daily devotional

God desires more for your life than you desire. You can never out dream him. You can never imagine more than he has imagined. His vision for who you can be, what you can do, and how much living you can fit into your lifespan is far greater than your own vision. But for some reason deep down sometimes, if we’re being real honest, we’re afraid God might be sitting on his throne ready to strike. Ready to take away what is good. Ready to ruin all the plans we have made and leave us with nothing. We fear when it might all fall apart, so we hesitate to keep building.

But this fear is not of God. He doesn’t look at you and see the girl who has screwed up more than her permitted screw ups. He doesn’t see you as his masterpiece that got broken beyond repair. He sees you as his masterpiece ready for the next step in the process. His girl who has been perfectly positioned to receive his grace which makes you more than enough. His girl who is 100% completely covered by Jesus, and therefore fully redeemed in every way.

He’s not ready to strike … he’s ready to bless. He’s not watching you closely to point out your stumble, he’s watching you closely to pick you up when you fall and set those feet on solid ground again. He’s never once given up hope that you can still live the life he desires for you. He’s never once stopped dreaming of all that can be for you. He’s never once wavered from all he has imagined for you.

And not to spoil the surprise ending or anything sister, but it’s GOOD. It’s sooooooo good. What God has for you is better than your human mind can possibly conceive. It’s bigger than you can fathom. It’s greater than you could dare imagine. And THIS is what he has for you.


Will you receive it?

Some of us don’t know how to receive. Our hands are so full we couldn’t grab something more if we tried. What if God has been trying to give you more, but your hands are so full already you haven’t been able to grasp it. Oh yes, he has more strength for you. More willpower for you. More energy for you. More clarity for you. More wisdom for you. More peace for you. More creativity for you. More purpose for you. More provision for you. More breakthroughs for you.

If he has it for you, why don’t you have it today? Because your hands have been full.

Oh, what’s already in your hands? What is keeping you from grabbing what God has for you here? That hand full of excuses you’ve been carrying around. Your excuses are so darn good, you just don’t want to put them down. So, you hold on tight to them because they excuse you from having to do anything different … I mean you can’t because your hands are already full. Oh but girl, what are those excuses causing you to miss out on?

I had 5 excuses I used to carry around telling me why I couldn’t live the life I live today. They were so good I believed them, I bought them, and I carried them with me everywhere. And any time God showed me the life I COULD have by stirring a little desire within me, I would tighten my grip on those excuses and never open my hands to what God had for me.

My excuses were I wasn’t good enough, I didn’t know enough, I didn’t have enough, I couldn’t do enough, and I could never be enough. Honestly all of these excuses had become enough for me. Enough for me to settle far short of the life I was created for. Enough for me to assume my position on the bench of life and not get on the field of life. Enough for me to have an okay life and be semi-satisfied in it.

Then God said ENOUGH!!!!!!!

As a mom have you ever heard your kids incessant arguing and bickering, then finally burst out “ENOUGH!” I’ve heard all I can hear. I can’t take this any more. This is ENOUGH.

Isn’t that God with us? God is saying “Enough already! I’ve heard all your excuses I can hear. I’ve seen you settle for less than I created you for. I’ve seen you sit it out when I made you to stand up. I’ve seen you tear yourself down, believe the lies of the enemy, and miss the opportunities I aligned for you one too many times. THIS IS ENOUGH. You are ENOUGH. I’ve made you more than enough. I’ve given you more than enough. I’m here once again today offering you everything you need to live the life your mind can’t even imagine, but there’s one thing you must do to accept … you must drop your excuses.”

You can’t accept what God is offering you here if you’re still carrying around your excuses. Remember the ones that tell you you’re not good enough … God has declared ENOUGH, so you can safely drop it here.

You are enough already.

Jesus said in John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

When you remain in Jesus, and only when you remain in Jesus, you can do all these great things with your life. You can have and be and do. But apart from him, NONE OF IT. You must stay connected to him. You must keep your hands open to him. And open hands mean dropped excuses.

What do you mean you’re not good enough? You’re a child of the King of all Kings. I’m pretty sure that makes you good enough.

What do you mean you’re not strong enough? The very spirit of God is living in you. His power is IN YOU. That means you’re most definitely strong enough.

I heard Joyce Myer say it like this “Whosoever does what God tells them to do can have whatsoever God wants them to have.”

God wants you to have a bigger life than you have ever even imagined possible. He wants that for you. This is the fruit he has planned and available for you. How do you get it? You stay connected to Jesus. You grow with him. Be guided by him.

And the fruit … well, that comes naturally. The blessings, well they flow. The change, it happens in its season.

You, all you have to do is stay close to Jesus and keep those hands wide open and free of excuses.