daily devotional

What is possible in your life? From this point, what could you do? Who could you become? Have you thought about that?

Or is it too late? Is it too late in your life to imagine more? Has your time run out?

Every year for many years now I’ve chosen a word for the year. With that word I create a mantra and I repeat it daily. That mantra becomes my affirmation for how I will live my life intentionally and who I will become.

In 2017 I realized I had resigned to the fact that my best days had come and gone. I had already “peaked” in life and it was all downhill from here. But just because I had accepted that as my truth didn’t mean it was THE truth. That year I chose PEAK as my word and my mantra was “2017 is my new PEAK year, reaching my full potential, becoming better than ever before.” Short story, that year I decided to stop settling and I realized how much more was still inside.

In 2018 I chose the word faithful because I realized how many times I was talking myself out of really awesome things and not following through with what I started. I wanted to become truly faithful. My mantra became “I will be faithful with each opportunity and commitment.” That year became a year of doing what I said I was going to do.

In 2019 I had a gut check and realized there were things about me I wasn’t overly proud of. Things I wanted to change and improve and God started working on me from the inside. My word that year was proud and my mantra was “Every day, with every choice, I’m making myself and my creator PROUD.” I changed some stuff that year, stuff that had been standing in the way of becoming who I was created to be.

And finally this year, 2020. My word has been potential and most every day of this year I’ve repeated this mantra “I realize I’m perfectly equipped by my creator to fulfill my purpose. Today and every day all I have to do is live up to my potential while helping others realize their own.” This has been a year of understanding what God put inside of me and what he put inside of you, and just unleashing it. Getting out of my own head and getting out of my own way to see what God can do, and helping a whole lot of other people do the same.

And that brings me to the new year coming and I’ve been struggling to find my word. I even started reading a book called “One Word”. I’ve literally written down hundreds of words and tried a few on for size, but nothing had really stuck. Until this weekend. A word had been sitting in my heart for a few weeks and it was a dinner with friends on Friday that brought that word to life.

Mike and Caroline are our brand new friends here in Corpus Christi, Texas. They invited us out on their boat for a sunset cruise, then we went to dinner with them and our old friends Eddie and Angela. Honestly, I’ve never laughed harder over a 3 hour meal in my life. My cheeks were literally sore afterwards from the non-stop smiling.

Some of the people around that table taught me a few things and they probably didn’t even realize it.

Mike is a chiropractor. He said his father always told him he wouldn’t become anything with that long hair, so straight out of high school he took his long hair to college and proved his father wrong. He became a fantastic chiropractor. Then, a few years ago, he decided he would go back to school and become more so he could help more. As a full time chiropractor with a busy practice and office of his own, he went back to school to become a Physician’s Assistant. He was 52. Out of his group that started together, he was the only one to graduate.

I can’t imagine the investment this required. The sacrifice. The commitment. BUT IT WAS POSSIBLE.


It was possible. It wasn’t easy, but it was possible.

Sitting on the other side of the table is my friend Angela who I’ve had the honor of mentoring for many years. She has been a teacher for over 16 years, now she has returned to school herself for her doctorate and on her way to becoming a published author. She’s in her mid-forties. Look what has been possible for her.

Now, what is possible for me?
What is possible for you?

Want to find out?

Finding out what is possible first starts with a desire. A desire for more. Not out of greed, but by design. The “more” planted within you by your creator wants to grow and become fruitful. LET IT! Start desiring what God has for you. Refuse to settle for less when there is so much more.

God, I desire what you created me for. I desire what you envisioned when you made me. I desire the life available to me, show me how to get there.

This is where we stop seeking easy and we start seeking possible. There is so much more possible in your life. How do I know that? Because we serve the God of the impossible.

Jesus said in Matthew 19:26 “For with God, all things are possible.”

Our God takes what is impossible and he makes it possible.

In Luke 1 an angel comes to Mary and tells her she will become the mother of the son of God. That she, a virgin, will be pregnant, and her cousin Elizabeth who is old and unable to have children, is already pregnant. These are both impossible things. And in verse 37 the angel says “For with God nothing is, or ever shall be, impossible.”

It was impossible for a virgin to become pregnant. It was too late for Elizabeth to become pregnant. But both were POSSIBLE with God.

Where is your impossible? Where’s your too late? Where’s your ‘not enough’ and ‘never gonna happen’? Have you introduced them to your God?

We spend entirely too much time talking about our mountain that can’t be moved. Girl, you have a mountain moving God. Introduce your mountain to your God.

WITH God all things are possible. What will you do WITH GOD. Not without him, WITH HIM? You could do some seemingly impossible things. Some really hard things. Some things you gave up on thinking it was too late.

It starts with the desire. God, stir the desire within us to become exactly who you created us to be. What is there for me to still do? Who do you want me to become? How do you want to use me? I WANT IT. My desire is to live in alignment with your desires.

I will go with you. I will move forward with you. I will boldly step into the next year seeking what is truly POSSIBLE with you.