daily devotional

God is in the business of taking what is old and making it new. He’s an expert in restoring what has been broken, reviving what has been lost, and bringing life to that which seemed too far gone.

What is seemingly too far gone in your life? What has been lost and claimed to never be found? What has died within you without hope of ever being alive again? This isn’t where you walk away and settle for broken pieces that can never be whole again … this is where you bring the broken pieces to the Master and ask him to begin his miraculous work.

This is DIY time. But not DIY the way you’ve been taught. You are not a ‘Do It Yourself’ project. Your life, your hurt, your mess, your brokenness, this is a ‘Do It Yahweh’ project. Yahweh, the name God gives himself. It is sacred, and it is specific to a relationship with you. In Genesis 1, God is called Elohim in Greek, which refers to the God who creates. He is the one who is majestic and powerful, but distant. Then in Genesis 2, God is introduced as Yahweh. He is the same God, but now with a different name. Why? Because now he is in a relationship. He has created humanity, and Yahweh is personally involved with us.

Yahweh, the God who desires a relationship with you, the one personally invested in you, the one who delights in the details of your life, is here to move and work on your behalf. May your response be DIY … Do It Yahweh!

No more trying to do this all yourself. You’ve tried, haven’t you? You’re exhausted from trying all the things to fix what surely seems too far gone. You’re ready to walk away. But God is ready to make you new again. He is here to restore what has been broken. He is here to revive what has been lost in you.

What have you lost? Have you lost your passion? Have you lost your pep? Have you lost your motivation? Have you lost your vision? Have you lost your compassion? Have you lost your purpose? Your joy? Your peace?

Has it been so lost for so long that you believe you will never get it back? Honey it’s time to call in Yahweh! Lord, please work here. Do what only you can do. I can’t do this myself.

Lord, help us not to settle here. Help us not to throw away what you can still work with. Help us to see your vision for what we have left. Help us to seek that which has been lost so you can restore our lives.

Jesus tells us a story in Luke 15: 8-10 about looking for what is lost. “Suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Doesn’t she light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost coin.’ In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

God isn’t giving up on what has been lost in your life. He’s not willing to throw away what has been broken. He’s here to help you find that passion again. He’s here to help you heal completely and step into the beautiful future awaiting you, whole and complete. He’s here to help restore that which still hurts and doesn’t make sense. And he won’t stop until it’s done. Until you’re found. Until you’re made new again.

Y’all, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost given up. I couldn’t see what God was doing. I couldn’t feel him moving. All I saw was an endless mountain of demands and zero progress no matter how hard I tried. BUT GOD. God was working. God was working in unseen places, restoring and renewing, preparing and providing, strengthening and supplying. Then one day it was as if the veil was lifted and I could see what he had been doing and just how perfect his work really was.

Do you remember the show Extreme Home Makeover? Ty Pennington and his crew would arrive on sight to a family in desperation with a home in need of a major makeover. They would send the family away and get to work. Sometime later, they would bring the family back and position them in the road in front of their house, but they couldn’t see what had been done. Do you remember what was blocking the view of their new home? THE BUS! Together they would yell, MOVE THAT BUS! And the bus would drive away, revealing their extreme home makeover.

Tears. Joy. Excitement. Yes, the reveal after the bus had moved.

Girl, there have been some extreme makeovers happening in your life. God has been working, but you can’t see what he’s been doing. From the inside out, he’s been making what was old into something new. You can’t see it yet because something is blocking your view. It’s time to move that bus!

God, what have you been doing? Show us your work! Reveal to us the makeover you’ve mastered. Remove the things standing in the way, blocking our vision from your restoration.

God has been breaking chains. God has been tearing down walls. God has been doing demolition in our lives. All we could see was destruction and loss. All we have felt is pain and fear. But God has a greater purpose. God is making over our lives. We’re ready to see it now. Lord, show us what you’ve been doing.

Yahweh did it! This God who is in a personal relationship with us, He is the one responsible for restoring what was too far gone. For reviving what we had lost along the way. For an extreme makeover.

Now maybe you’re not at the reveal stage yet. Maybe you’re in the demolition stage where things are still being torn down. Your life feels almost unlivable right now. Will you trust God isn’t done here? Will you trust he has a vision for how he will rebuild and restore every single thing that has been lost here?

Old walls are being torn down and your life is being opened up. New spaces are being created here. Trust the design of the Almighty as he reveals his miraculous plans for your future. Yes it’s extreme and maybe you would have settled for just a little fresh paint over what you already had, but God isn’t in the business of settling. He’s extreme. He’s all the way. He’s all in. He’s here offering his very best because you are his beloved.

This is all a process. Yahweh has a way. It’s likely not your way. It’s his way and it’s higher, bigger and better than yours … it’s deeper than fresh paint … it’s a total overhaul. But in the end, the life you have will be of tremendous value and this makeover will be worth it!