daily devotional

So now you know, you’re anointed (episode 876). Indeed, you are chosen and divinely empowered to do good in your life. It doesn’t all have to come from you, your true source is the Holy Spirit dwelling within you. That’s why you can do what you can do. That’s where the energy comes from. That’s where the creativity comes from. That’s where the right words at the right time come from. That’s where the patience comes from. It’s your anointing by the Almighty to do that which is natural to you, but on a supernatural level.

But here’s the thing about being anointed, it doesn’t make it easy. We foolishly assume walking in our anointing will mean it’s an easy stroll with little effort … and we would be sorely wrong. Being anointed would instead mean questioning every step you take along the way, wondering if you’re doing it right. It would mean battling the little voice inside that continually tells you you’re not good enough. It would mean being attacked by the inner critic that tells you you’re a fraud and imposter. It would mean sometimes being tricked into giving less than your best effort and then feeling shame and regret over it. But then, after all this, it means you are strengthened and empowered to get up the next day and try again.

And that’s just the crazy crap going on inside your head … let’s talk about what goes on around you. When you’re anointed does that mean everyone else recognizes it? Does that mean others celebrate what God is doing in your life? Does that mean success follows you everywhere you go? Oh girl, if that’s what you’re waiting on to confirm your anointing, you’re surely going to miss it.

Others often don’t recognize God’s gifting in your life because they’re too busy trying to compete with it. They’re threatened by it, so they attack it. Anointing doesn’t mean instant success, it means surviving the attack against all odds and somehow having the strength to keep going. It means slow progress and hard climbs. It means gradual increase after a series of setbacks. It means discovering God’s unmatched ability to use all things for good, even the unimaginably bad things.

Just because you are chosen and divinely equipped, does not mean it will be easy for you. Don’t confuse ease with purpose. Purpose is not easy. Purpose is a life-long pursuit of resisting the temptation of the easier way, and instead opting for the way with greater impact. Purpose is digging deep and diving in. Purpose is wholeness that comes first from brokenness. Purpose is trusting hard seasons will pass, and good seasons won’t last forever, so make the most out of each one.

If you’re seeking ease, you will miss the anointing on your life. If you’re seeking comfort, you will forfeit the power God has offered you. Living up to the potential the Almighty has put within you will require more grit and consistency than you even believe possible for you at this point. But remember, our God is the God of the impossible. Daily He will strengthen you to do that which you still believe is impossible. Why? Because you’re anointed.

I now know I’m anointed. Anointed to do this. Anointed to write and speak and share. Anointed to bring light and joy and life to your mornings. Anointed to be energetic and slightly ridiculous enough with the crazy crap that comes out of my mouth to keep you listening. But let me tell you, it’s not easy. If you only knew the voices in my head when I sit down every morning to write. Voices that try to convince me I’m too sleepy. Voices that tell me I’ve run out of things to share. Voices that tell me this is useless and I’m wasting my time. Voices that tell me I’m a fool and pretty soon everyone else will figure that out too.

Being anointed doesn’t mean you stop hearing those voices … it means you learn to stop listening to them. You learn to take action before you feel like it. You learn taking the next step is the only way you turn the voices down. Action drowns those voices out. Sitting in your feelings of dread and overwhelm only allows defeat. Girl, don’t dwell there. You’re anointed to move forward.

So many of us miss our anointing to do great things with our life because we’re waiting on feelings to confirm it first. We’re waiting on the easy way to appear and the guaranteed winning door to open. Walking in your anointing requires faith with each step, because while anointing comes with power to do incredible things, you will likely never feel like you can do those incredible things before you actually start doing them. Like EVER.

You may be anointed to raise your child, but waking up to another day with all their exhausting needs doesn’t feel anointed, does it? You won’t realize the strength you have to do exactly what needs to be done today in supernatural ways until you’re actually doing it!

You may walk into a conversation that you feel totally unequipped for, until your anointing has you speaking truth and love in a way you know you’re not capable of on your own. If you were banking on your feelings of adequacy, you would have avoided that conversation, but now here you are in the middle of it saying things the Spirit is prompting you to say.

That’s pretty dang cool!!!!!

Really stop and think about that for just a moment … the Spirit of God is using YOU to speak. He’s using YOU to care for one of his precious children. He’s using YOU to get work done. He’s using YOU to do good. If He says you’re good enough to be used, how about you get on board with that and stop dismissing yourself as inadequate and incapable?

I’m just an ordinary country girl, originally from an itty bitty town in Missouri. I was the nearly 6 foot tall girl who became a cheerleader because basketball required running. And I was the cheerleader who couldn’t do a cartwheel. I’ve never been great at anything. I have nothing more than a High School degree and 9 years worth of experience waking up every morning and sharing a few stories about Jesus in my simple and humble way. I don’t always get it right, I mix up scriptures sometimes, I make up my own words a lot, I crack myself up with jokes no one else gets … and I’m here to tell you I’M ANOINTED TO DO THIS!

But once again today I felt like I couldn’t do it. I struggled to get started. I battled with the urge to go back to bed. I feared failure. I felt like an imposter.

So will you. Get better than that sister. Get better than caving to those voices. Get better than those fickle feelings that have put you on the sidelines before. Get better at knowing your truth and walking in it.

God may have made you to be the best hole digger around, but you can’t stand there with a shovel and pray for a hole. This is a partnership. God equips and anoints you … then the rest is up to you. Dig or don’t.

Philippians 4: 13 ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Yip, you sure can. The question is, will you? Or will you wait until you feel like it? Will you wait until it’s easier? Will you wait until you’re more certain? Girl, there’s good you’re anointed to be doing, get to doing it!

It won’t be easy, but none of the women in the bible used by God had it easy. Study them, not a single one walked an easy path or had a guaranteed future of comfort. Ruth didn’t have it easy. Esther didn’t have it easy. Sarah didn’t have it easy. Hannah didn’t have it easy. Bathsehba, the woman at the well, the woman with the issue of blood. Mary didn’t have it easy.

God’s daughters don’t have it easy, they have it ANOINTED. They are strengthened to do what is natural in supernatural ways. They are called to acts of goodness and equipped to do exactly what needs to be done as they are showing up and doing it.

You are anointed. You are appointed. You are highly favored. You are predestined for victory, which means there will most certainly be a battle. Don’t be shocked by it. This won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Walk in your anointing and move toward the life which God created you for.