daily devotional

If you ever fly over a great mountain range, you see all the impossible peaks are flattened to the same level as the valleys. From the high vantage point of the airplane window, the height of the mountain is reduced to nothing more than a change of color and casting shadows. Now imagine the mountains in our lives from a heavenly perspective.

Your mountain is what’s standing in your way. It’s the impossible you’ve been staring down on the daily. It’s the hard climb you’re not so sure you’re capable of making. Your mountain blocks your view of everything that could be on the other side of it. But honey, this mountain isn’t blocking God’s view of what’s on the other side. He sits high above with a clear view of it all and determines what is possible. And if God declares this mountain possible, then darn it, it’s possible. Get your hiking boots on sis!

Jesus told us in Matthew 17:20 “if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.”

Mustard seed faith. That’s tiny faith that moves big things. Jesus used a mustard seed as an example because it’s one of the tiniest seeds. You could walk around with a mustard seed in your pocket and never feel the extra weight or bulkiness. No one would ever notice a mustard seed in your hand. It would go undetected without a single question. It’s unseen.

But it’s this kind of tiny unshakable faith that Jesus assures you will move mountains. Impossible things shall be done in faith.

But, not all mountains get moved, do they? I’ve seen some impossible things become possible through faith, and I’ve seen others stand steady in the face of faith and not budge. Not all mountains move. Why is that?

I believe some mountains remain because God wants us to climb them. Obstacles remain in the way because we become more like who we were created to be when we climb, rather than when we walk level, steady, and predictable ground. Sister, how will you know God equips you to do the impossible if you’re not facing the impossible? How will you know he’s the way maker if you’re not first staring at a mountain you can’t climb? You don’t need a way maker when the way is easy. You need a way maker when the way seems impossible. When you’ve never been here before. When you feel totally unequipped and under qualified.

What if this mountain has been allowed in your life so you get to know your God personally? How will you know he’s a provider if you never have a need? How will you know he’s a healer if you’re not sick? How will you know he’s a restorer if you’re not first broken? It’s cheap until you personally experience it, then you know.

I’m a girl who once couldn’t walk or talk after a stroke, let me tell you about my healer.
I’m a girl who once parked her car in the garage so the repo man circling my house couldn’t grab it in the middle of the night, let me tell you about my provider.
I’m the girl who once was hurt so badly by people that I was walking away from this calling and never speaking again, let me tell you about my restorer.
I’m the girl who still walks through some pretty darn treacherous territory with some of my most precious loved ones, and I’ve decided that’s okay because one day I’m really going to be able to personally tell you about my redeemer. I’ll tell you how God used every single ounce of intended harm for good. I’ll tell you how all things worked together. I’ll tell you how God was present in even the darkest times. I’ll tell you how he either eventually moved that mountain, or he strengthened this girl to climb it.

God has moved some mountains in your life, hasn’t he? Some miraculous things have happened in the past for you. Never forget that. But also never forget all he has strengthened you to go right through as well. Faith brought you through that thing which would not move. Circumstances didn’t change, but you overcame. Girl, look back and see how far you have come. See where you are now compared to where you used to be. Look how God has been strengthening and equipping you. Look how he has been making a way, one step at a time, turning you into a mountain climber.

When standing at the base of a new impossible, we all would rather be mountain movers than mountain climbers. But aren’t you grateful for the peaks you stand on now with a better view? Aren’t you grateful to know you’re stronger than you ever imagined and more capable than you gave yourself credit for because of the power dwelling within you?

Isn’t it reassuring to know within you is that tiny seed of faith that can move mountains? And isn’t it awesome to know if God determines it’s best to not be moved, then he turns you into a world class mountain climber with that same faith? One way or another, you’re getting beyond this mountain and you will see beyond this current obstacle.

God already sees beyond this. His higher perspective flattens all these mountains and shows all the future pathways for your life. You can trust his perspective is greater than yours. You can trust where there is no way, he is making a way. You can trust if the mountain doesn’t move, then he will be right with you as you climb.

Yes, faith move mountains. But it’s more than just that. Faith also allows us to climb that which won’t be moved and see life from a higher perspective. Faith allows adventure and exploration. Faith allows the unfolding of beauty and wonder.

Lacking faith, we have doubt. Faith moves mountains … Doubt creates mountains. The continual questioning of your value and God’s providence only builds obstacles. These aren’t God made mountains, these are self-made mountains. This is you getting in your own way. This is you trying to figure out what you were never intended to figure out. This is you trying to control what is uncontrollable. This is you procrastinating. This is you with excuses so you don’t have to step out. So you doubt. And in your doubt, you create impossible passes and frustrating delays.

Did you create this mountain? Is this self-imposed? Has worry fashioned the stones of this rock wall? Faith can move it. A tiny bit of faith that through Christ Jesus, all things are possible. A tiny bit of faith that God has already gone before you. A tiny bit of faith that you were created for a purpose and no one and no thing can interfere with that purpose … except for you. And well you’ve decided to get out of your own way now.

Here’s to moving mountains with our faith. Here’s to climbing the mountains that won’t move. And here’s to removing the mountains we’ve put in our own way.

Move forward sister. That’s where God is calling you.