daily devotional

Have you been asking God to bless something you’re not willing to even begin? Have you been waiting for him to confirm something you were never told to do? Have you been expecting him to increase the very thing you haven’t been faithful with?

God isn’t here to do magic. He’s here to continue the good works he began in you. The continuation of his work requires your participation at all times. Not just when you feel like it, not just when you’re getting the proper recognition, not just when it’s fun or easily fits into your schedule … all the time. God is waiting on your continual participation in this one life he has given you, to live up to the potential he created you for.

But here’s what we do … we watch everyone else live their lives, then grow a wild hair up our butt thinking we want to be just like someone else and do what they do, then start asking God to bless that. You know why we sometimes identify with that imposter syndrome? Maybe it’s because sometimes we’re totally trying to be somebody we’re not. Maybe it’s because we’re so freaking fake we make our own selves sick. Maybe it’s because we know what our life really looks like without the filter. We know behind the scenes. But we’re pouring all our time and energy into this facade of being someone else, asking God to bless our fake image of who we’re trying to be.

Girl, God cannot bless who you were never created to be. He can’t bless who you’re pretending to be. He can’t bless all you’re trying to become that’s out of alignment with his vision for your life. Maybe, just maybe, your obsession with being someone else with all the things and all the show is blocking God’s intended blessings on your life.

I was never created to be a singer or dancer. Like ever. How do I know? I don’t have the talent. It’s not within my gifting. I could hire the best coaches and train for years and still never be a superstar. I could pray every day and beg for God to give me a voice and moves like Beyonce, but girl that ain’t happening. I could grow angry at God for not answering my prayers and giving me what I want, but the reality is my life has a purpose, and not all purposes are meant for me. God doesn’t need me to be another Beyonce, so he can’t bless my desire to be one.

But he can bless my desire to discover who I am created to be. He can bless my work to perfect my own skills and talents. He can bless me to become the best version of who he envisioned me to be.

Have you asked God to help you discover who you were created to be? Have you asked him for a glimpse of the vision he has for your life? Have you asked him to help you get better at becoming the best version of the hand-crafted original you are?

Now God can get behind that and bless it! His power is fully unleashed when you decide you simply want to be all he designed you to be. When you get in alignment with his desire for your life and put your best effort behind it …. oh girl watch out … that’s where the good stuff is!

God cannot bless who you pretend to be, he can only bless who you are. The real you can receive supernatural strength and heavenly provision … but this pretend you is ineligible for the blessing. This pretend you is totally getting in the way of the greatness God is trying to do in your life. Won’t you just drop her now?

God doesn’t need your filter, he needs your faith.
God doesn’t need your fake facade, he needs your for real.
God doesn’t need your pretend, he needs your potential.

Psalm 37:4 says “He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Well, I’m still not Beyonce over here, so what’s the problem Lord? The problem is, I’m treating God like a genie in a bottle here to grant my wishes. God will give you the desires of your heart, meaning the true desires within your heart will originate from God. They are God ordained. They are part of his great plan for your life. We’re not talking about some wish or whim or superficial chasing of shiny objects. We’re talking about desires planted as seeds in your heart by your creator that grow to become your purpose. God gave you those desires, now he will enable you to walk in them.

We’ve gotten spoiled with our surface level desires, asking God to bless our pursuit of temporary things he never created us for. Dig deeper sister. Who are you REALLY? Who is the real you? That’s who God wants to bless. That’s who he wants to prosper. This fake you is getting in the way and delaying the process.

God cannot bless what you say you will do. He will only bless what you actually do. Your intentions may be freaking awesome, but girl how’s your follow through? God may have been there when you wrote those goals and started making a way to reach them, but when you give up along the way he’s not going to step in and teleport you to the finish line. When you asked, His answer may have been yes and amen, but when you don’t back your talk with the walk he’s not going to carry your butt to get you there.

God is unlimited in his ability to bless. Nothing is out of his reach or beyond his power. Nothing. Ever. However, we limit our ability to receive his blessing with our disobedience. Our wandering and wavering hinders our connected line with His continual flow of blessings. We’re twisting the line, cutting off the flow. When we’re out of alignment, asking for things we’re not willing to follow through on, pretending to be who we were never created to be, wishing for what someone else has and missing what we have already been given, we are limiting God’s ability to bless us.

I never want God to be unable to bless me. I want every moment of every day of my life to be in alignment with his flow. But the truth is I get twisted up in the mess of things that don’t matter. We all do. Let’s come back now. God, untangle us. Help us get back to the desires you have given us within our heart. Seeds you planted that will grow to our BIG Life. If we’re tangled in being fake, bring us back to who you created us to be. If we’re wrapped up in worldly pursuits keeping us from fulfilling our greater purpose, please help us surrender willingly without the need for life altering chaos to get us there. We now drop to our knees before we are brought to our knees.

May your greatest desire be to become who God desires you to be. May you be in alignment with his greater purposes for your life so his unlimited blessings can flow continually. May you see who you were created to be and get in agreement with God that it’s better than any of this fake stuff you’ve ever chased.

Now you’re in position for blessing.