in possible danger, so it shuts down all forward motion and has you retreat to what is familiar and comfortable. You’ve heard of your comfort zone. Yes, this is what lands you there – your hesitation.

Thinking about it when you should just be doing it. Looking back when you should be moving forward. What is this costing you? Where could you be today if you would have stopped hesitating 5 years ago? 5 months ago? Heck 5 days ago? Today could be that day.

Understand the enemy works in the hesitation. It’s literally like an open door for him to access your mind and fill you with doubts.

Example – the alarm rings. You know you SHOULD get up then. It’s not a matter of not knowing what to do, you do know. If you hesitate, your mind signals possible danger, you go into protection mode and suddenly your only thoughts are on all the feelings of not wanting to get up and schemes of how you can sleep longer.

And you think the enemy isn’t having a hay day in your hesitation? He’s feeding your mind those thoughts. Let’s face it – if you’re sidelined in bed, you’re not up fulfilling your purpose. You’re not up living and loving life. That’s a WIN for him … and a loss for you.

And you know it. Yet you do it.

Where’s your hesitation? Where do you keep looking back to old familiar habits and comfortable patterns that are no longer serving you? Today, don’t leave an open door for the enemy to work. REFUSE TO HESITATE.

So here’s what we will do. We will use Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule. When the thought pops into your head of what you should do next, give yourself a countdown. Start counting, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – then LAUNCH. Like a rocket ship, launch into action.

Do the very thing you know you need to do. No more hesitation. Remember, it is your hesitation that is killing your dreams and goals. Your hesitation signals your mind that there is danger. I mean really, why would you be scared of waking up on time, or making your bed, or washing the dishes. But that’s exactly what your hesitation means – DANGER – AVOID. And like magic the enemy shows up and says “it’s time to play!” You’re being lured into laziness and delay. Don’t take the bait.

When you know what you should do, don’t hesitate, don’t look back like Lot’s wife – you will get stuck. Launch yourself into action with a countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – let’s go. No more thinking about it. No more talking about it. Today, we’re just doing it.

Imagine how productive you will be today. Imagine your list of successes at the end of this day. Imagine your sense of accomplishment. Imagine actually NOT BEING STUCK!