daily devotional

Many of my friends woke up to snow this morning. White, ridiculously cold ground covering that canceled all plans for the day. Y’all it’s the peak of winter. Don’t act surprised, for many parts of the US February is always scheduled to be the nastiest month, that’s why it’s also the shortest. Yay, so there’s that.

I grew up in Missouri where winters were fun for the first week of December, then we were over it well before the season had passed. We would always be stuck inside dreaming of warmer days with swimsuits and suntans while ice covered our trees. Perhaps you relate today.

Somehow what I totally missed for the first 35 years of my life was the fact that the white, ridiculously cold crap that covered the ground was actually absolute perfection. Seriously, I had no idea snowflakes actually resemble the paper shapes we cut out as kids. Remember folding the paper 10 times into a little triangle, then cutting corners and adding cutout shapes, then opening the paper to reveal a totally unique piece of art we called a snowflake … yeah we didn’t make the stuff up … we were copying God’s design.

Each snowflake that falls from the sky is a tiny perfect thing. Now maybe you realized this long before me and you stopped being amazed by it years ago, but I encourage you if you have this masterpiece around you today, go out with your cellphone and find a single flake unbroken, zoom in with your camera and marvel over its absolute perfection. If it is actively snowing, put on a soft fluffy scarf and let the snow fall on it so the flakes are unbroken, then examine their design. Not a single snowflake is the same.


It’s that magnificent?

He didn’t have to do that, did he? Why would he create snowflakes with such design and detail?

BECAUSE HE CARES. God cares about the tiniest of things. He is in the details. He creates his finest masterpieces working with the tiniest things.

You know I’m talking about you, right? You, his greatest work, which began as a microscopic speck holding all the potential of your lifetime. He did the impossible of creating you, using the perfect combination of the only 2 human beings in all of existence that could create you.

Did you know the odds of you even being alive are 1 in 400 trillion? That’s a 4 with 15 zeros! Every day of your life you’re waking up against the odds and doing the impossible … yet here you are filled with purpose living at the exact moment in history God designed. Doing big things that make a world of difference.

You are doing big things, right?

Crap, have you missed the big thing you’re supposed to be doing? Is the entire purpose of your existence passing you by? Are you still confused why you’re here and what you’re here to do?

Ahhhhhh my sister, take a clue from the God who creates the tiniest masterpieces, your life is so much more about the little things than the big things.

All the little things you do set a chain reaction in motion that changes lives. That’s what you’re here to do … the little things. Little things that are indescribably beautiful if you were to ever really look closer.

God is working in all things, not just the big things. God created you for these tiny little moments of opportunity, tiny little specks of beauty, tiny little moments of perfection because that’s how our amazing God works.

Maybe you don’t have snow today, but maybe you have a piece of diamond jewelry. Take a look at that diamond today, another masterpiece of God’s. Do you realize that diamond was formed deep within, probably 100 miles beneath the surface of the Earth about 3 billion years ago?!!!! And while all that force and pressure was forming that diamond, the God who created it knew it would be YOURS. Yes, he knew this tiny little masterpiece formed by his hands would one day be on your hand, his most prized masterpiece.

Oh my goodness gracious. If you realize nothing else today, may you realize how detailed our God is and how detailed his care is or you.

Jesus said in Luke 12: 6-7 “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

Sparrows which are practically worthless to us are important to God. Jesus reminds us God doesn’t forget about a single sparrow. And we, God’s prized and treasured creation, we are worth so much more.

So of course God cares about the little things. He not only cares about the little things, but he pours his BEST into those little things. Even a snowflake to fall in your yard gets its own unique design. Even the diamond in your jewelry was designed for you 3 billion years ago.

My sister, please know today, God cares about the little things in your life. Those little things you feel are too petty to bring to him. No, they’re not petty. They’re precious. And God says, bring them to me. I care. Let me work in every little detail. Let me create something beautiful here.

Today you are surrounded by tiny perfect things. Perfect details you can’t even see. May you be swept away by the beauty of these tiny perfect things, remembering you are one of them. May you be comforted by the beauty of these tiny perfect things, knowing God is working in all the little things on your behalf right now. And may you take pride in all the little things you do today, remembering this is your greatest calling.

Tiny perfect things. That’s who we are. That’s what we’re surrounded by. That’s what we shall do.