daily devotional

Do you have it figured out yet? Do you know what you’re going to do to fix this? Do you know where you’re going to be next year at this time? Do you know how it’s all going to work out?

No? Oh crap … how did you sleep last night?

I seriously thought at 45 years old I would have life more figured out. I thought I would know what I’m doing, where I’m going, and exactly how to get there. But honestly, I don’t. I’m flying by the seat of my pants here.

Aren’t you?

The truth is, our whole world can, and does, change in an instant. We have no idea what tomorrow may bring, but we know this to be true … we know every single thing that touches us must first pass through the hands of God. If he allows it, he uses it. And when he uses it, it becomes good.

So, here’s your word for the day. This is what you need to deposit down deep in your soul and let it resonate through your being. GOD ISN’T ASKING YOU TO FIGURE IT OUT. HE’S ASKING YOU TO TRUST THAT HE ALREADY HAS.

We’re talking about childlike faith. Faith that reaches out for the hand and trusts the lead of the one who knows better than you.

When you walk with a small child, they put their hand in yours and they will walk with you wherever you go. They will cross the road with you. They will wander through the crowd with you. All they have to do to find their way is stick by you, the one who knows more than they do.

This is the faith God is calling us to. A childlike faith. A faith that doesn’t try to figure it out and simply trusts he already has.

Have you ever looked back and realized what God had been doing in the details of your life all along? He brought you here to this very place for a purpose. It took a whole lot to get you here, didn’t it? Maybe you made it a whole lot harder to get here by wandering off into your own ways, or dragging your feet on the next step that was always right in front of you. But here you are having learned a few things along the way about God’s faithfulness and guidance.

Now, will you trust him with what’s coming next?

Hebrews 11:6 MSG “It’s impossible to please God apart from faith. And why? Because anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that he exists and that he cares enough to respond to those who seek him.”

In the beginning of my relationship with God I believed he existed, but I didn’t actually believe that he cared enough to respond to me individually. Prayer seemed like an obligation, and if I’m being honest it seemed like a total waste because if we were in a line waiting to talk to God according to the size of our problems, I would probably be at the back of the line. There were so many people with such bigger problems than mine, so why bother God with my puny requests?

But a child doesn’t give up so easy, do they? A child will keep asking, over and over again until they know they’re heard. A child BELIEVES someone cares enough to respond. Do you know God cares enough about you to respond to you?

Last night I hosted a zoom video conference for all the women I mentor. There were a whole lot of faces on my screen with multiple pages to sort through and try to catch all the raised hands. A little girl named Sara sat with her Mommy for nearly an hour waving at the computer trying to get my attention. With childlike faith she didn’t give up. She kept waving and waving, believing I would care enough to see her and respond. And finally I saw her. She simply wanted to tell me goodnight. Her mama said I made her night by talking to her, but the truth is, she made my night with her sweet little expectant wave waiting for my reply.

Isn’t that what we need to do today? Wave and keep waving. Ask and keep asking. Seek and keep seeking. Because we know God exists and we know he cares enough to respond. We know he is in the details and he is working all things together for good. We know he has good plans for us, and those good plans will NOT fail.

So here we are, not having a dang thing figured out quite yet, and realizing that’s exactly where we’re supposed to be. God never asked us to figure it out, he asked us to trust that he has and simply follow his lead.

God, we place our hand in yours and where you lead, we will follow. We will stop our aimless wandering. We will no longer drag our feet. And we promise God, our grown woman hissy fits will be no more. Yes, we’ve had a few temper-tantrums as life hasn’t gone the way we imagined it would, but we’re over that now. We’re here with our big girl panties on, ready to do what needs to be done, walk this path one step at a time, and hold tightly to your hand as our guide.

Aren’t you grateful God already has this figured out? And aren’t you relieved to know it was never your responsibility to know the way on your own? You’ve been over here trying to become an expert map reader when God said, “girl, I’ve got high tech GPS. I’ll tell you the next step when we get there. Just trust where I’m leading you.”

Will you trust where he’s leading you?

In May we sold practically everything we owned and put a few small belongings in a storage unit. One of my prized possessions that made the cut to be stored is a large chalkboard my Daddy made me. Before packing it away, I wrote on it “Welcome home. Wow, so this is where God was leading all along. How wonderful.”

I knew the next time I unpacked that chalkboard it would be at a destination I didn’t have pre-planned and it would all unfold along the way. Here we are still traveling and totally uncertain where our next home will be. But I know this much, when I get there I will see it’s exactly where God was leading and it will be wonderful.

I’ve discovered that little secret on this uncertain journey … the secret of predetermined happiness. I’ve decided in advance whatever it is, wherever it is, and whenever it is, I WILL LOVE IT.

This is how we take God’s hand and trust his lead. Predetermined happiness. God, wherever you take me, I choose to love it in advance. I thank you for it now while it is still unseen. I’m grateful I don’t know, but YOU DO, and that’s all I need.