daily devotional

Our God is a healer, redeemer and restorer. His desire is to guide you to living the best life he imagined for you from the very beginning.

His answer to your request for healing and restoration is YES. Do you believe that? Yes, he will heal you. Yes, he will restore that which is so broken right now. Yes, he will redeem that which seems too far gone and beyond hope. Yes he will, and yes he is.

Right now, at this very moment, he is healing and saving. He is doing a work you cannot fathom and you do not yet know. Just as you can’t see God, but you believe he is real, you cannot see what he is doing on your behalf here, but you can believe it to be true.

Jeremiah 17:14 says “Oh Lord, if you heal me, I will be truly healed; if you save me, I will be truly saved. My praises are for you alone!”

As a response 13 chapters later in Jeremiah 30:17 we hear from God when he says ” ‘But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the Lord.”

It’s not a question of WILL HE. Will he provide? Will he guide? Will he make a way? Will he heal? Will he save? Will he restore?


What you do not know is how or when.

Jesus is unlimited, so stop limiting his power in your life to do things when and how you believe they should be done.

This year I’ve seen some of his miraculous works in my life, and they totally were NOT how imagined they would be, nor were they when I thought they would be best. But Jesus is not limited to my human concepts of restoration, or my timeline apparently. While it all seemed to be growing worse, Jesus was behind the scenes doing things I could not see, in ways I could not imagine. Now I see my role was never to know and understand, my role was to trust and hold tight to his promises. My role was also to get the heck out of the way and stop blocking his work.

Jesus is a healer. But how he will heal may be different than you imagine. Will you have enough faith to take your Jesus out of the box and let him work in your life?

Of course we know Jesus healed by touch. When he laid his hands on someone, his healing power would be transferred. I often pray for his touch.

We also see that Jesus healed by speaking. With one word, sickness would be gone. He told the crippled man to get up and walk, and with his word, he did. He still has that power in your life. He can speak one word over you, and your entire world can change.

But if I’m being honest, I don’t believe I’ve ever physically felt the hand of Jesus or heard him speak. But I know without a doubt he has healed me more than once and worked in miraculous ways on my family’s behalf. How did he do it? In ways we may often miss. In ways that don’t look miraculous at all.

In your bible are all the different ways Jesus healed and they’re all unique and bizarre in their own way. He spit in the mud and used that mud to give sight to a blind man. He put his fingers in a deaf man’s ears to make him hear again. He told 10 lepers to walk down the path to go see the priests and as they went they were healed on their way. He told another man to take a bath in the dirtiest of waters to receive his healing.

And here’s the thing, none of these had any magic healing power. It wasn’t the mud that healed him. It wasn’t the path. It wasn’t the water in the pool. It was a step of obedience in accordance to faith. Your movement of FAITH unleashes the power of Jesus.

For some, getting up today when there seemed to be absolutely no good reason to get up, was an act of faith. Jesus’ power is meeting you here.

For others, continuing to pray over a situation that only seems to be getting worse is an act of faith. Jesus’ power is working here.

Take the limits off of how he can work. It may be in really bizarre and unexpected ways. I can’t determine how Jesus is going to heal, but I know he is a healer. He let Lazarus die first, then he healed him. He took Enoch and Elijah straight to heaven without dying. I can’t predict how and when he’s going to work, but I trust HE IS.

Right now, he is working. He is doing what we cannot do. He is moving mountains we don’t even know exist. He is making ways where we believed there could never be a way. HE IS DOING IT.

Decide right now you will take the limitations off his power in your life. You will trust he will work in his own miraculous way, while you get out of the way. Although you may not understand it now, one day you will and you will be amazed by all he did for you.

There is no truer act of obedience than praise while there is still a problem. Will take that movement today with faith? The movement of faith called praise when the problem is still really darn REAL and really darn BIG? Will you praise God for what he is doing while you still don’t know what the heck he is actually doing? Will you praise him for all he is doing in the unseen that you simply can’t understand?

This is your movement of faith, and Jesus responds here.