daily devotional

You were created for a great purpose and perfectly positioned in this exact place and point in history for that purpose. Now the question is, are you living up to what you were created for?

The enemy fools us into believing our choices don’t really matter. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if you get up on time if you were still able to check all your boxes. It doesn’t really matter if you fed your body well on Monday … you have the rest of the week. In the end it doesn’t really matter that you spent 6 hours on your phone yesterday because nobody else knows that.

BUT IT DOES MATTER. It ALL matters. Every choice you make is building the life you live, and darn it, the life you live MATTERS. Don’t be fooled by the enemy who tells you these little things don’t matter. Remember he is here to kill your potential, steal your joy, and destroy your future. You can’t believe a single thing he says or accept an ounce of his offerings. His intentions are ill and you may have fallen victim.

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

God designed you for good works and a greater purpose. However, stepping into his design is fully your choice. Will you play little with all that power inside you, or will you unleash it in your lifetime and step into the purpose for which you were created? The choice is yours.

In scripture we read the difference in choice and the impact of each.

The story of David is one of a little shepherd boy who no one viewed as important, yet he took down a giant who threatened his people. He was chosen by nobody, but hand selected by the Almighty. David grew as a leader and became the King of Israel. Only one person is mentioned more than him in the bible, and that would be Jesus.

This was God’s purpose for his life, but there were daily choices David made which determined his ability to step into his purpose.

Acts 13:36 ““Now when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his ancestors and his body decayed.”

When his purpose was complete, his life was complete. Honey, you’re alive because God still has a purpose for you. And what you do today makes a difference. Your choices today either guide you toward the life God created you for, or away. Your daily choices are determining your ability to step into your purpose.

Every weekday morning I wake and write a new episode of this podcast. And it never fails, I hear the voice that tells me I can’t. The voice that tells me it’s not good enough. The voice that tells me I’m really sleepy and can’t do my best work. The voice that tells me I’m a fraud and my words could never positively impact a life. That’s not the truth, and I know it, however if I choose to listen to that voice it will become my reality.

If you choose to listen to the voice that tells you all those nasty things about you, it will become your reality too. Yes, you were created for so much more, but it’s up to you to step into it now. Your daily choices determine your ability to experience God’s purpose in your life.

Now, the other account reflecting the impact of our actions and choices is found in Luke 7:30 “But the Pharisees and the experts in the law rejected God’s purpose for themselves”

The Pharisees were highly intelligent people in a position of power. However, all of their intelligence led them to rejecting God’s very purpose for them. And guess what, God didn’t get in their way. He allowed them to miss the good plans he had for them.

He has good plans for you too my sister. Ridiculously good plans. But he will not force these good plans on you. You can miss the boat. You can go down the wrong path. You can end up in the wilderness when you were created for the Promised Land.

How? By rejecting God’s purpose for you.

You may be thinking to yourself “well I would never reject God’s purpose for me!” But are you … unknowingly are you rejecting the life God created you for by settling for the one offered to you now that feels better, seems easier, and happens a whole lot faster?

The Pharisees were given intelligence and power and they were to use it for good. Yet, they rejected God’s good plan and instead made choices that led to the crucifixion of our Jesus. They were not created to be bad people making bad choices, they simply couldn’t see it as it was unfolding.

You weren’t created to be unhealthy or unhappy. You weren’t created to be lazy or over controlling. You weren’t created to be bitter or to be a bystander. But you don’t see it as it’s unfolding because it’s all just one little choice at a time.

And one little choice at a time builds your life. Will it be the life God imagined for you, or the one you settled for?

We’ve fallen into the habit of believing the little things we do everyday don’t matter. BUT THEY DO MATTER. IT ALL MATTERS. It’s all building your life, and DANG IT WOMAN, YOUR LIFE MATTERS.

Get in the habit of asking yourself: “Does this support the life I am created for?”

Does this choice right now … the one on what to eat, where to go, what to do … does it support a big, beautiful, purpose filled life of impact? Or is this choice like a chain wrapping around your neck, choking the life out of you in the most inconspicuous ways?

When you don’t feel good about your choices, honey you simply won’t step into the life you were created for. You will never rise up and be the woman God envisioned you becoming if you can’t conquer your alarm clock or walk away from the junk food. Those little things matter because it impacts how you see yourself.

You are the masterpiece of God. He loves what he did in you. Now he wants you to be unleashed to fulfill your purpose exactly where he placed you. Please don’t get in the way of that. You can miss all he has planned for you by the daily choices you assume don’t matter.

If it supports the life you were created for, then do it sister. But if it doesn’t (and you know, you really do), then girl start choosing something different and just see where God can take you!