daily devotional

You have been chosen to do a good work. You have been selected, set apart, equipped, and prepared to do specific work in your daily life. What is it? Have you discovered your gifting? Have you realized your potential? Have you stepped into your anointing?

Did you even know you are anointed?

I honestly had no idea I was anointed until someone messaged me about 2 months ago and used that exact word in conversation with me. She told me how the words I speak are exactly what she needs to hear, and that comes from a specific anointing by God. Woahhhhh … say what??? Little ol’ me is anointed by the Almighty? There’s an anointing on my life and my work? Oh come on let me dance a little! That’s just the coolest darn thing I’ve ever heard.

I’ve been allowing this to resonate in my heart and mind because it was a very foreign concept to me. I somehow thought anointing was for someone much more special than me. It was reserved for greater positions and power. Now I’m beginning to understand God’s anointing is available for all of us and it shows up in different ways, but for the same purpose.

Acts 10:38 “God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and with power. Then Jesus went around doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him.”

It is God who gives the anointing, the imparting of power, and as the recipients we’re simply to go around doing good. We tie strings to it and make it so much more difficult than it needs to be. It’s really quite simple … do good with what God has empowered you to do. This is how you use your anointing.

When your goodness is backed by the power of the Almighty, it has life-changing impact. Something that just comes natural to you becomes supernatural when God’s anointing is on it.

Now I understand how the words I type in the wee hours of each morning have the power to reach around the world and touch deep places in souls that are seeking, it’s because I’m anointed to do this. Hot dang y’all, I’m anointed and I didn’t even know it! And my guess is, as a precious child of God, chosen and set apart for a time such as this, YOU ARE TOO! There’s an anointing on your life and the purpose of it is quite simple … do what Jesus did … go around doing good.

Jesus was anointed, but this anointing wasn’t to make him look good. It was so he could DO good and accomplish his life’s mission. That same power is now upon you. Power to do good, but don’t get caught up in it making you look good.

How many times are we prompted to do good, but we’re looking over our shoulder making sure someone sees it? How public does your goodness have to be before you’re willing to release it? This isn’t about you looking good sweet girl, this is about making a relationship with Jesus look so good others can’t resist it. This is about putting God on display and showing his goodness.

I know a woman who is undoubtedly anointed in raising her special needs little girl. The amount of grace and patience she shows is supernatural. Really it is, because it could only come from God. Daily she is doing the good God set her apart to do, with no recognition or thanks. She will receive no award or ribbon, but this mama is anointed.

I recently spent time with a woman who has the anointing of joy and laughter. You cannot hear her voice without feeling immediate happiness. She told me how she always hated her voice and was picked on growing up, but then she discovered babies respond with such wide eyed delight when they hear her talk. But it’s not just babies, I too am drawn in by the pure sweetness in her voice and the hilarious things she says. She’s anointed. There’s power there.

I know a man who invests money and it’s ridiculous how lucky he seems to get. But it’s not luck, it’s anointing. This man uses his money for such goodness. He helps fund orphanages and gives anonymously in the most absurdly generous ways without the desire for anyone else to know. He’s anointed. God’s power is upon him, and he’s going around doing good with it.

When God’s power is upon you, it’s not to make you look good my sister, it’s to help you do good.

Have you asked God what your anointing is? Have you asked him how his power is at work in your life specifically and what good you can do with it?

You don’t need a stage or a microphone to use your anointing. When the words you speak lift one up, then you’re using your anointing well. When you have supernatural compassion and love to give, you’re anointed. When you understand what someone is going through and you’re there at just the right time to listen, you’re anointed. And you use it for good.

This should give you confidence girlfriend. God is using you as a vessel for his power and goodness. Isn’t that just the most amazing thing? He has chosen YOU to reach out through. He has chosen you to love through. He has chosen you to work through.

Stop minimizing and belittling your gifting. God’s spirit dwells within you and imparts supernatural abilities to do that which you couldn’t do on your own. It’s his divine prompting, his keen awareness, his all-knowing wisdom, and it pours into you so you can go around doing good.

When you walk in the room, someone’s burden is lightened. When you show up, someone is lifted up. When you speak, someone is touched. Goodness comes out of you because you are anointed. Anointed to do good.

Embrace that and show up for it!

God gave Jesus supernatural power to do what flesh alone cannot do. And he gives that same spirit to you. Today, you have supernatural power to do what your flesh alone cannot do. He has anointed me with these words to speak into your life, so here I am just showing up and seeing what he has to say and sharing the goodness with you. Now, it’s your turn. Take the anointing on your life and go do good with it.

If you don’t know what that is, ask God to begin opening your eyes to his good purpose for you. Use your energy for good. Use your talent for good. Use your compassion for good. Use your words for good. Use your resources for good. Use your time for good. Use your hands for good. Use your social media for good. Right now, set your heart and mind on doing good and release God’s power within you.

You’re anointed for this.