daily devotional

Certain experiences in life change us. When a crisis hits, we gather what’s most important and protect it. When chaos surrounds us, we seek to shut out all the noise and focus. And when it passes, which all things eventually do, we walk away with a different perspective and stronger priorities.

Some of the best things for our future first appear bad. The best setup for success is first a step back to the basics. A pull back comes before the launch forward. But, we forget that don’t we? We forget that future victories first appear as present battles. Future strength first appears as current hardship. Future growth can be found in today’s struggle.

We would all love to learn the lesson from a book and never have to show up for the battle. We would choose to grow and skip the hardship, Sign me up for the victory without the struggle. But your Creator knows that’s simply not the way you learn best. And because he always wants what is ultimately best for you, he lets you step right into the next season of warrior training.

What if you could think of your current circumstances as warrior training? What if you could see how all of this is strengthening you and sharpening your skills? What if you could see how God’s planned victories for you come through today’s hard training?

Doesn’t it just help to remember God has your victories planned? Listen to me, YOU WILL NOT BE DEFEATED HERE. God’s good plans for you that we have memorized in Jeremiah 29:11 are brought through today’s less than perfect reality. Training sometimes sucks, but victory is worth it.

God did not create you with a plan of defeat. He didn’t design you for losing. He didn’t destine you to a low place of darkness which you can never find your way out of. His plans for you are good. His plans are to prosper you. But you won’t always understand the unfolding of those plans.

Job was a man who had so much, and even though he was faithful, he lost everything. In Job 42 we read his conversation with God:

“I know that you can do anything,
and no one can stop you.
3 You asked, ‘Who is this that questions my wisdom with such ignorance?’
It is I—and I was talking about things I knew nothing about,
things far too wonderful for me.”

I too have questioned God’s wisdom. I’ve asked him why. I’ve asked him how much longer. I’ve questioned his good plan when things seemed so wrong. And with a little time and space, I’ve seen the bigger picture unfold and I’m reminded I was questioning God about things I knew nothing about. Like Job, I now understand there are some things far too wonderful for me to understand right now.

The things you can’t understand in your life right now are still in process. They are still unfolding to reveal the good plans God has. But don’t be surprised when they don’t look good right now. It’s still too wonderful for you to understand. It’s bigger than your mind can imagine.

God never called you to understand it, he called you to trust him going through it. He’s making you into a warrior, and warriors are trained for battle. Training is not easy. Training is not fun. But training is necessary for future victory. Remember, God has future victory planned for you girl!

You can speak with confidence over every situation in your life “THERE WILL BE VICTORY HERE!”

I don’t know when, and I don’t know how, but there will be victory here. This battle will be won through Jesus. You will take a few blows, you will be temporarily defeated, you will suffer loss. There will be hard times and dark days. There will be deep valleys and vast deserts … KEEP ON MARCHING. Don’t stop here. This isn’t the end. You’re just passing through as you march on to victory.

God is meeting you here today with new mercies. He has provision for you today. A new supply of strength, energy and willpower is here. Take it and use it!

There will be victory here. This battle will be won. These mountains will be moved. This darkness will be lifted. Breakthrough will come and the way will be made. You’re standing in the midst of future victories God has planned for you. What he needs is for his warrior to keep training, not give up, and trust his battle plan as it unfolds.

There are things far too wonderful for you to understand happening right here, right now. Things you cannot see with your eyes, but God holds them firmly in his hands. God is big enough to handle your questions and keep making the way for your next step. It’s okay to ask, but don’t quit stepping.

I’ve learned in my darkest and hardest times if I just take one step towards God, he will take a thousand towards me. If I seek, I will find.

Seek the next step so intentionally that you already have your foot lifted, girl. Be in action moving towards the victory God has planned for you. Believe it so much that no one could make you lay in bed today and waste this opportunity.

Get up for the victory. Show up for warrior training today. These battles will be fought, and they will be won!

These are battles God plans on winning. No one can get in the way of his plans. There will be victory here … pick up your foot for it.