daily devotional

You have a destiny … have you dismissed yourself from it? You’ve disqualified yourself from more, while God is still quite certain he designed you for more.

Girl, get in agreement with what God says about you! You’ve been so busy disagreeing with the truth, that you’ve thoroughly bought into a lie. A lie, believing anything you may have done in the past has limited your future. A lie, believing that which you feel unequipped to do now will remain unattainable for you.

May I remind you that our God absolutely loves to pour out his unending grace and ridiculous power on his girls daring enough to believe it’s possible?

Why have you put limits on what God can do with you, through you, and for you? Whatever God wants to do, he can do and your little thinking needs to get out of the way and make room for destiny now.

When God formed you, he didn’t have little, mediocre things in mind for you. I promise he didn’t make you and then say “Heather, I hope you don’t expect much.” “Jennifer, you’re always going to be defeated because I just didn’t have anything extra to pour into you.” “Kim, I’m going to need you to be okay with settling.”


God looked at you, his miraculous creation and said “I choose her for my power to work within. My eye is one her. I will never give up on her!”

You have assumed way too much of your own negative power. Who are you to stop God’s great will? Who are you to be able to detour his plan? Honey, you’re not that powerful. You haven’t screwed this thing up beyond God’s ability to work it all together for good.

Repeat after me: GOD CAN!

He is not limited here. He can move mountains. He can break chains. He can part seas. He can bring miraculous prevision. He can do the impossible in your life. In Matthew 19:26 Jesus said “”With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. That’s pretty darn clear. There are no limitations on what God can do. There isn’t a single situation in your life that’s too far gone. There’s nothing about you that is without hope. With God, ALL things are possible, and that includes YOUR things. Your impossible things. Your ‘too late’ things. Your ‘too hard’ things. Your ‘too big’ things. ALL of your things are possible with God, so girl, get out of the way.

What’s in the way? Really, what of you is in the way of God? Your doubts. Your excuses. Your delays.

Get in agreement with him here.

God is asking today if you trust him enough to just agree with him. Seriously, do you trust God enough to believe what he has said about you? Do you trust him enough to release your doubts, give up your excuses, and end your delays?

That’s a big trust, but it’s totally doable. Just get in agreement. God, I’m going to put an end to my disobedience of arguing with you, and I choose right now to just agree with you. I agree with everything you say about me. I accept it as my truth.

Romans 8:37 tells me you are more than a conqueror through Jesus. What does it mean to be MORE than a conqueror? It means you’re than just a girl who showed up and somehow pulled off a win. More than a girl who got lucky. More than a one hit wonder whose glory days have already passed. Being more than a conqueror means you don’t just win once, you’re destined for the championship. It means you have a track record of overcoming, a history of winning battles, a destiny of rising up to new and higher levels.

Honey, this is who you are through Jesus. This is the life he has for you. Not a losing life, a winning life.

Deuteronomy 28:13 “The Lord will make you the head and not the tail, and you will always be on top and never at the bottom.”

This is his plan for you. Believe it! While you may not feel good enough for it, God says you are. While you may not feel ready for it, God says you are. While you may not understand how it’s all going to happen, God has already made a way for it to happen.

The enemy always comes in with a question and plants his seed of doubt. His attacks are relentless on that which is a threat to his confusion and twisted ways. If you ever ask why life seems so hard for you … that’s why! You are a threat. There’s power within you to display God’s ability to do the impossible.


Here’s your truth bomb for today:

You are fully equipped and right on time. All the days of your life have brought you right here where everything is now going to be used for ridiculous goodness. You were made for this!

It’s time to rise up and declare your victory. Assume your position. Yes girl, get in formation! Get in agreement with all God has declared is possible for you. It’s not too late. You haven’t screwed this thing up. You haven’t missed your opportunity. You’re not destined for failure.

Expect great things of yourself because of the greatness in you! With God ALL things are possible.