daily devotional

In the Bible we read about God speaking to people through dreams. Does he ever speak to you through your dreams? I typically wake up remembering my dreams and y’all, they are crazy. My dreams are random and scattered and if God is trying to talk to me through those dreams, I’m going to need a professional to figure it out. And last night was no different. When my alarm rang I was right in the middle of this random running off of my sleepy mind. Now since my alarm is under my bed, the first thing I do is hit my knees to turn it off, so I’m reminded to pray. As usual, I was asking God to begin speaking to me so I would have a good word to share with you in today’s episode. And when I asked, within my spirit I felt God say “I’ve already told you” and he led me back to the dream I was having.

So, here’s the random dream and the interpretation God has since revealed.

Lonnie and I were traveling in our car and we pulled up to a house. A mom comes out with her 4 young children to greet us. I asked the kids “so, who are you?” The oldest boy said “I’m Doc.” The mom looked at him and said “oh, that’s new.” Then the next boy rubbed his face and said “I’m razor burn.” Then I looked at the little girl who seemed shy and she hid her face in her mom’s dress and said “I don’t know who I am.” Finally the youngest boy who could barely talk said “I’m super hero.”

And the alarm rang.

Random. And yet every detail was so specific. What could the meaning be? Why did God give me this to share with you today? Do you see it?

Over the past 12 years I’ve worked with thousands of women who came to me seeking more out of life. They had arrived at a stage where they were ready to do more than just survive, or they were ready to find happiness again, or discover their purpose. Regardless of why they told me they sought me out, ultimately at the root of it, they were seeking who they were really created to be and the life they were created to live.

And really, that’s what we all want. To know we were created for a purpose, that purpose is ridiculously good, then walk confidently in that purpose. But we get lost along the way. We get busy, we get side-tracked, and we lose sight of our truth. We’re asked who we are, and like the kids in my dream, we all come up with something different than who we really are.

1. The first boy was Doc. He represents our warped identity in what we do.

You are not your job. You are not your degree. You are more than the title you carry. What happens if that job vanishes, then who are you? What you do is not who you are. Have you lost yourself in what you do and now your only value and worth is attached to the money you make, the people you help, or the work you complete?

Don’t you know God created you as his beloved masterpiece? He doesn’t give a flying flip how you make your money or how far you climb that ladder. He wants you to know WHO YOU ARE, who he created you to be, not what you’ve decided to do.

2. The second boy was Razor Burn. He rubbed his little face to show me the pain that went with that identity. Oh honey, you are not what has happened to you.

We carry around our afflictions like a badge. You are more than a cancer survivor, a diabetic, or diasbled. That can’t be the most important thing about you. You are so much more than a single mom, unemployed, or divorced. If you lead with what has happened to you, then guess what … what has happened to you is leading you.

Have you lost who you were created to be to what you’ve gone through? Is who you are wrapped up in the path you’ve walked? What is greater … the path or the person? You are not what has happened to you. You are not what has been taken from you. You are not what you have gone through. You are not what’s wrong with you. That’s not how God sees you. It’s time to stop seeing yourself like this.

3. In my dream the little girl was shy and claimed to not know who she was.

Is that you? You’ve lost yourself? You hear the stories of others and feel yours are so insignificant. You know the successes of others and feel ‘less than’. So, you don’t know who you are. You just know you’re not as good as them or as good as you wish you could be. And maybe you’ve spent so many years not knowing who you are, that’s become your identity. You identify with being lost. You identify with being unimportant. You have claimed the position of being nobody.

But that’s not what God says about you. God says he chose you, hand crafted you, knows every detail about you down to the number of hairs on your head, and created you for good things he planned long ago for you. You have been given a life that only you can live. No one else can take your place. No one else can live your days. And if you play little and shrink to the sidelines of your own life claiming to be a nobody, you miss the goodness you were created for.

4. And finally, the youngest child claimed to be Super Hero.

Remember when you were dumb enough to believe you could do it all? Remember when you believed in happily ever after? Remember when you thought this would be easy? That was disappointing wasn’t it? You can’t do it all … not on your own. You wear no cape. You have no super powers. You’re now grown up enough to know you struggle your way through every darn day and go to bed exhausted, only to wake up the next day and struggle to do it all again. Now, knowing better and having tasted enough of real life, we’re grown ups trying to tame the wild dreams of young ones who still believe they can be a Super Hero.

What if we didn’t do that? What if we not only allowed them to believe they could do awesome and amazing things … but what if we allowed ourselves to believe it again too? What if we actually bought into the truth that the Spirit of God lives within us and has the power to do all things? What if we really believed that with God, all things are truly possible? What if we dug deep in our spirit and found our identity in who lives within us, and that’s pretty darn super and powerful!

My sister, you’re not what you do, the degree you hold, the title you wear, or the work you complete. You’re not what has happened to you or what you’ve going through. You’re not a nobody who is destined to be lost or stuck.

You are destined for goodness. You are designed perfectly. You are filled with power. You are chosen for a purpose.


Who are you?

You are a child of God. You are the daughter of the King, a real life Princess. You are loved. You are forgiven. You are purpose filled. You are perfectly positioned. You are fully equipped. You are blessed. You are anointed. You are appointed. You are highly favored. You are victorious.

1 Peter 2:9 ” “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.“

Honey, it is time for you to declare the praises of the God who has taken you out of the darkness and into his wonderful light. How do you do that? By remembering WHO YOU ARE. You are God’s special possession. You are his girl. Claim that. All day claim how precious and priceless you are, not because of what you do or what you’ve been through, but because of who you belong to and how he created you.