daily devotional

Just how impatient are you? Is there a timeline you’re stressed over, feeling time is running out, yet nothing is happening? Things aren’t coming together and the closer you get to the designated time of needing things to have already happened, you start to panic. Is that you? Is that you now?

Have you talked to God about this timeline? Have you told him you need something to happen now?

That’s good. You should talk to him. You should bring your every need to him. But listen to his response. Has God ever once responded with shock like “Oh my goodness, you’re right … where has the time gone? I was over here goofing off handling natural disasters and world wide pandemics, I forgot about the urgency of your need.”

My sister, our God is so much bigger than that! He hasn’t forgotten about your need. He hasn’t overbooked his schedule and depleted himself of time and energy to respond to you. He isn’t running late. He’s not stretched thin or overwhelmed. That’s you. That’s what you do. Don’t push your human tendencies off on a Holy God.

Just this morning I was reminding God of a deadline. A required time for him to show up and do something, and while the time was drawing near, he hadn’t made an appearance yet. I hadn’t seen his hand at work. I hadn’t seen evidence of his attention to my details. So I was giving him a friendly reminder of time running out.

Uhhmmmmm God … do you know what time it is? Where you at? Hello? It’s time Lord.

And his response to me this morning was so clear, so simple and so direct. He said “I made time.”

Here I am reminding God of my timeline and he simply reminds me HE MADE TIME. What am I stressed about? Why am I worried about God running out of time to do what I think I need him to do? He made time. He holds time. Time is not a limitation on God.

2 Peter 3:8 “A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day.”

What does that mean? It means what would take us a thousand years would require one day for God. An entire lifetime of change can happen in a moment with God. Time is your limitation. God is timeless. He has always been and he always will be. His power stretches across all span of time and has no limits.

You procrastinate … God does not.

God knew every moment of your entire existence before your first breath, and you better believe this moment where you’re waiting and wondering was accounted for. This day where you’re wondering when something is going to happen. This season of your life which hangs on something, anything, coming together but you don’t know when. It is all known. It is all covered. It is all under God’s holy reign and ultimate power.

I’m a right now kinda person. I see something that needs to be done and I feel like it should be done right now. I have an idea and I’m springing into action before that idea has time to settle. I’m a sushi kinda person. I don’t have time for this to cook, so let’s just eat it raw. I see opportunity, I seize opportunity. I see a cliff, I run and jump. I see a target, I fire … sometimes I forget to check my aim. It’s a talent and a liability. I’m a get crap done kinda person … I’m also a sometimes make crap worse kinda person, but my intentions are always good. It’s why God gave me my husband. I’m the gas and he’s the brakes. Without me he goes no where … without him I would have crashed and burned 25 years ago.

I’m always in a hurry. I have a running list. On that list there’s an urgent column, and there’s a not urgent column. EVERYTHING is in the urgent column for me. If it made it to the list, it’s urgent. And my prayers reflect the same. God, I need you to do something now. I need an answer now. Not later God, now.

As I wait, my prayers get more aggressive. Uhmmmm God, hello? Things aren’t getting any better here and I know you’re busy but we gotta get crackin’ with this.

You know what comes next? I start running ahead. I start climbing mountains I’m not even sure need to be climbed. In my rush and need for immediate answers, I create messes. I exhaust myself. I see time one way, and God sees it another way. And guess what … he’s right and I’m wrong.

Our timelines don’t always align. He doesn’t always move when I want him to move or answer when I want him to answer. Sometimes he makes this girl wait.

Is he making you wait? Know that in the wait, God is working. It is for a purpose. And that purpose is greater than your plan.

Here in this space where you’re staring down a deadline or an urgent need that’s running out of time, remember this … GOD MADE TIME. He holds time. He’s never showing up prematurely, and he will never arrive on the scene too late. He’s always right on time, because time is his.

Our human minds see the need and we allot time accordingly. God sees the need and he is neither pressed nor stressed. He’s got this. You hear me, GOD’S GOT THIS. If he’s waiting, that wait is for a purpose. If he’s quiet, the silence is for a purpose. You have no idea the movement happening in the heavenly realms on your behalf. You don’t see the angels in action on their mission specifically for you. You are unaware of the moment coming where God will reveal what he did in one day what would have taken you a thousand years to do. But it’s happening.

It is happening. God is responding to your need. Your prayer has set His power in motion.

It’s not too late. This hasn’t slipped through the fingers of God … it’s held tightly by the Almighty and will be released just when it needs to be.

God, where are you?
I am right here.

God, why aren’t you doing anything?
I am. Your mind can’t comprehend what I’m doing for you.

God, when will it happen?
When my glory will be on full display.

God, will you help me while I wait?
Absolutely my girl. I’ve got you.