daily devotional

If you knew the secret to getting rich, and it wouldn’t cost you anything to share it, would you? If you could rewind 10 years and tell everyone you love to invest in Amazon, wouldn’t you do that? Wouldn’t you be the bearer of the good news that would multiply their investment by over 1,600%? But, you didn’t know 10 years ago, did you?

If you could rewind time and keep yourself from stepping into that epic mistake, falling for the wrong person, or making that terrible choice in desperation, what would you say? Would you tell yourself how there’s something so much better for you? Would you tell yourself how better days are coming? Would you tell yourself how you will make it through and life will go on?

If we could go back and tell others a few things… If we could go back and tell ourselves a few things… Life would be different today, wouldn’t it? I would be the proud owner of a whole lot of Amazon stock, I would have avoided a few relationships and invested more in others, and I wouldn’t have wasted an ounce of those precious years worrying about things that would all work out.

We can’t rewind time. We can’t go back and right our wrongs. We can’t undo bad choices and regrets. BUT LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT SOMEONE WHO CAN.

Let me tell you about my Jesus. He’s so much richer than Amazon stock. He’s the greatest secret weapon you could ever carry around. He can take broken dreams and wasted years, and he can breathe new life into them. He can tell the past to disappear and give you a fresh start. He can take every wrong turn you’ve ever taken and work it all for your good. He can make a way where there has never been a way. He can turn the impossible into more than possible, he can turn it into done.

How do I know all this? Because he’s done it for me. My Jesus has done all of this in my life. And what he’s done for me, he can do for you.

What has he done for you? What has he set you free from? Where did he come in and rescue you? How much love and grace has he given you? What has he saved you from, and what has he saved for you? What was beyond repair, yet somehow redeemed? What worked when it shouldn’t have worked? What ridiculous request is now your miraculous reality? Have you forgotten what he’s done for you? Have you been telling others about your Jesus?

As much as I would like to go back 10 years and tell us all to buy Amazon stock, I would like even more to go back and tell us all about Jesus. It would save us so much stress, so much heartache, so many wrong choices made in desperation or stupidity. If we only knew Jesus was working it all out. If we only knew Jesus was holding it all in the palm of his hand, that he was on the scene and working in the details. Then as what needed to fall part went ahead and feel apart, we would have peace. Then when we walked those hard roads we would be strengthened because we would know the road was leading somewhere with a greater purpose. Then when shame came knocking on our door with the reminders of our guilt, we would refuse to invite that shame in because we know Jesus has already redeemed it all.

Oh, if I could go back and tell about our Jesus.

But today … today is the future’s 10 years ago. Today will become the yesterday we would wish to whisper secrets to. Today we could choose to live differently and impact what is to come.

So today, let’s talk about our Jesus.

Are you past the point of weary?
Is your burden weighing heavy?
Is it all too much to carry?
Let me tell you ’bout my Jesus

Do you feel that empty feeling?
‘Cause shame’s done all its stealing
And you’re desperate for some healing
Let me tell you ’bout my Jesus
He makes a way where there ain’t no way
Rises up from an empty grave
Ain’t no sinner that he can’t save
Let me tell you ’bout my Jesus

His love is strong and his grace is free
And the good news is I know that he
Can do for you what he’s done for me
Let me tell you ’bout my Jesus
And let my Jesus change your life

Oh yeah girl, do you know the song? I’ve had 10 people send me this same song over the past week. Everyone who hears it is drawn in to hear about this Jesus that can change our whole lives! It’s called “My Jesus” by Anne Wilson.

Girls, we have Jesus and we can change someone’s entire world by sharing him! We can be the billboard that says, ‘if he did this for me, he can do it for you!’ Who better to help someone through a hardship than woman who has walked that same hard road? Who better to minister to a hurting soul than one who personally knows that same hurt? Who better to talk about grace than the one who has need a whole lot of it in her journey, and received it every time?

Let’s talk about our Jesus. Who can you tell about your Jesus? You could be the voice speaking to their soul today that changes the trajectory of their life 10 years from now.

And maybe the person you need to tell today is actually you. Tell yourself about your Jesus. Remind yourself of all he’s done for you, and know deep within your soul he will do it again.

Psalm 77:11 “I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.”

Go ahead and sing this song to yourself. Pamela, I’m going to tell you about my Jesus. I’m going to tell you how his love is strong and his grace is free. I’m going to tell myself how he can wipe away the tears from broken dreams and wasted years. How he can tell the past to disappear. How he can take all my wrong turns I wish I could back undo, and work them all for my good. How he already paid the price to remove my guilt and shame, so I have no right to drag it around with me today. I’m going to tell myself about my Jesus who cares that much for me!

How do I know? Because he already has! He’s already done all of this for me. I will remember it, and count on him here again!

That’s what I need to hear today. I need to hear about my Jesus. I know what he’s done for me!

I’m here to tell you about my Jesus if you don’t already know him. But my sister, if you do know him, remember the power in telling your own self about your Jesus, then share him with your world. Let him change your life.

10 years just changed. 10 years from now looks a whole lot different because you know about your Jesus. He is the 10 year game changer.